Chapter 47 – The expedition

Author: Verathragna

Greetings everyone. As you might have noticed there weren’t any posts for a couple of months and I am sorry for not saying anything, but there were a lot of things that happened. First it was just some busy days in my real life, but latter on I had to go to the hospital for my random fainting problem, which is still unexplained. After getting back I wanted to continue writing, but unexpectedly deleted a couple of files and since i didn’t have any specific name for my story’s file it got deleted. Feeling down I started concentrating more on the exam’s projects and other school things that were falling of due to my writing. Anyways, I still can’t say there will be many chapters right now, but I hope to start writing more actively during summer. And once again I am really sorry for the wait.

Chapter 47


Authors words:

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