The Prince Of Niflheim Sypnosis + Index

An S-rank criminal Ariel Lost who lived a lonely and dangerous life because of his weak body and cold personality dies to protect his partners life by giving up his own. Now he wakes to find himself born once more in a different more mysterious world. What will happen to him and where will destiny lead him?


This is my first story so I will definitely make some mistakes, but I also hope you will help me correct them as I write further. Oh and I’m open to suggestion of what you want to see, I already have some things planned, but they can always be changed.

Genre: Action, fantasy, adventure, drama, school-life, harem, romance.

Prologue – Ariel Lost

Arc I – Childhood

Chapter 1 – New life

Chapter 2 – One step at a time

Chapter 3 – The path of magic

Chapter 4 – The knowledge

Chapter 5 – Future destination

Chapter 6 – The water stone

Chapter 7 – Chase with the monster

Chapter 8 – Julie Whitestone

Chapter 9 – The celebration party

Chapter 10 – Royal twins

Chapter 11 – Bastard No. 1

Chapter 12 – The “falling star”

Chapter 13 – Mysterious artifact

Arc II – The Blue Sky Academy

Chapter 14 – Leaving home

Chapter 15 – The exam

Chapter 16 – Number one examine

Chapter 17 – Erna Alasia

Chapter 18 – Core transformations

Chapter 19 – Bonding at the library

Chapter 20 – Bastard No. 2

Chapter 21 – “Date” part 1

Chapter 22 – “Date” part 2

Chapter 23 – the day of the competition

Chapter 24 – Duels

Chapter 25 – Ariel’s battle

Chapter 26 – POV’s of James and Sarah

Chapter 27 – The prizes

Chapter 28 – Bad premonition

Chapter 29 – The purple wilds

Chapter 30 – Fight near the river

Chapter 31 – The chimera

Chapter 32 – The outcome

Chapter 33 – Unusual find

Chapter 34 – Ariel’s and Erna’s familiars

Chapter 35 – The tide

Chapter 36 – King’s task

Chapter 37 – The wait for the ambush

Chapter 38 – The ambush

Chapter 39 – Blood drinker

Chapter 40 – The kidnapping

Chapter 41 – Infiltration of the mansion

Chapter 42 – The mage of the church

Chapter 43 – Ice shade

Chapter 44 – The struggle

Chapter 45 – The flower of ice

Chapter 46 – Erna’s POV

Chapter 47 – The expedition

Chapter 48 – Into the dungeon

Chapter 49 – The first taste of the dungeon

Chapter 50 – The meeting

Chapter 51 – Deeper we go

Chapter 52 – Treasure chest, found

Chapter 53 – Boss Fight! part 1

Chapter 54 – Boss fight! part 2

Chapter 55 – It’s a trap!

Chapter 56 – The farewell

Chapter 57 – The cavern of the lake

Chapter 58 – The remains


23 thoughts on “The Prince Of Niflheim Sypnosis + Index

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    • He had to hide it before, because variant magic is extremely rare, to compare, one mage is born among 10000 people (without a linage), duo element is born one among 10000 mages and one variant is born among 10000 duo elements. So most powers would say join them, or die. Now he doesn’t really have to hide them, but currently doesn’t feel the need to show them.

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  2. So I’ve read everything up to date and got to say that I think it’s a pretty amazing story, probably the best I’ve read of it’s kind but I need to know is it going to turn in one of those japanese harems where women just hover around the mc and nothing happens or will he have 2-3 active “wives” that know about each other and he’s actively involved with. By this I don’t mean if he’s having sex with them but just that it’s implied that stuff happens and people acknowledge it. I only read harems that also have the mature tag for this reason so I hope it’s the case.

    Either way keep up the work, so far it’s great.


      • I know I’m being annoying but that part is important to me. The thing I was asking is will the relationship with the princess advance or will it stay more or less the same as it is now? Will both of the girl get closer to him on an intimate level or will it always be awkward like now?



      • So will they “active”? In some story the “Heroines” though strong but in real fight always too weak and make Mcs suffer( to make drama), will it be here too?


    My eyes were glued to your divine spell words of wisdom lol.
    Please keep this up *cries tears of joy*~
    Literally, be the next campione lol (rip campione, my fav LN)


  4. I just finished your story until the current chaprer and I have to say it is a realy realy good story.
    The only thing I noticed is that in the first few chapters you used quite a lot of: taught = past time of (to) teach instead of thought = past time of (to) think. I also noticed that your commatas are sometimes wrong; you should only use them if you want to indicate a small pause in your text, otherwise it is in some sentences quite confusing 🙂
    Greetings from a german who thinks he is quite good at reading English 😉


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