Chapter 44 – The struggle

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Chapter 44


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Chapter 43 – Ice shade

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Chapter 43


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Chapter 42 – The mage of the church

Author: Verathragna

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As he walked down the hallway he didn’t see anything strange about it, but the foreboding feeling was still there. Like this he walked for several minutes in a rushed pace, trying to save some more time.

Not long passed until he came to the end and saw another wooden door, although a bit larger than the previous one. Taking a look just in case with his Mana vision, he luckily noticed that there seemed to be another ambush behind the door, and this time there appeared to be some mages mixed in as well.

Thinking about what to do, Ariel came to the conclusion that it is better to just do it how he always does. Casting the usual ice shield, he carefully opened the door. However he didn’t expect that the people behind the door wouldn’t even talk with him before ruthlessly attacking him.

The mages at the back each cast a spell of theirs, creating a barrage of magic attacks coming straight towards Ariel. Choosing the only option he could, Ariel used the ice wall spell several times to create a layered defence. The ice walls rose up in a second, just in time to block the incoming spells, nullifying the attack with only some visible damage. Unfortunately quantity sometimes beats quality as the large amount of mages continued their attack, destroying one wall after another in a short amount of time.

Ariel was left in a deadlock not knowing what to do since usually mages would quickly use up all of their Mana by now, but due to his special eyes Ariel could see that the enemy mages keep drinking something with large Mana concentration that restores their own Mana pools.

At first he felt befuddled, but soon he understood what those were, the only things which restore Mana and could be bought in large amounts were Mana potions. They were equivalent of health potions, but a lot cheaper since only mages use them, who are a bit scarce, compared to warriors.

Unfortunately Ariel didn’t have any of those since there weren’t times he would need them. Because of this, he knew he would lose if this battle of attrition continues further. Racking his brain, there was only one thing that came to mind which could help him in this situation.

That thing was the spell which he is working on and is yet to master completely so right now is a bit hard to use. However he didn’t have much of a choice and decide to at least try. First step he had to do to use it, was to have surface under his control near the enemy, in the other words, a place he could lay his Mana veins down at.

Thankfully none paid mind to the ice which was slowly covering the ground all around the room and even the mages concentrated on casting spells. Due to this, the preparation quickly came into their places and now he could try casting his spell “Ice spike”.

It is truly as simple as that, the premise of the spell is to manifest an ice spear out of any surface surrounding the enemy to kill him, truly a very simple yet effective way if attack. Of course he had to succeed at it first. Just like that he calmed his heart and slowly started casting with all of his hope on the line.

A moment has passed and Ariel’s eyes suddenly got coloured by excitement, the spell succeeded perfectly this time and was ready to cast. Looking in front, he could see that there was only a single ice wall left, but Ariel only felt satisfaction instead of fear from this and calmly activated the spell.

The mages didn’t even understand what happened and neither did the vanguards that stayed out of the way to not get hit by the spells. Spikes made entirely out of ice suddenly emerge from the ground and pierced the bodies of those using the spells to attack, easily killing them.

When the last Mana source at the back disappeared, Ariel understood that he had properly killed all of them, not leaving any other mage that could attack him. Since there were no mages left, he casually pulled own the ice wall in front of him and fearlessly looked towards the remaining warriors.

The people in question felt a chill go down their spine, seeing the devastation that Ariel caused in a single second they couldn’t, help but become scared. Slowly they started to back away in fear, unfortunately for them, Ariel wasn’t about to let them go, and so another massacre began just like that.

All of the warriors were quickly dispatched by Ariel’s spells which either, pierced, crushed or sliced them, there were quite a few ways Ariel could go about killing them. Soon they were all dead and the chicken slaughter ended.

However Ariel didn’t let down his guard yet as he heard slow clapping coming towards him form the side and a voice speaking in an amused way which accompanied it. “Impressive, variants truly live up to their name, so powerful.” Looking towards the place where the sound was coming from, Ariel could see a middle aged man with black hair and eyes simply standing there.

Though Ariel wasn’t surprised at this since he had noticed him a long time ago and just didn’t want to call out to him, and fight against him and the other people at the same time. However what did catch his attention were the clothes the man was wearing, a black gown just like the other person who was making the deal about the slaves before.

He understood that they must be connected trough the same organization, but he also didn’t think that this person will willingly give him any information if asked. While he was thinking, the man continued speaking. “I would like to invite you to join our church since your power would be absolutely valuable. What do you say?”

The man was obviously quite confident in himself and the previous ambush was probably his idea, but Ariel saw that the man was on the same level as him, a late stage elite so there shouldn’t be much of a power difference between them. That’s why he immediately refused to join the shady church. “I have to decline, my apologies. I dislike being associated with trash like you.”

Ariel’s reply seemed to hit a nerve, as the man didn’t seem as calm as before and now had a glint of savagery in his eyes. “If it is so, then I won’t be leaving you any time to regret it.” Finishing his words the man instantly attacked. Apparently it was either joining them or death, but Ariel wouldn’t take it as easily as that.

From the very start Ariel knew he was a mage and the spell that the man used for his first move, was some kind of bolt made entirely out of darkness. So most likely he was a darkness mage, but Ariel didn’t let down his guard in case he was a dual mage.

In retaliation, Ariel started using his own spell to deflect the enemy’s, creating a stalemate due to their equal levels. As they continued their “game”, Ariel seemed to slowly gain an advantage due to his spell control. Although their power was the same, Ariel could do things like changing the trajectories mid air and using one spell to block two, making the black clothed man a bit powerless, more so considering that Ariel wasn’t using chants.

Soon however, Ariel’s mysterious opponent seemed to have enough as he began speaking again. “You brat, you might be happy to be pushing me back but I will show you the mage duels never go as planned.” Ending his sentence, the man retreated and started chanting something which looked to be extremely dangerous.

Fortunately this was also part of Ariel’s plan and he just smiled inwardly as he activated his trap. When he was slaughtering the warriors, at that time he shot several frost bolt, but didn’t activate them to hide their power, and several of them landed exactly where the black clothed man was currently standing.

While his opponent was concentrating on casting his spell Ariel activated the frost bolts, making the shard fly out towards his enemy. The man barely managed to react and tried dodging them quite unsuccessfully, and had his right arm pierced by several of them, it didn’t end there, Ariel soon cast ice spike from right behind him where he was about to land which pierced the man’s left leg, which was a bit risky.

Before, he was quite careful and avoided the ice around him, but now he didn’t have time to look and entered Ariel’s zone of control. Seeing his own predicament, panic appeared on his face, but he soon sent a resentful look towards Ariel and quickly started chanting something.

Not knowing what he was doing, Ariel was a step too late and the man completed his spell. Suddenly an evil looking gate appeared from the ground, leaving Ariel dumbstruck. He had heard about this and saw several illustrations of it in books, so he knew what it was. A demon gate, black magic used for either summoning or transportation.

Ariel was still dazed while the man stepped into the portal and said his last words to him in a low tone. “When we meet again, I will definitely kill you. The church will not forgive you for this.” Only when the gate finally closed did Ariel get his wits back together.

However it is not surprising, black magic is forbidden and extremely rarely seen. Black magic and darkness magic are two different concepts as darkness magic is basically using pure darkness to attack and defend, black magic however, is several forbidden branches of magic in one, like necromancy, curse magic, or even blood magic.

He didn’t know about what kind of church the man was talking about, but he will have to inform some one about it soon. Right now however, he had to quickly find Erna, unfortunately he had little Mana left, so he first decided to run up to the bodies of mages he killed and drink some Mana potions they have.

Luckily there were still plenty of them and his Mana was fully restored, he was about to continue his search of the manor, but suddenly he notice a letter on the ground, coming closer and getting a better look he saw a strange symbol on it, a gate with a skull in the middle of it which was being chained.

It was quite strange and Ariel was about to open the letter to read it, however the next moment he heard a loud scream, and a familiar one at that. Undoubtedly it was Erna’s voice, coming directly from bellow him, Ariel stopped paying mind to the letter and started to franticly run towards where the scream came from, in his mind praying that Erna would be fine.


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Chapter 41 – Infiltration of the mansion

Author: Verathragna

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The moon was currently quite high in the sky and the surroundings have already been plunged into the silent night for a long time. At the far side of the city, there stood a medium sized mansion which looked quite desolate if seen from far away.


Only two people were standing guard at the gate, in case someone decided to come at such a late hour. However just as the two people were talking while being lax, about their job two ice spears came out of nowhere and impaled both of them to the wall.


Right until the end they didn’t understand what actually killed them tonight, only Ariel who came out of the shadows the next moment, knew that he was responsible for it. Although he would usually not kill recklessly, today he didn’t have time to see if these people were innocent guards, or just the same like the slaver he had met today.


To him Erna’s life was much more important so he managed to ignore his own nonchalant killings while entering thought the gate. After crossing the line he saw a well taken care of front yard, which now was unfortunately still ruined by the night’s darkness.


Ignoring the other sights he could see, he directed his gaze towards the manor’s front entrance. Even if he was in a rush he didn’t forget to always be cautious, and this time it came through for him. Thanks to his special sight, he could see a large amount of Mana and Mana sources behind the door, signalling that there are undoubtedly people waiting to ambush him, inside.


However Ariel continued without fear and slowly pushed open the big wooden doors. The inside was similarly to the outside, also covered in darkness, unfortunately for the ambushers Ariel could easily see where they were due to their emitted Mana.


As he was carefully walking into the room, he soon heard a voice just as expected. Only the voice didn’t seem fully human and was mixed with a robotic or an artificial voice, “So you really have came brat. We were told you might come, but we really didn’t think you would be actually so stupid to arrive here alone.”


The person’s words had clear mockery in his voice, since to him a boy coming here like this is truly suicide. In the meant time, the room has been lit up by the suddenly igniting candles and Ariel could finally see what he was facing.


In front of his stood several sturdy, giant stone golems, making a small encirclement surrounding him. Ariel was taken a back for a moment, but then he remembered some old news of how the Hevorin family had bought a large amount of remote controlled golems before.


If he had to guess right now, this was the reason they bought them, not to guard against intruders but to be of help in their devious scheme when needed. At this time, while Ariel was still thinking, to the people controlling the golems it appeared as if he was scared of them, which encouraged them to be even more aggressive with their words.


“It is too late to regret now, you are surrounded and the only option is for you to defeat us. However that’s unlikely, these golems have almost no weakness, and even if we would stand and let you shoot us as much as you want, you wound run out of Mana before killing us all, so just peacefully give up.”


The person behind the golem seemed to be quite confident, but unknown to him Ariel had been absentminded and his words made him return to the matter at hand. Feeling amused, he looked towards the golem, who was the only one to speak until now and responded. “Are you really so sure of yourself? I think if it is, an apparently stupid person like you, controlling it, the golem is nothing dangerous.”


The person who spoke before became dumbfounded for a while, but the next moment he became furious after getting back his wits. “You little… Let’s see you being brave after I crush your legs and arms.”


Suddenly the golem in front of Ariel started charging towards him without any indication, it was obvious that his opponent though to be invincible and charged without fear, and that is just what Ariel wanted. This time unlike the rest, Ariel didn’t summon his ice shields cause he felt like he wouldn’t need them right now.


Casually dodging the golem’s fists, he stepped around it as easily as walking down a road. This only further infuriated the first golem since guy though he was being taken for granted. However all the rest of the golems have also got closer into the hitting range.


Unfortunately for them, they just stepped into Ariel’s trap, he had wanted to draw in the rest of the golems closer to take care of all of them in a single strike. The reason he was planning like this was because due to his Mana sight he could quickly detect where the golem’s cores were.


However he didn’t know if the creator of these golems was lazy or just and idiot, but all of the golem cores seem to be in the very same place, their neck. Though this only helped Ariel, since even if he knew the location’s of the cores, if his enemies notice that he could so easily find them, they would be much more guarded against him, but right now he can easily do it in a single movement, and finish them off all at once.


As the surrounding golems jumped to attack him, Ariel casually cast a single ice slice in a roundabout motion, instantly decapitating all of them. “This can’t be…” Even in defeat the person who spoke previously seemed to be unable to notice his own faults.


The golems fell to the ground and crumbled into pieces. Without a Mana source they were nothing more than rocks put together so this outcome was expected.


Making sure that all of golems were out of the count, Ariel gave a quick look around the mansion with his Mana sight. Through the walls he could see several places where there were groups of people doing something and didn’t know to which he should head to, however just before he was lucky enough to see one of the groups, suddenly become extremely disorganized.


If he had to guess, it must have been the people controlling the golems he just fought, and if he had search the manor room by room, he felt it would be good to take care of them as soon as possible, since there are probably many more golems in this mansion and he didn’t want to waste too much time and Mana fighting them.


That is why he, without hesitation, walked down one of the narrower corridors, leading straight to the group in question. Although while rushing in a hurried pace, Ariel still managed to observe the interior and evaluate it, and just like one would expect, the Hevorin family sure liked luxury. Most of the walls were decorated by expensive art and exquisite carpets were put down along the floor. There were also plenty of golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and many pedestals whit precious items on them.


Just with the amount of wealth in this mansion, you could probably sate several villages for dozens of years. However all of this was just staying here, gathering dust pointlessly. This really made Ariel feel quite frustrated at the injustice, but he didn’t dwell on it for long, since he was already close to his destination.


Seeing the double wooden door, soon he heard voices behind it, speaking in a fearful manner. “Get the other golems ready, quickly, we don’t have much time.” The first voice was quite similar to the person who was trash talking Ariel before while the second one was more scholarly. “It takes longer than you think. If you hadn’t been so arrogant and assured of yourself they could have been ready form the start.”


From the conversation Ariel understood that the ones behind the door must be the fighting team and also the supporting team. However, they also seem to be about to break into fighting amongst themselves out of desperation.


On the other hand this didn’t really mean anything to Ariel, since he always adopted the policy that if no one bothers him, he won’t bother them as well, but of anyone even tries to do anything to him, he would make sure they end up dead.


Because of this he barged into the room with the intent to kill everyone inside. Entering he saw that there about a couple of dozens of people inside, more than half of them dressed as guards while the rest of them like the old researchers of the middle ages.


The room itself looked to be used for magic rituals and sort of a magic lab. It looked like this was the place the golems are prepared to be used and Ariel got lucky enough to come here first.


His arrival however brought complete despair to the people inside, as they looked towards Ariel as if he was the grim reaper himself, coming towards them. They got especially frightened when they saw countless ice spears manifesting in the air around him.


They all were about to plead for his mercy, but Ariel didn’t give them the chance. With a snap of his fingers, all of the ice spears flew, impaling themselves into at least one person, and sometimes two. The scene quickly turned into a picture of hell as the blood covered the ground entirely.


In the end there were only a couple of survivors after Ariel’s first barrage of attacks. The person who spoke before, to the guard turned pure white and started shaking in fear as he pleaded for his life. “I was ordered to do it please spare me. I swear I will never cross you ever again.”


Ariel only sneered at his words as he replied. “By following a person’s orders you take up all the sins that come with it.” The next moment the man felt his body grow cold and hit the ground lifelessly. From that, Ariel continued finishing off the survivors with ice slices until there was no one left alive.


When the last one fell to the ground Ariel finally let out a sigh of relief. Even for him such a massacre took a toll on his mind. After Reorganizing his mind, he turned and was about to head towards the other places full of people, but just at that time, he noticed that there was another hallway leading from the room he was in, to a place with the largest amount of people in the mansion.


Looking at the dreadful pathway, Ariel felt hesitant, but after a moment of doubt, he resolutely stepped towards the ghastly corridor, with the intentions to see what was on the other side.


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Chapter 40 – The kidnapping

Author: Verathragna

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Seeing Sarah running towards them in panic, the two friends stood there completely petrified. The person in question on the other hand revealed a look of joy on her face when she saw them. She quickly started heading to their location at a rapid pace, almost as if she would die if she didn’t reach them.


It didn’t take even a couple of breaths for her to already be standing right in front of them. Although only after hearing her rough breathing did they finally snap out of their stupor and urgently ask what happened to make her so anxious. “Did something happen? Why are you in such a bad condition like this?”


Ariel didn’t waste time on the small talk and got straight to the point. They then patiently waited for her to catch her breath and didn’t rush her to speak, since it would be hard to get her thoughts together while under pressure and panting like this.


The wait didn’t take long and Sarah started speaking as soon as her breathing got a little better. “It’s Erna. She needs help fighting against a large group of people who attacked us. They seem to be some kind of assassins” Unfortunately even after this her words didn’t contain the details.


After understanding a bit of what happened, Brendon stepped up and started calming his sister down even further. “Relax, take deep breaths and tell us where it took place.” Sarah’s red eyes, that seemed to about to burst into tears, slightly calmed as she continued telling her story. “At the café, we were talking and eating, when a sudden surprise attack happened from some people dressed in black, only latter did we notice that they were assassins.”


Hearing the location and the specifics of the events that took place at the café, Ariel and Brendon felt an ominous feeling in their heart as they looked at each other. Ariel was the quickest to react and spoke up. “There is no time to get more help, we have to hurry to the location, let’s go.”


Under Ariel’s command the three of them started rushing back to the café at the fastest speed they could muster. Although the location was pretty close, every second mattered in such a situation so they didn’t even think about resting. When they have reached the building, there didn’t seem to be any other people around and also no sound coming from the actual café.


Feeling anxious, they quickly rushed in only to witness a bloody scene where they saw about thirty corpses of, men dressed in black, drowning in their own blood. Sarah felt slightly sick looking at this picture, but held it together.


Ariel and Brendon had less of a reaction from it however they still turned slightly pale as they scanned the room for Erna. Noticing that their friend was nowhere to be seen they suddenly became frightened. Ariel rushed into the room and once more carefully looked it over.


His fear deepened as he didn’t see even a strand of her golden hair, only bodies signifying that she put up a good fight before being taken. However he was also glad that he didn’t see her corpse as it meant that she was kidnapped and her life should still not be extinguished, for now.


As he was furiously thinking about what to do now, he heard a grunt coming form one of the bodies on the ground near him. Just now he was about to search them to see if he could find out their identity, but luckily enough there was still a person alive, to interrogate.


Turning his eyes to look at the direction the voice was coming from, Ariel saw another, black clothed person like all the rest, who had a medium body build. If you get a better look at them, those clothes do look like something that only a beginner assassin would wear.


Coming closer to the person, he spoke to him with zero emotion in his voice. “You have a minute to tell me who sent you and where is Erna.” The injured assassin however only laughed as he replied. “Do you really think I would betray my comrades like this?”


His words unfortunately only served to anger Ariel more as he spoke in even a colder voice. “Then I will show you several of my methods to make people speak.” As he bent over and put his hand on the assassin’s chest, a large amount of Mana started gathering around him, he didn’t feel like wasting time.


Outwardly nothing seemed to be happening, but suddenly the assassin’s body convulsed and he started screaming from the feeling of pain coming from inside of him. Sarah and Brendon completely didn’t understand what Ariel has done, but just in time for them to raise the question, he explained to everyone.


“This is a way of torture I invented, I am currently freezing you from inside out, your nerves, blood vessels, inner muscles, will all be slowly frozen, and believe me, the pain will only get worse if you resist.” The assassin got extremely frightened by his words, the pain he is experiencing couldn’t be described by speech, and he would already do anything to make it stop, so without further ado he spoke.”

“Please no more, it was the duke of Hevorin family he is the one who sent us here.” His speech was disorganized due to the pain, but Ariel managed to understand the most important parts, making his hidden anger reach the boiling point.


Before he didn’t know his enemy so he was holding back, but now that he knew who the enemy was, and considering he just found out before of his ties with an underworld organization, he couldn’t hold it back anymore.


The air around Ariel started dropping and the area started to freeze over, while silent, but piercing killing intent started emitting from his body. His friends have never seen him like this and didn’t know what to do. Unknown to them, not having many people he could consider being close to, made Ariel think of them as more important than even his own life. Now that someone actually dared to kidnap one of is friends, and what’s more his fiancé, for the first time in his life he was unable to control his emotions.


Thankfully his emotions soon started to recede as he managed to recall that he first had to go save Erna since there was not much time. He turned to look at his dumbfounded friends as he spoke. “Latter send someone to get this guy and interrogate him.” He said while pointing at now already frozen, body.


Brendon while still being lost, just nodded absentmindedly as Ariel continued speaking. “It is that worthless Hevorin family again. Do you know anything about where they could have taken Erna?” His words snapped the siblings out of their shock and Brendon quickly replied. “Of course I know. They have a mansion in this city that is used when Hevorin family members are staying here, but we should hurry out.”


The other two nodded and all of them left the café while continuing to talk. Ariel who was leading in the front spoke to Sarah. “Sarah, can you tell us how it all happened? It would be best to know all the details.” Agreeing to his words Sarah spoke.


“Just as you probably know, we were spending some of our casual time in the café. It was nothing special, just a calm evening. Suddenly however, we were sneaked attacked out of nowhere, fortunately Erna managed to react just in time and we dodged their first strike.” It appeared that the assassins had some inside help since without it, it would be hard to get into the school grounds like that Ariel and Brendon thought this while continuing to listen.


“There were in all, about fifty of them and Erna was able to hold them back by herself for a good while, but I was just in the way and couldn’t cast any spells at all, due to that she got hurt several times.” After saying these words, Sarah once more seemed to about to burst into tears.


However Ariel put his hand on her head while responding. “Calm down. For someone who never experienced something like this it is natural to be caught off guard and become unable to fight. This is something to be expected of a mage so you shouldn’t blame yourself and continue the story so we could go help Erna.” It is unknown if Ariel’s words helped, but Sarah smiled again as she continued.


“Now that I think about it, from the start their attacks didn’t seem to be aiming for the kill, so they probably wanted to kidnap us, as the best as scenario. The battle dragged out for a while, unfortunately they realized that I was Erna’s liability and started concentrating on me. At that time Erna suddenly told me to run away and get some help. I didn’t want to leave her alone, but she grabbed me and threw me towards the exit while carrying on with fighting against the assassins.”


Ariel and Brendon saw that Sarah was still feeling guilty for not being of any use to Erna, maybe if she had been more collected they could have fully fought off their attackers. However they let her push those thoughts out on her own, and waited her continuation, which came quite quickly.


“At that time I had already got back some of my rationality and soon understood that I would be useless by continuing to stay there, so I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to find any other people around. Strangely there was not one person near here except for you two, almost as if this area was deserted at the time.”


Putting facts in their place inside his head, Ariel agreed as he spoke. “There must have been some strings pulled to make the kidnapping more successful.” Later on he would need to look into the staff here, but now he didn’t have the time as he asked. “Brendon, tell me the directions to the Hevorin mansion and I will go on first. In the meant time you should go bring Henrik while you, Sarah, go inform any teachers you can find. The more people know the better.”


Understanding what Ariel meant and realizing they were running out of time, both of them started doing their part. Sarah immediately left to search for anyone while Brendon started giving detailed directions. When they reached the gate, they finally said their farewells and separated to do their own tasks.


While speeding towards the place Brendon informed him about, Ariel felt the rage and killing intent boiling inside of him, ready to explode at any time. He will never let off anyone who hurts his friends, not until he is still alive.


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Chapter 39 – Blood drinker

Author: Verathragna

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At a remote place of the forest, near the city walls, you could see two people confronting one another. One was the young Ariel, while the other was the already quite old and vicious criminal blood drinker.

When Ariel stepped out and faced him, he had already prepared his usual combat defenses, the three ice shields he would have hovering around. From this you could see that although Ariel’s words seemed to be quite light before, he didn’t dare to underestimate his opponent.

Blood drinker on the other hand, was still fuming for being insulted by a brat who still wasn’t even 20. While having his eyes turn red from blood lust, he drew his savage sword, which had many “teeth” from all sides of it, without saying another word making it look really intimidating. It was obvious that this sword was created with the desire to inflict as much pain as possible, which made Ariel feel reluctant to even get close to it.

However he soon noticed that his opponent wasn’t as furious as before, but more like a beast eyeing its prey. He started feeling like this blood drinker had quite a unique mindset as he was easily angered, but his anger would quickly be turned into savagery and frightening calmness when facing an opponent.

All of this made Ariel’s discard all the taunt cards he wanted to play, and instead he put more effort into observing his opponent’s moves. It didn’t take long for Ariel’s opponent to start slightly swinging his sword, almost as if having a feel for it but he also was conflicted about how silent the slaver has been. Ariel decided to wait until his opponent moved first before acting.

Currently Ariel stood at about twenty meters from his opponent and was quite confident about his opponent not being able to reach him, even though he hadn’t ever seen the true physical capabilities of a warrior. However his expectations ware overturned when the blood drinker took his first, large step and exploded in terrifying speed, heading straight towards him.

Ariel could barely react when his enemy appeared right in front of, and only by putting everything he could into dodging did he mange to lunge back a bit, avoiding a lethal blow. Unfortunately he heard glass breaking and noticed that he only had two ice shields left, as the previous attack destroyed one.

Taking several steps back Ariel got some distance while blood drinker also retreated, he seemed to be a very careful man and was afraid of Ariel having some kind of counter attack. Noticing that he has some room to breath, Ariel didn’t waste his time and quickly summoned five ice spears around him.

Although doing this makes it easy to keep track of them and they loose their surprise factor, Ariel didn’t want to take chances and this formation would be something that his opponent should be fearful a bit of attacking. The blood drinker, in the mean time was extremely shocked as he spoke. “You are actually able to use spells without chanting, I was right to have retreated. You also have quite a decent reaction speed compared to other mages. It seems there truly are monstrous geniuses like this in the world. Unfortunately you will meet your end here.”

His opponent in the end has mistakenly thought that he took the right choice by retreating. Unfortunately he didn’t know that if he followed up his attack, he might have killed Ariel in the first exchange and be done with it. However Ariel won’t be letting such an unexpected thing to happen again. He tightly gripped one of his newly manifested ice spears, making his beating heart calm down bit by bit.

The slaver leader didn’t know what to do, and the time he spent debating if he should attack, Ariel had already finished regaining his rationality. He looked towards his enemy and began creating plans how to kill him.

Due to experiencing the near death experience he didn’t want to give an opening by using up all of his defenses, so while not shooting out the ice spears hovering around him, he cast a new spell to attack, instead. Ariel’s spell of choice in this situation was the frost bolt since it had decent range and also some dangerous factors to it which will keep his opponent on his toes.

By the time the first Ariel’s frost bolt was shot out, blood drinker had already awoken from his thoughts and after noticing a spell coming towards him, dodged to the side. However that was the reason Ariel chose this, just as the spell went past him, Ariel used its second feature of launching out its spikes.

At such a close range it was extremely hard to evade all of them, but thanks to noticing the activation at the last second, Ariel’s opponent managed to protect himself while dodging and using his sword to ward the spikes off him. Of course under such an unexpected assault he still got several tiny cuts all around his body, making the slave leader frustrated.

Seeing that his attack had only minimal effect, Ariel quickly tried shooting out another one. Unfortunately blood drinker understood that by staying a fair distance form Ariel would definitely end up in his defeat. That’s why he instantly started charging in zigzags toward the young mage.

While staying calm Ariel changed the spell he was preparing at the moment, and this time chose to use ice cone. Just when his enemy reached the required range, he unleashed his spell, covering a decent amount of area in front of him in ice.

Blood drinker didn’t have much experience in fighting mages so he easily got caught in Ariel’s plan, getting momentarily frozen. After seeing this, Ariel didn’t waste a second and sent the four ice spears around him to strike.

Unfortunately blood drinker was decently strong and was able to break out of his encasement almost immediately. Using all of his efforts to evade, Ariel’s attack was unable to deal a critical injury to him, but blood drinker’s skill was not enough for him to leave uninjured. His left shoulder and right leg were grazed, reducing his fighting ability by a notch.

Unexpectedly, while not paying any head to his injuries, the slaver leader charged towards him, intending to finish it as fast as possible. Ariel responded by calling back his four ice spears and thrusting out the one in his hands.

His opponent however was capable of easily measuring the trajectories and so he dodged the four coming from the back and the one coming from in front of him, while at the same time unleashing his own attack at Ariel.

Thankfully Ariel still had two ice shields and used one to block the strike, but the blood drinker was fast and instantly went in for his next attack. However he was met with an unexpected ice slice spell from Ariel’s left hand that he prepared while predicting his opponent’s actions.

The sword and the ice blade clashed, soon pushing both of them back and once more creating a distance. Looking at the middle aged man Ariel started to feel that this will be a long fight. Their skill was almost on the same level so neither of them could get an edge, ending up at a stalemate.

Coming to this conclusion Ariel quickly launched himself into the woods. Blood drinker, thinking that Ariel was escaping instantly started chasing him. However what he didn’t expect was that Ariel was just thinking of changing the terrain into something that would be a bit more beneficial to him.

As he entered the woods, another ice spear was launched directly at him. Blocking it with his sword, blood drinker’s fury reached an entirely new level. The next moment he understood what Ariel was planning and complied to do the same.

Like this, their guerrilla battle started and continued for who knows how long. Throughout the time they were battling, Ariel used many spells and also had to re summon many destroyed ice shields to even have a chance at surviving.

Countless attacks were exchange between the two, each trying to eliminate the other person. Only after a couple of hours did they finally break out of this stalemate. Ariel, who has been hiding inside the forest and evading the blood drinker’s blows, was finally driven out of the forestry.

Just when they finally stepped into a clearing again, the slaver leader spoke. “So much trouble for a single brat, but now there is nowhere to run anymore. I have never expected that you would last for such a long time, that’s why I decided to finish you of with my trump card.” Ariel’s opponent started snickering while speaking, he himself however didn’t respond, remaining silent and waited to see his enemy’s plan.

When blood drinker saw this, anger once again flashed in his eyes, but he consoled himself by saying that it won’t be long before Ariel dies. He suddenly took out something and put it on his finger, after Ariel got a better look at it, he realized it to be a storage ring. However he didn’t have much time to think. Blood drinker summoned several swords from inside it and the next moment all of them flew out from his hand and positioned themselves all around Ariel.

While being stunned, Ariel could barely continue to think, while the slaver leader started to laugh and speak. “See? This is my final move.  Although I am not truly at sword flight level, but I am already quite close and by making these swords out of a light metal I can use them like this. Now there is no way out for you anymore.” His opponent was clearly confident in himself and already thought that it is his win.

Ariel in the mean time was wracking his brain after snapping out of his stupor. All of his ice shields and most of his Mana was gone, and ice manipulation won’t be able to defend against all of them leaving Ariel in a dilemma.

Unfortunately his opponent looked to be tired of him already and even though he also had many small injuries, he still had some strength left to fight. What’s more, he really wants to be done with this as soon as possible. So at the next moment he directly charged at Ariel while thrusting his sword, at the same time the swords from all around him did the same and started flying towards him.

He easily saw that there was no way to evade or block all of them, making Ariel’s mind think even harder. However no matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t think up of a way and when the swords were already upon him he gritted his teeth and stared right in front of him, at the annoying and ugly grin. Although he can’t get out of this unharmed by sacrificing something, a person can always get something in return.

Without a moment of hesitation Ariel leaped at blood drinker, not expecting this he was late to react and soon his sword pierced Ariel’s body. He completely didn’t understand why Ariel did this but at the next moment he suddenly felt something cold in his chest, looking down he saw an exquisite ice spear that Ariel had always kept in his hands during the fight.

Quickly understanding what happened, he revealed a pained expression of regret. To think that the infamous blood drinker would end up dying so pathetically at the hands of a boy, such a disgrace.

All the way until his last breath Ariel’s opponent’s eyes showed unwillingness. Unfortunately it didn’t help him in any way to save his miserable life. Only after Ariel felt that blood drinker drew his last breath did he draw out, the already bloody ice spear.

Letting out a breath of relief, the next moment he clutched his stomach. The sword wound was a very heavy wound due to the nature of his opponent’s weapon. He saw that he was quickly bleeding out, so he tried to immediately bandage himself.

Luckily enough, the next moment he heard the rustling of the leaves and turned to look to the left of him with vigilance. Coming out of the wood was his worn out best friend, seemingly satisfied with his job.

After seeing the situation at hand however, Brendon instantly ran up to Ariel and spoke. “You’re bleeding so much. This wound is too dangerous it has gone right through your stomach. It seems this bastard gave you trouble right until the end.” While continuing to speak, Brendon took out something out of his bag.

It was a flask filled with red liquid which was quite familiar to Ariel. What Brendon took out was a healing potion, something that can only be created by alchemists and is extremely expensive. However they are mostly used by adventurers or lone experts, since light magic’s capabilities are still way more efficient.

Fortunately in this situation Brendon was smart enough to bring one, and so he immediately gave it to Ariel. Chugging down the potion Ariel quickly felt his wound healing and even his Mana started refreshing itself at a rapid rate.

As soon as he felt that he recovered to a suitable condition he looked towards Brendon and expressed his thanks. “I am thankful, at least now I don’t have a hole in my stomach. My opponent was quite hard to handle, it is true that experience and skill can have a huge effect on who wins.”

Brendon nodded at his words and responded. “Yeah, but to have defeated such a notorious person is an impressive feat in itself. We have also managed to catch most of the slavers that ran to the forest. Unfortunately the black clothed youth used some kind of strange magic resembling the darkness element to escape. We couldn’t really do anything about it.”

Hearing this Ariel didn’t blame them and just tried comfort him. “A mysterious person like him must have some measures to remain mysterious it is not your fault. You just had too little information about him I think we should be putting more energy into interrogating these guys instead of chasing that youth.”

In response Brendon let out a weak smile as he spoke. “You’re right.” Seeing that his friend is not downcast anymore, Ariel came up to the lying body of blood drinker and started searching it. After some time he still didn’t find any useful clues and was about to give up, but suddenly a crest fell out of one of his pockets.

Bending down and picking it up he saw that the etched crest was that of a two headed horse. Before he could even start thinking, Brendon by his side exclaimed in shock. “Isn’t that the crest of the Hevorin family, are they the ones behind all of this?” Ariel kept looking at the thing in his hands for a few seconds more before he responded. “I think the Hevorin is only a tool that the mysterious organization you have spoke about, is using.”

Brendon appeared to have come to the realization and silently agreed to his theory as he spoke. “I will deal with this later, first we should get back to The Academy. I’m so tired I can barely stand.” Feeling amused Ariel simply complied and followed his friend towards the stationed knights.

In the end all the captured slavers were brought back to be interrogated, the mission also ended almost perfectly, there were no deaths on their side and only some light injuries. With the satisfying feeling in their hearts, Brendon and Ariel quickly returned to the school grounds.

Suddenly stopping on the road, Ariel turned to look at the school café, remembering that Sarah and Erna were going to hang out there until late at night, at least by their words. Thinking that they might still be there he spoke out towards Brendon. “Erna and Sarah should still be at the café. Maybe we should go chat with them a bit?”

His friend seemed to have not known about this and let out a surprised voice. “They are? Well I guess they “would” tell you. I also think we should go see what they are doing, it won’t hurt to say good night to them.”

Both of them turned to walk to the café at the end of their conversation, but in front of them they notice a shadow of a person running at their direction. As it got closer they instantly recognized the person due to her long blue hair.

However currently her hair was in a mess and her face had a panicking expression on it. This visage made a bad premonition start swelling up inside them as they though of what could have riled her up like this and more importantly, why was she alone?


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Chapter 38 – The ambush

Author: Verathragna

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After exiting the establishment, Ariel and Brendon started hurrying towards the location where everything should take place. While doing this, they tried to be as discrete as they could manage and went down as many shortcuts as possible to get there in time for the whole event.

Fortunately they didn’t encounter any people that were stationed to keep watch, and noticed that overall the guard seemed to be quite relaxed, maybe they have some serious confidence that no one will interrupt them? However because of this, the two boys entered without being noticed and quickly found the location where Henrik was hiding.

Both of them silently and slowly walked closer to him, while Brendon used the communication orb to warn him that it was them who were coming from behind him. Henrik instantly took notice of them when he heard the voice and calmly waited for them to arrive in speaking range. When they made sure that their cover wasn’t blown and no one had followed them, they let out a breath of relief before turning towards the knight captain.

“Henrik, how are things going right now? Is everything alright and ready to go?” To Brendon’s whisper Henrik replied in a respectful manner. “Yes, currently the two sides are talking and most likely we still haven’t been noticed, or they wouldn’t appear so leisure.”

As the captain responded, he motioned towards the usually empty place which currently had a whole bunch of men at it. The first thing you would probably notice was the giant cart full of tied up and gagged people, which was protected by several bandit like people. They looked desperate and fearful for their future while quietly listening to the conversation of the two guys.

Those, people who were talking, both seemed to be on the same level with each other, since neither of them showed each other disrespect. Although only one of them had a bunch subordinate looking people behind him, while the other had seemingly came alone.

The person who had a bunch of savages behind him was a rough looking man in mid forties with black hair and green eyes. His face should have been called decent in the past, but now it was littered by many scars from battles, making it a bit unpleasant to the eyes. If Ariel had to guess, this must be the guy who was nicknamed the blood drinker as he was the one leading the slavers who were driving the cart right now.

On the other side it was actually only a delicate youth who wore black garments on his body and a staff, unlike that of the blood sucker’s leather armor and steel sword, indicating that he was some kind of a mage. The youth’s looks were quite good and although he had a weak build similar to Ariel’s, his dark brown hair and blue eyes made him into quite a lady killer.

From the side, both of these men appeared to be on a quite a good relationship and were casually talking with each other while laughing. Unfortunately it was impossible to get closer and listen to their conversation for them without getting caught.

However there were several times they would exclaim their words a bit louder and you could discern some things. Although all Ariel land the others could understand were “Much more”, “The church”, and the word which attracted most of their attention “Archduke”.

Even though this wasn’t much, they though that this was all crucial information in some different perspective. However they also thought that this was not enough for them to go by, so when the conversation of these two was coming to the end, Brendon has already turned to Henrik to ask. “Is everyone ready to move?”

The captain of the knight’s gave a nodded and quickly responded. “All the lookouts have been located and my men are prepared to take them out, but we aren’t some assassins, when we make our move, we will undoubtedly be heard by the enemy so we will have to work quickly once everything starts.”

Brendon acknowledged what Henrik said and this time started speaking to Ariel. “We should wait a bit before showing ourselves to take them by surprise, however be prepared for their retaliation.” Ariel gave his affirmation and watched Brendon give Henrik the sign to begin.

Soon after the command of Henrik, many sounds of combat instantly could be heard coming from everywhere around them. When the blood drinker and the youth in black robes noticed that something was wrong, they quickly gathered the slavers which numbered at about fifty, into a decent formation, while using only a couple of words, showing that they still had some discipline unlike normal thugs.

At that time Henrik finally showed himself as he walked out of the shrubbery while the thirty knights, who finished taking care of the lookouts, quickly surrounded the group. Although there were less of them than there were slavers, each knight was several times more powerful than a normal slaver and this amount of them could easily pressure the enemy’s side.

Anger and hate rapidly appeared in the eyes of the slaver leader as he started shouting. “Who are you and what do you think you are doing you bastard!?” Not taking heed of the angry man or the youth looking coldly at him, Henrik did his usual knight’s task. “My name is Henrik and I am the captain of this knight squad. Under his majesty’s orders, all of you will be punished for your crimes that you did in his domain, the Galath kingdom. Please surrender quietly so that we can avoid even more blood shed.”

Unfortunately Henrik’s words seemed to only anger the opposition more, since the slavers quickly prepared to fight under the orders of the black clothed youth, while the man named blood drinker was still cursing. “You think you have what it takes you shit? I will make sure to rip you in half in the most brutal way possible so it would be painful.”

When the leader finished speaking, he unexpectedly, also started commanding the troops in a careful manner. It seems like although this person had a bad temper he wasn’t that stupid. The slaver rapidly took take places and under the cry of their boss, were about to take the initiative to attack without having any more pleasantries.

Just at that time Ariel and Brendon finally made their move. Brendon used his magic to support the knights and several of his spells were put on them that were beneficial to fighting and recovery. On the other hand Ariel unleashed several frost bolts that he had prepared beforehand, straight into the thick of the slavers.

Several moments later screams could be heard coming from their formation and blood started quickly flowing under their feet. In just this opening faze, about ten of the bandits have already been killed or injured, instantly ruining their moral.

The leaders in the mean time were completely frozen for different reasons. That youth in black stood the dumbstruck as he started muttering to himself “Ice? Could it be a variant magic?” He appeared to have become a bit absentminded seeing Ariel’s magic.

The slaver leader however felt so furious that he started to tremble from it and his face began turning completely red. However Ariel’s group once more underestimated the experience of the opponent, as the blood drinker managed to instantly evaluate this as a bad situation and understood that fighting a group of trained knight’s with mages at the back, would be terrible for him. The man quickly shouted at the top of his lungs as he faced Henrik. “Retreat, get out of here as fast as possible.”

The group surprisingly, obediently listened to his orders, and with the youth, who was still looking at the place Ariel shot out his spells from, started retreating. The blood drinker had also started to rapidly run away as he shouted towards the knight captain. “Next time we meet I will make you regret this day for the whole eternity!” Henrik heard his threat, but didn’t pay any mind to it, in his head the whole group was already as good as dead, the only one he was actually interested in chasing was the youth, who appeared to belong to the mysterious organization that was behind all of this commotion. That’s why he took off after the young mage, while commanding the other knight’s to hunt down the rest of the normal slavers.

In the mean time, the infamous blood sucker has just managed to get out of the city and started to relax, when suddenly a spear made entirely of ice suddenly speared out of nowhere heading straight towards his vital areas. However he was experienced and managed to almost flawlessly dodge the surprise attack.

After that he quickly faced the direction that the ice spear came from as he shouted. “Show yourself coward, or is this all you are capable of?!” Ariel complied to his provocation and calmly exited the forestry while thinking about the strange youth with unknown origin from before. He had left earlier so he could intercept the slaver leader, but still notice the youth’s dangerous look. Giving it some more thought he just shook his head, since from the amount of Mana in his core, he could discern that the youth should have also been a mage at the late Elite rank like him and shouldn’t bring much problems.

Blood drinker on the other hand was stumped for a while when he saw Ariel, but the next second his rage exploded inside of him, especially when he notice how Ariel was ignoring him. “A brat like you dared to go against me? Are you tired of living?” Unfortunately Ariel only felt amused at such empty threats as he spoke while letting out a sigh. “I don’t have time for this. I still want to get some good rest after all of this.”


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Chapter 37 -The wait for the ambush

Author: Verathragna

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Following Henrik and the knights, Ariel and Brendon left The Academy and started walking through the already very familiar streets of Lenara city. Some people, did look at them with some interest, but most ignored them and didn’t even bat an eye at their march. They have already long since gotten accustomed to seeing powerful knights, mages and noblemen that would pass through the streets, daily.

Although there were still those who managed to recognize that these were the famous Kingdom’s knights and some could also recognize the Galath’s Kingdom’s crown price Brendon walking behind them, which even in this city was something noteworthy. That’s why they continued keeping their eyes on them, wondering what will happen today.

However the people in question proceeded moving without paying heed to the spectators, since to them the only thing that was important was to complete their given assignment. Ariel and Brendon had also gotten used to being in the spotlight of the crowds a long time ago, so they managed to stay calm even under such suffocating looks, and were able to talk calmly amongst themselves on different matters.

“So Brendon, what is the plan you will be going with? I don’t think that a frontal assault on their base would be very successful with only this amount of men.” Brendon understood Ariel’s point and nodded while responding. “Don’t worry we will be going with the time approved, ambush plan. We have already acquired information that they will be doing one of their usual transactions this evening in a place that’s known for having a lot of shady business takes place.” Listening to the information Ariel looked up at the sky with a frown. The sun was still high up in the heaven, it should be only just after noon, meaning there is still a lot of waiting to do.

Seeing his friend’s worries, Brendon laughed out loud as he spoke. “There is nothing we can do about that. Creating a good ambush takes some preparations and time, but don’t worry, there is a good restaurant nearby where we can relax for a while.” Ariel cast him a dubious gaze before inquiring. “How will you know when the event happens? Getting a message through, could be difficult for the knights at that time, since the slavers will probably have people already watching from all angles.”

Brendon at Ariel’s words let out a triumphant smile as he took out a small crystal ball. After staring at it for a while, Ariel’s eyes suddenly grew a bit wider as he spoke. “Is that a communication orb? You were actually given something so precious.”

What was in Brendon’s hands was a communication orb, an extremely rare magical item, even rarer than storage rings. It had an ability to create a link between the minds of the holder of the orb and anyone he personally knows.

This technology was fully monopolized by the elves, so although it might not be expensive to make one, the elves very rarely would sell these to the outside, so besides the western continent, all other continents have a shortage of these. Because of this they were unbelievably expensive and only the large powers of the world would have some of them.

Of course the holder still had to use some Mana to make it work, and unless the other person also had one of these, they wouldn’t be able to initiate a conversation back, so there were some difficulties in using it for operations like these, since Brendon will have to keep the link with Henrik at all times, due to Henrik himself being unable to start a conversation. However it is undoubtedly a precious and useful tool worth probably as much as the whole territory of a duke.

As they walked and talked, they soon had arrived pretty close to the destination at hand. When Ariel finally noticed the general area around them, the knights behind Brendon started walking towards a different direction with Henrik in the lead.

Looking at this, Ariel had quickly understood the reason for this, but Brendon still took time and explained. “They can’t just go through the main way, now can they? Henrik will have to go around the back and prepare everything while we will go wait at the restaurant.” Nodding at this, Ariel tactically approved his foresight before following Brendon.

The place Brendon picked to eat was actually much to Ariel’s liking, it had a serene atmosphere with a low amount of people which made him quite relaxed being here and was a perfect environment to have a calm talk. With Brendon leading, they were escorted directly towards the VIP section, where they will be spending most of their time until evening.

When they opened the door to the room, Ariel felt very satisfied after seeing the inside of it, although it had an expensive interior it wasn’t that overbearing and had an exquisite taste to it, coupled with the many windows around it, the entire room looked bright and beautiful while leaving nothing more to be desired.

As they sat down, Ariel decided to get down straight to the point before getting something to eat. “So what can you tell me about the place of the ambush? I would like to know everything about the place I will be fighting at, before jumping in.”

Brendon gave an approving look while smiling and started to explain. “As you know, we are currently in the furthest reaches of the city, and the place that the transaction will be happening at is basically right next to the wall, also with a direct escape over it. That is the reason why this place is so popular among criminals. It is extremely easy to get away from if there are people that unexpectedly come after them.”

Listening to the details, Ariel understood that it was quite a difficult predicament they were at right now, but Brendon soon dispersed his immediate concerns. “We have already made the preparations to achieve success at capturing them. However the one you will have to deal with is the leader of the slavers.” After ending his sentence, Brendon looked towards Ariel to see if he understood what this entailed.

Ariel looked at Brendon’s eyes and simply gave his affirmation while motioning him to continue. “The leader in question is called by the nickname of “Blood drinker” and it seems this name was given to him for actually drinking the blood of his enemies that he cruelly murdered, so you can guess how vicious he is. He is a very notorious criminal wanted for countless crime’s, but also a warrior at the late stage of the Elite Rank and has a high capability to escape while we are going after his subordinates. That’s where you come in, the task given to you is to either tie him down or kill him, depending on what you can manage to do.” Brendon didn’t say anything more, and let Ariel think everything through.

He quickly finished reviewing the information he had gotten and Ariel quickly understood what he has to accomplish and what would be the dangers he will face. After evaluating everything, he found that he had quite a decent chance to win, although he will have to first see his enemy to be sure. That’s why he gave his affirmation while nodding. “Fine, I will try to do the task given to me, but if something goes wrong and my life is in danger, I will immediately retreat.”

Brendon let out a bright smile after hearing Ariel’s agreeing to the task at hand and responded. “Naturally if it becomes too dangerous you are free to get away. I myself couldn’t live with myself if you died because of such a small matter for me.”

After finally taking care of business, the two of them became more relaxed and ordered some food and drinks to fill themselves up before the whole action starts. Most of the time they spent either eating or talking and laughing about all kind of stuff happening in the vicinity, Although there was still a limit to the new things that have happened, so after some time they ran out of topics to discuss and soon Ariel decided to start training until the appointed time.

However after some more time passed Brendon suddenly remembered something and spoke to Ariel with a bright light in his eyes. “Now that I think about it, I wanted to ask something of you.” When Ariel woke up from his meditation looked at his friends face and saw his expression, he immediately felt that this will be troublesome, and his worries came true when Brendon continued speaking.

“When will you take the next step with Erna and my sister? I’m sure they are going insane while waiting for you to respond to them in some way, and I know you aren’t that insensitive towards their emotions. It is just that you seemed to be avoiding the topic, even though you are getting closer and closer with them.” Brendon’s sudden attack, caught Ariel completely off guard and it took him some time before he could compose himself again and speak.

“You already know quite well the difficulty I have with emotions. It is true that I feel like I am getting closer with the girls, but I don’t know if it is love, and at the same time I am afraid to break their hearts in the future if I find out that it is not so. Also, why are you talking about me marrying both of them so calmly, taking out the fact that Sarah is a princess, just marrying two women is already a problem for me?”

Hearing Ariel’s response, Brendon burst out in laughter as he spoke. “Many powerful people have more than one wife and I believe that Erna and Sarah won’t have any problems with it either. You are severely underestimating their feelings for you.” To Brendon’s words Ariel let out a frown as he responded. “Why are you even bringing this up right now? You should save it for a later time.”

Brendon only smiled at his words as he continued speaking. “Okay, I won’t bring it up right now, but I will tell you this. You shouldn’t run from this, being afraid is natural and if in the future you find that your choice was wrong, you can find a way to fix it then, which is better than regretting something you didn’t do. Only by walking forward can you understand and find your own path, and just maybe, Erna and my sister can help you understand the thing you most desire.

Like that the conversation ended, but Ariel continued thinking about the words Brendon spoke to him for a long time to come. In the mean time, Brendon was unusually silent and let Ariel ponder all the way until he suddenly heard a voice in his head.

“Young master, the slavers have just begun to gather. What are your orders?” Hearing the report Brendon took a look at Ariel before replying. “Stand your ground and wait until me and Ariel get there.” It didn’t take long for him to hear Henrik’s response. “Understood”

Finishing his conversation with Henrik, Brendon spoke while facing Ariel “I just got a report that the transaction is about to commence, we have to move quickly.” Ariel was still a bit absentminded, but he still gave a nod and managed to regain his wits in a matter of seconds.

This will be a dangerous confrontation and he didn’t have room for doubt or weakness right now. Together with Brendon he got up in a quick fashion and walked out the door.


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Chapter 36 – King’s task

Author: Verathragna

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Days passed, and soon the middle of the school year has already arrived. Since the event in the purple wilds, Ariel’s school life had barely changed. The only difference was that he spent some of time, cultivating his new, still nameless familiar.

His friends however had already named their own, but Ariel thought he would do it only after it had its first evolution. If you’re interested about what the new familiars are called, Brendon gave his own, quite an unoriginal name, Snappy, while Erna and Sarah named theirs respectively Crystal and Drop. They might not be the most interesting names, but they suffice for what they are

Although Ariel said he would name his when it evolved, it was quite close to that already, since, in the time he spent growing it, the little spirit had jumped from the early stage Disciple, to the late stage. Only one more level was needed before it would take a new, more powerful form and be eligible to be named.

His friend’s familiars also improve a lot. Snappy and Crystal had reached the early Elite level not too long ago, while Sarah’s Drop also improve, from the unknown level its been at before, to at least mid Disciple rank. They have also found out what was unique about Drop, its water healing magic was beyond monstrous, a single spell could bring you back from near death which was complete life saver. That’s why they decided to use it only when they desperately needed it, and to also keep it as a secret, since if word got out it would bring countless troubles.

Of course the familiars weren’t the only ones to progress. Even though Ariel hadn’t gained another level, he has reached the peak of the Elite rank and was now stuck at a bottle neck, Erna in the meantime reached the middle Elite rank, showing how abnormal her talent was, worthy of being called a genius.

Sarah and Brendon also weren’t too far away, both having reached the early Elite rank’s peaks. However if you looked into which reached it first, you would find that the faster one was Sarah. Although it is unknown, if it is because of Brendon’s lack of talent, or just due to his lazy nature.
Off topic, the only other interesting thing that could be mentioned was when Ariel and his friends went to look for the teacher to complain why, was there a chimera at the purple wilds. Unfortunately the only answer they were given was that chimera’s are something out of their control since because of their unique circumstances they can be born between any animal’s, even if it is a very small chance.

The forest fangs are apparently also a problem they can’t deal with because it is just too difficult to kill every single of those small critters in the forest so they just repopulate. What they usually do is go trim the number of theirs every year, but it seems that this year it was done quite poorly.
Back to the topic, generally Ariel spent his time peacefully just like before, while training and gathering knowledge in his free time. Currently he was, like most of the time, reading some books at the library, just like he is used to.

His usual reading partner, Erna, has already gone back to her dorms early since she had promised to spend some time with Sarah today, so he was now reading alone at the far back corner of the building.

Suddenly however he heard footsteps coming from behind him. Turning his head he saw Brendon coming closer to him with a serious look on his face. Noticing that Ariel saw him, he let out a small smile, and spoke when he got into speaking range. “I knew I would find you here. Do you have a minute? I need to talk to you about something.”

Ariel put down the book he was reading and nodded in agreement while urging Brendon to sit down. His friend was not in any way polite about it and sat down while he spoke. “Thank you.” After he got a bit more comfortable, he continued speaking in a serious tone. “The reason I came looking for you today, was actually because I wanted to ask you for help.”

When Ariel heard what Brendon said, he suddenly became a bit more interested and continued to listen to Brendon. “My father has just given me an important task to handle, since he is busy with the usual monster floods that occur in this season.”

As Brendon spoke, Ariel managed to see that Brendon was a bit annoyed for having this mission pushed onto him, but decided to keep his mouth shut about it. “Anyways, the task I was given concerns slave dealers we have caught wind of in Lenara city. Even though this city of ours is a neutral place, since it is still in our Galath Kingdom, we are obliged to take care of such things ourselves.”

While listening to him, Ariel noted down a strange point and decided to verify it. “As far as I know, it is legal for slaver to sell slaves if they are debt or war slave. That means if these are in need to be caught or killed, then they should be catching civilians and selling them. However I still don’t see how this common crime is considered an important task.”

Brendon nodded at his observations before responding and telling the important parts of this mission. “That’s right. If it were just normal slaver who overstepped their bounds, we could just give this task to some other person. But the thing is, the actions of these slavers are a bit abnormal.”

From Brendon’s words, Ariel’s curiosity got instantly peaked as he urged him to continue. “The usual slavers would be selling high quality slaves to the black market to try to earn enormous profits, but the ones we are after are selling the slaves to some specific source that we are unable to track down. This is beyond strange and my father is concerned about the people behind this since we have actually already caught such slavers several times, at different parts of the Kingdom. However, all of them killed themselves before we could get any information.”

After hearing everything out, Ariel nodded and spoke. “You are right, this is too strange. There should be some kind of organization behind these slavers. However it is unknown, what their goal for acquiring so many slaves is. It could be just to work at some places, or in the worst case it could be to prepare an army.”

A chill went down Brendon’s back when he heard Ariel’s last words. A rebellion is the last thing any Kingdom would want, but he soon got back his composure before asking. “So could you help me in this? I feel like I will need someone really powerful or it might end up as quite a mess, but it will definitely be dangerous.”

Taking several moments to think, Ariel nodded as he spoke. “I will help you. Having such dangerous people so close to our Academy is of course something I don’t want to see.”

Brendon was overjoyed with Ariel’s answer and spoke in a happy voice. “Great, let’s prepare a bit before we go out and I will also call the troops that were given to me to command. We can set our after two hours.”

Ariel nodded and after closing tightly the book on his table got up and started heading towards the dorm. Several hours quickly passed, in the meant time Ariel put on some comfortable clothes for fighting and also meditated to the most perfect shape he could be, before battle.

At the gate where he and Brendon were supposed to meet up, Ariel saw a large squad of about 30 knights standing there behind Brendon and another, seemingly higher rank, knight besides him. When he got closer, Brendon quickly jogged over with a smile and spoke. “You made it. Let me introduce you to the captain of the knight’s squad that my father has entrusted to me.”

He spoke while pointing with his hand at the knight that stood besides, just a moment before. “His name is Henrik and although he is a commoner, he is quite skilled with the swords and also at a late stage Elite rank just like you.” The man called Henrik had quite a good build, with his manly and handsome face he looked like a perfect knight. What’s more, his hair and eyes that were the same brown colour also made him seem like laid back guy, anyone can befriend.

Henrik, seeing how Brendon welcomed Ariel, also made a polite salute before introducing himself. “Greetings, just like how the young master has already said, my name is Henrik and I am responsible for this knight unit so I hope we can work well at the task at hand. Young master has also already told me about yourself, so there is no need for you to do your introduction.”

Feeling satisfied at how Henrik carried himself, Ariel gave a nod of approval before turning back to Brendon to speak. “I just remembered something. You haven’t invited Sarah or Erna right?”

His friend quickly shook his head at Ariel’s question while responding. “Even if they both are stronger than me and can fight against monsters, I know that they still would hesitate against humans, since they have never killed before, like us.”

Ariel let out a breath of relief when he heard his words and continued speaking. “Then it is okay. Let’s get going before it gets dark. I would like to take care of this as fast as possible.

Brendon agreed with this and quickly commanded the troops. “We are heading out. This is a task given by his majesty so failure is unacceptable. Depart!” With Brendon’s shout, all the knights began moving in an orderly manner, and so another event started, which will make Ariel take his first step towards the most powerful enemy he will ever fight in his life.


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Chapter 35 – The tide

Author: Verathragna

Proofreader: oONekoGami

Hello everyone, here is the last free chapter of the week and the end of this small part. Right now we have reached about the middle of the school arc. Its seems to be quite longer than the first one, but that one was more like a prologue arc so its understandable. Anyways please enjoy.

While spending their time exploring, Ariel and his friends visited many places that they have been to through the month of their adventures, including each of their bases that they spent most time in. Most of the time as they walked the four of them spent it talking about all of their exciting and unusual experiences, here in the purple wilds.

If anyone saw them from the side they would only see a group of youth’s walking through a colorful forest while smiling and laughing, sharing their interesting stories. They didn’t put much attention about their surroundings, since in their own opinion there was almost nothing that would threaten them after having met up with each other and having defeated that chimera, so in the time they spent traveling they managed to cover a lot of ground.

In several hours they were even able walk alongside the purple wilds longest river, from the start to the very end, seeing many wonderful sites along the way. However soon they would be leaving here and a small nostalgia had sprouted in all of their hearts.


Knowing that this is the place they will always remember because of their familiars, made this feeling of nostalgia truly unstoppable. Unfortunately they had to deal with it and carry on since getting stuck on the past is mistake that could make them regret it.

As the party was walking through another small path of the forest, they unexpectedly found quite a nice and serene place none of them had visited before. Seeing this place Ariel gave out his own suggestion with satisfaction in his eyes. “How about we stay here and rest until the time to leave come? I think this is quite a nice place and since our time is almost up I’d like to spend it relaxing a bit.”

The one to respond to his words and speak was Brendon. “I think that is a great idea since I am also quite tired from all this walking. What do you two think?” He himself was quite tired and quickly accepted the proposal, but he also didn’t forget to ask the girls before hand, who fortunately also easily agreed to it.

Like that they settled down at the spot and started resting while enjoying the environment. Each of them either talked with one another or explored a short distance around the spot they found. A small pool was near it so there was plenty of interesting wildlife that they could inspect while waiting.

Unfortunately fate sometimes likes to play around at such peaceful moments. Sarah who has went a bit further to explore, happily returned back as she spoke about the interesting creatures and plants she seen around, however one thing she said made Ariel quickly jump from his resting spot and ask her a question while being dumbfounded. “Could you repeat that?”

Not knowing what Ariel was so heated up about, Sarah answered with a bright smile. “I said there was a cute badger like creatures which looked extremely adorable, with his two tails and small horns on his head.” As you have already guessed she was not the most well read and she mostly only knew about important things and things she had ran into before, so the eminent danger of what she met flew right over her head.

Ariel inwardly cursed while quickly thinking about what to do. Unfortunately the other two also didn’t know much about these peculiar creatures and didn’t know why he was acting so strangely, since from Sarah’s description it appeared quite weak and not threatening.

However he ignored the peculiar expressions and quickly used his special sight to look around, and just like he expected he saw countless number of small Mana sources converging around them. Turning slightly pale he shouted out a command while preparing to get away as fast as possible. “Everyone, quickly prepare for combat and run as quickly as possible. If it isn’t needed, don’t engage them.”

His strict and strange instructions shocked the others, but they have already plenty of unconditional faith in him and did as he said, absentmindedly with out raising any protest. Suddenly the greenery around them started moving, and out of it came a creature, that was just described by Sara, however it wasn’t alone, more and more started appearing at a rapid rate, which stupefied Ariel’s friends.

Only after a couple of moments did they snap out of it and understand the crisis that had befallen them. Even if these critters were weak, if there are so many of them then they will be eaten until only their bones would remain, so they quickly started running with Ariel in the lead while panic became slightly visible in their eyes.

Erna who was closest to Ariel looked at him and asked while feeling extremely nervous. “What are those and why are there so many of them?” Its clear that even the well read Erna didn’t look into things that didn’t interest her, so this was out of her range of knowledge.

Turning to look back at her Ariel calmly responded. “They are forest fangs. All of them are actually barely low level Acolyte rank of strength, but the problem is that they hunt in hoards and even powerful creatures are afraid of catching their attention. Sarah, back then must have met with their, scouts who alerted the others and came to hunt us down.”

Ariel’s words were heard by the rest and made them very scared. If it was Ariel who said that powerful creatures are scared of them, then these powerful creatures are something even he couldn’t beat which also means that the forest fangs are definitely something they couldn’t mess with.


However just after Ariel stopped speaking, he noticed that small Mana sources were also coming at them even from the front. He was quick witted and understood that the little, clever buggers have surrounded them. Turning around and stopping he quickly yelled towards his comrades. “They have trapped us. Prepare for combat, we will try to drag it out until the time is up, since that is our only choice.”

The others followed his orders and got into a basic formation, Brendon didn’t waste any time and used his water magic to make a giant water wall on one of the sides, leaving only three directions that had to be protected. Although he wouldn’t last if he had to make such sturdy defense on all sides, but if it is only one of them he could still manage.

Erna quickly got into the front and took the position of being a vanguard while Sarah and Ariel prepared to bombard the forest fangs from a distance. The golden haired maiden was quick to act and with several powerful slashes, her rapier easily cleared the immediate area around them while also killing several tens of the vermin.

Both Ariel and Sarah took the sides and used their respective AOE’s, ice cone and acid rain, creating devastating damage and giving them more room to breathe. Seeing that the assault was pushed back a bit, Ariel continued giving commands. “Quickly summon your familiars to help or we will not make it. There are too many of them for us to handle.”

The whole party understood that by themselves it would be too much for them, but luckily they had contacted their own beast not so long ago that could help here. Because of this, each of the obliged and besides Sarah whose familiar was barely a cub, everyone summoned their beasts in an orderly fashion.

A white unicorn summoned by Erna started rapidly running around and trampling the enemy’s while at the same time majestically shooting light magic from its horn. Erna worked well with it and progressively cleared out every forest fang that came into their reach.

Brendon’s ancient tortoise that Ariel hadn’t seen before also made its appearance. Unlike the white and beautiful unicorn, Brendon’s familiar looked like a giant turtle, the sizes of the previously mentioned beast.

It had blue skin and a giant, black shell with no particular patterns on it, its four stubby feet and a short tail made it look a bit funny. However over all its body was quite sharp edged at places, and its eyes had clear laziness in them, but also hidden wisdom which sometimes flashed as it used water magic to help defend or restore peoples strength.

Ariel’s spirit seemed to do the least as it only kept shooting out ice spikes towards the enemies, but others didn’t complain since they understood that just like Sarah’s baby panda it was still to young and didn’t have enough time to grow.

With the help of these three familiars, Ariel and his comrades kept fighting while killing one forest fang after the other until they couldn’t even keep up with the death count anymore. After some time of such slaughter they had slowly started feeling the drain on their body, which further became visible when Erna actually got bitten by one of them.

They understood that it would be soon over for them if this continued like this, so their space grew smaller and smaller as more and more bite and scratch marks appeared on their bodies from the few forest fangs that managed to get past.

When an entire hour has passed since it started, the party was already starting to go pale from the exhaustion of their energy and wounds. Fear soon came over them when they saw that these vile creatures regrouped and prepared to go on an all out assault.

Not knowing what to do, they slowly prepared for their inevitable death. Sarah let out a stiff smile as she spoke. “I really didn’t think that my death would come in the form of small fuzzy creatures.” Others agreed and started talking about what was on their mind as they looked towards the giant tide coming towards them.

But just as death was so close to them, they felt warm light suddenly surround their bodies and their minds growing dim. When they came to, before their eyes were the familiar training grounds from where they were teleported from, a month back.

Looking around all of them let out a breath of relief coming to the understanding that they were barely saved in the nick of time. Ariel then exclaimed with happiness in his voice. “Thankfully we managed to survive long enough. If we died a moment before returning I would have really become angry at the gods when going to heaven.”

Brendon, Erna and Sarah also felt relieved as Brendon spoke. “We also came back each having a familiar, so this out going could be considered a complete success.” His words reminded them of the completion of the long task, and the exhaustion was quickly forgotten as they lost themselves in the feeling of accomplishment.

They all smiled and even Ariel let out a small one, which disappeared before anyone could notice it. Each of them was excited to have made it back alive and let out a laugh together with all the students around them.

Later on the teacher came and all of the students had to show their contracted familiar. In which of course Ariel and his friends once again were in the centre of attention having each contracted a rare beast, and in Sarah’s case an unknown one. Ariel also got to ask about what happened with the Broach.

Teacher Albert told him that it must have been a life saving enchantment made by the rumored healing affinity having mages. They seemingly had a certain spell which could enchant an object with any element Mana which in dire straits would heal the person that had it, provided that the affinity of the person was the same as the element used for the enchantment.

By the teacher’s theory, the ice spirit somehow was born in the object due to it not being used for a very long time, so it was extremely lucky for Ariel to have it happen, which made him even happier with this small spirit and its future prospects.

At the end of the day, all of them finally returned to their respective rooms after the long month and at last had some satisfying and well deserved sleep, ending this small adventure and also one of the most memorable arcs of their lives.


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