Chapter 31 – The chimera

Author: Verathragna

Proofreader: oONekoGami

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Time went by and Ariel would go out to look for interesting magical beasts everyday. He found many of them, some even at the level of the Crimson Fur Hunter, but none made him feel like they are fit for him.

Through the days, he killed many monsters trying to find something unique and it didn’t matter to him if it was powerful or not, however the time was almost up and Ariel still hasn’t found a creature he was satisfied with.

On one of the last days he was treading the forest while being frustrated at his failure, suddenly he heard a loud roar coming from the right, turning to look he noticed a very powerful Mana source in that direction, more powerful than any he had seen in the purple wilds.

His curiosity was instantly peeked as he started jogging towards the source. It didn’t even take 10 minutes for him to reach the place that the beast was at, he hid behind a bush. Looking towards the creature he instantly froze, as what he saw was a frightening monster.

It was 3 meters in height with a body of a lion which had eagle wings growing from its back. However its tail was also replaced by that of a scorpion’s, Ariel knew only of one such a creature, a chimera. When realizing this fact he was completely petrified since chimeras are all at least at the early Master rank, which by teacher’s Albert’s words shouldn’t exist here.

Only after several moments of shock did Ariel finally manage to snap out of his daze and notice the other creature fighting against this monster. The person was definitely a human girl which had long, golden hair cascading her back coupled with fierce blue eyes staring at the enemy in front of her. Her cheeks were flushed from overexerting herself while her alluring lips were slightly open as she panted for air.

As soon as Ariel realized who she was, his mind went completely blank. No matter how many times he looked over her he saw that standing there was his fiancée Erna, who was seemingly fighting against the monstrous chimera.

However when the monster started going for a swipe attack he got his wits back together and his expression became extremely serious as he began running towards her and the creature, completely forgetting his usual caution. While running he managed to cast an ice spear towards it just as it was about to swipe reach Erna.

The ice spear traveled quickly and managed to hit the claw of the unsuspecting monster. Unfortunately the spear was able to only slightly injure it, but it did manage to attract both of their attentions.

Turning to look Erna was stunned to see Ariel as he was running towards her and became slightly absentminded. “Why is Ariel here?” She softly muttered watching as Ariel got closer.

The chimera on the other hand was furious. It looked at him with anger in its eyes, turning his target onto Ariel.

For him however it was perfect and just as he reached Erna’s location he cast an ice wall separating the two sides. Then he took Erna by the waist and retreated a few metres, however when he was about to talk, Erna was the one who spoke first. “What are you doing? Why didn’t you run away, the chimera is too much even for you? You should have gone to get some help.” She was extremely confused at Ariel actions and at the same time frustrated at the fact she had to be saved, but his next actions shocked her on a completely different level.

Ariel looked back with a serious expression and started scolding her. “Do you think someone like you who can barely stand can keep this thing occupied? The reason I came to help is because you are unable to survive so instead of me who is capable of fighting it should be you who goes to get some help. That’s why stop talking and start moving before I die.”

His words made Erna want to protest, but he didn’t let her speak before shouting again. “Go, NOW!” Erna’s body started to slightly shake as she bit down on her lip and turned her teary eyes to look at him. However after several seconds she grit her teeth and started running at the fastest speed possible, to look for some help.

Seeing this, Ariel let out a sigh of relief, before hearing the sound of shattering ice behind him. Turning around he saw the chimera standing there in an arrogant pose staring down at him with its menacing eyes.

He suddenly felt that he was truly unlucky, but still managed to prepare for combat by summoning three ice shields, around himself. The chimera still had its arrogant look while watching this and didn’t take any action as if waiting to see what he would try to do.

Ariel wasn’t a person who would be polite about these things and instantly made his move to attack. From the very start the manifested ten ice spears to attack and threw them straight at the enemy. Not expecting such an aggressive approach the creature managed to barely dodge a couple of the spears letting the rest hit and leave some shallow wounds in its body.

The pain made the chimera turn completely bloodthirsty as it looked towards Ariel, but it didn’t expect that he would continue his assault without pause. He stretched out his arm and began using one of his newer spells “Ice cone” which just like the name states, creates a cone shaped area of effect attack that freezes everything inside it.

His enemy didn’t know much about magic and easily got caught in it, making its body full frozen. However knowing that his spell wouldn’t last for long Ariel quickly ran past the monster and began running to the opposite direction Erna, has gone, while leaving behind him a trail of ice so he would be harder to catch.

Moments passed and the thin ice covering the chimera broke apart as it let out an angry roar. Seeing that Ariel was getting away it began to chase him, but the coldness made its body a bit slower to move.

Their chase lasted for half a minute until Ariel turned around to look at the situation. He let out a breath of relief when he saw that the coldness from his previous spell and the ice he was laying down were slowing down the beast by quite a lot. However he calculated that it was still not enough to keep it off his tail for the time he needed.

Ariel’s plan was to get over to the ravine he had seen while coming here, which had a log across it, but the chimera would soon catch up, so he needed to do something about that first. After a couple of minutes of running, Ariel felt that it was already extremely close to him and was about to catch up.

With sweat dripping down his back, he decided to use a risky plan and started waiting until it attacked first. It didn’t take long before he felt a gust of winding going towards his back, from the corner of his eye he saw the chimera’s claw reach towards his back, but just as it collided with one of his ice shield, he dodged, rolling to the side.

The ice shield that was hit shattered, however Ariel didn’t pay mind to it and cast the already prepared spell ice slice towards the chimera’s belly. Thanks to it being softer, the wound inflicted was much greater than the ones before and made the beast howl in pain.

He on the other hand, once more began to run towards the ravine, he wasn’t so optimistic to think that such a wound would manage to kill it so he didn’t have time to waste.

Due to the damage he inflicted he had plenty of time to reach his goal before he was caught up with. That’s why he quickly jumped up on the fallen log and got to the other side. At that time the chimera’s growls got louder and it emerged from the forest with an enraged look in it face.

After searching a bit, it located Ariel and a murderous light appeared in its eyes. Although it was too big to use the log to cross over, Ariel still didn’t let down his guard, and that was a wise choice. Unexpectedly the beast leaped over the ravine to go after him, but thanks to Ariel being prepared, he instantly reacted and cast a frost bolt towards its face.

However his attack didn’t go as expected since it brought its hard scorpion tail in front of it to deflect the ball of ice. Fortunately Ariel had expected something a like this to happen and he managed to launch another one right after the first, heading towards the creatures serious wound.

Not having a way to block, the frost bolt hit its target and did extreme damage, once more enraging the chimera. Unfortunately it had already crossed over and he didn’t manage to make it fall, however Ariel didn’t have time to grieve as the beast had already got up and with a face saying it would never let him live, again started chasing Ariel.

With such a short distance, the only thing Ariel could do is try to dodge around in the thick woods. Since the trees were close he managed to get into the forestry and avoid the chimera’s rage. Unfortunately it was quite agile and it could keep up with him running through the trees.

They played this cat and mouse game for quite some time, Ariel would try dodging its claws and tail with magic, while it tried to catch him off guard. Currently this was a stalemate, but Ariel knew that his Mana was quickly running out and he will soon not be able to keep up with this, but he didn’t have much of a choice.

As he was continued  his dance, he notice the scorpion tail once more moving into action, it was actually the thing that made him worried the most, since he didn’t know if it had actual poison. This time however, due to his already wary mind he didn’t notice that it was a feint and that it’s claw was coming at him from behind.

In this moment of carelessness, Ariel got wounded on his chest just as he turned around to look, making him lose a large amount of blood. Luckily he was able to at the same time use another ice slice to leave an injury on the beast shoulder and at the same time slow it down.

This was a small victory, but he also had a large loss. Seeing that his strength was quickly leaving him, Ariel abandoned all thoughts of attack and put all of his efforts into fleeing. With this desperate struggle he managed to get away some distance, but as he ran he noticed that something was wrong. Looking in front he saw that he came at a dead end with a small clearing in front of it, this made him despair as he heard the growls behind him.

Continuing to run he finally reached the stone wall and turned around to face the beast behind him. Noticing the deep hate in its eyes and seeing no way out he started cursing the teacher in his mind. ‘Who said there was nothing above Elite rank, what a bunch of bullshit.’

When the chimera saw that he had nowhere left to run, a sadistic light appeared in its eyes as it started to slowly move towards him, not hurrying at all. This made Ariel feel livid and he decided to at least bring this fucker as much pain as possible, even if he had to die.

With most of his leftover strength he manifested fifteen spears and launched them all at the same time. Seeing this, the chimera which let down its guard paid the price again and felt many more wounds appear on its body.

Feeling humiliated again the chimera stopped playing with him and decide to finish him off as fast as possible. It lunged towards Ariel and tried to bite into his neck in one move.

However, seeing this opportunity, Ariel with his one last ditch of effort tried to fight back. He cast another spell he hadn’t used before “Ice lance” it created an ice lance around his hands, making him able to attack up close. Ariel didn’t use it immediately and waited for the last critical moment when the beast would open its mouth.

Thankfully it went according to plan and the chimera opened its maw when it was about to bite, at that time Ariel thrust his hand down its throat and pierced a large amount of the beast inner organs.

Unfortunately it didn’t die immediately and closed its maw as it bit into Ariel’s hand. The pain was unbearable, but Ariel tried to put in all of his left over Mana to try to freeze it. His reserves though didn’t have anything left and all of his efforts were in vain.

As he was about to lose hope and saw the chimera’s tail rise too attack, he felt a familiar burst in his core, the feeling of breaking through. A large amount of Mana came bursting through into his body, all of that Mana however was instantly let out and started freezing the magical beast inside out.

Due to the sudden coldness its reaction was a tad too late, and its entire insides became completely frozen. Ariel sa the chimera’s eyes glazed over and it fell to the ground dead. He however didn’t have time to rejoice about winning or breaking through since he felt him vision become blurry as he slid down to the ground.

Ariel felt as his blood was spilling out of his wounds, just like in his past life. A sense of nostalgia overcame him as he knew the last bits of life were leaving him. The last thing he felt and saw was a gentle coldness coming from his upper chest and a weak Mana source floating in front of him as he slowly sunk into darkness.


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Chapter 30 – Fight near the river

Author: Verathragna

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Not even a moment passed before Ariel heard the rustling of leaves and saw a shadow jump out of the depths of the forest. Scanning the beast, he thought it looked like a lynx, but it had a body three times larger than normal and it was covered in glossy red fur, its two blood thirsty eyes were staring at Ariel as if the beast already saw him as dinner. The black and deadly claws glinted in the light and its tail swayed from the excitement of finding food.

Ariel took a step back from the ferocious beast and looked through his memory. Soon a serious look appeared on his face as he recalled this things identity. It was a “Crimson Fur Hunter” which when fully matured like the one in front of him would reach the late level of Elite rank.

They were famed for their speed and sharp claws making it difficult to battle them when there was more than one. Unfortunately it was impossible for Ariel to make an escape and all he could do was fight. That’s why he calmed down his beating heart and evaluated the situation.

Since the monster still hasn’t attacked it meant it was wary, so Ariel would make use of this opportunity. He slowly started casting several ice shields while not alerting the beast and only when he finished did the crimson fur hunter finally have a glint of anger in its eyes.

As an Elite rank beast it had some intellect and after Ariel cast his spell he understood that its prey intended to fight. However it also saw that Ariel was careful, meaning he wasn’t powerful, which made it start underestimating the human a bit.

While observing his opponent Ariel kept his patience, waiting for it to attack, and he wasn’t disappointed. Thinking that Ariel was easy pickings the Crimson Fur Hunter charged towards him intending to rip Ariel apart.

This however was its mistake. Ariel was already waiting and when the monster started charging he also began casting his spells. The beast quickly reached its destination and Ariel instantly aligned his three ice shield one in front of the other. The beast crashed into the firs one, completely breaking it and managed to reach the second one, damaging it a bit, but at that time Ariel finally took action.

Five different ice spears appeared around his body and flew towards the Crimson Fur Hunter from different angles. Unfortunately though a beast’s reflexes were very fast and it managed to dodge three of them, the other two on the other hand managed to graze through the beast’s side and stomach leaving some serious damage.

Retreating back the monster howled in anger, but Ariel didn’t think of letting it off easily. He quickly followed up by manifesting a frost bolt and shot it. The distance however was much farther now and even though the frost bolt was more powerful and faster it still didn’t manage to hit the target, as it dodged to the side.

Of course he could have detonated it, but Ariel decided against it and let it crash down near the forest since the beast was on guard and he would have failed to get any results.

Glaring fiercely at Ariel the lynx once more charged recklessly at Ariel, however it wasn’t stupid and only did it because it noticed that Ariel needed time to cast his spells and it couldn’t let him stay at a distance.

As it once again hit his second shield and shattered it, the monster didn’t actually go after the third one, but unexpectedly moved around from the side aiming for the kill.

Ariel felt a chill go down his spine due to the beast’s intelligence, and if he was still the same person like before he might have died, but now he managed to learn many different ways to use magic. When the monster’s sharp claws were already close to his neck, Ariel used Mana manipulation and made a fragile shield to protect his life. It couldn’t take more than a single hit before breaking, but it managed to effectively neutralize the strike.

This was a way of defense he learned from one of the books about magic. Although against much more powerful experts it would be useless, against opponents only a couple levels stronger it would do its job perfectly.

Like this Ariel started kiting the beast sometimes using his ice shield, while others times with his pure Mana. It was a bit draining, but under the assault he was using his Mana to freeze his opponent and slow down its speed.

The deadlock he was currently in was actually part of his plan to more easily deal with his enemy, if he let out a spell it might retreat again, making it difficult to create this engagement scenario again. That’s why he only defended while freezing the beast and slowly moving towards the trees.

After a minute of struggle Ariel finally reached the edge of the clearing and when the Crimson Fur Hunter tried to do another swipe, for the first time, Ariel dodged by rolling back. Then he quickly hid behind one of the tree’s and without delay finally detonated the already forgotten frost bolt, making the ice shards shoot out. The careless beast got caught off guard and was hit in several vital spots.

Feeling the pain and noticing that he has fallen into a trap the crimson fur hunter howled in rage, but didn’t continue to look for Ariel and tried to retreat. However there is no way he would let it do so, when the creature turned around to run he saw Ariel standing there with silent killing intent clearly visible in his eyes. Ariel waved his hand in a slashing movement and used one of his newer spells “Ice Slice”. A wave of sharp ice expanded from his arm and sliced the monster from the throat to its back, not leaving any room for survival.

The enemy fell and after several seconds of rough breathing passed away, only then did Ariel let out his breath and started breathing more raggedly. In the fight he didn’t receive a single injury which was extremely impressive when fighting an opponent of higher level, but his Mana consumption was quite large and if he fought another one he wouldn’t have succeeded so easily.

Looking around for any dangerous creatures he let out a sigh when he didn’t find anything and planned his next course of action. He first needed to restock the amount of Mana he had for any incidents like these, but he had to do it further away since the corpse would attract more beasts.

Thinking for a moment, he decided to follow the river upstream and at the same time, he wanted to look for a suitable place to settle down.

Setting out, he walked for half an hour before finding a place to stay at momentarily and absorb Mana. Only when an hour passed did he stand up, satisfied with his Mana, and started actively looking for a better place.

It took a rather long time of searching before he finally managed to find a cliff side near the river that had a space surrounded by stones making it hard to notice and also decently closed off from the wind. What also made it a better choice, was that it’s harder to get flanked because of all the rocks, which made Ariel feel it was good enough for a camp.

Taking out a tent and some other things like firewood and such he started setting up. He put up the tent and made a campfire in a way it wouldn’t be spotted, then he sprinkled some dust that would repel bugs and weak magical beast before taking out some food and making himself some “edible” food for dinner.

Creating his campsite took quite some time and the sun was already setting, eating his fill he recalled the whole day and let out a sigh, thinking that the coming days would be hectic, causing him to shake his head, but Ariel also remembered his friends and felt some concern for them and what they might have encountered.

Trying to stop thinking about it he decided to end his day and go meditate to prepare for the upcoming month.


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Chapter 29 -The purple wilds

Author: Verathragna

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The month quickly passed and Ariel lived a common school life like any other person, going to classes or hanging out with his friends. On the other hand his training speed was far from normal. In this month, thanks to the ice pearl, Ariel managed to reach the mid level of Elite rank, once more increasing his strength.

If you compare him to others, you would probably find little people on his level, since reaching the Master rank was the requirements for graduating The Academy, Elite rank students were the top of the school.

However what is more monstrous is that he is close to reaching the late level. This was a frightening speed of cultivation that is unheard of in the entire human continent. A lot of it though is thanks to his new Nine Winter Shade Meditation technique.

Due to following and refining his core through nine different ways mentioned in the book, his Mana became increasingly pure and more powerful, also resulting in speeding up of his cultivation.

Another way he was increasing his strength was by researching new spells, although there was much less results in it, Ariel still managed to construct several usable spells for the future.

Apart from learning and increasing his strength, most of Ariel’s rest time was taken up by either hanging out with Brendon, or spending time with the girls, who were seemingly becoming closer and closer to him. Even he didn’t understand how it was happening, but it seemed like his heart was slowly getting accustomed to them being there, making his and the girl’s relationship much closer.

But today was finally the day he would be going on the trip to the purple wilds where, according to teacher’s Albert’s words, they will be spending a whole month at. Apparently the reason for this is because the students who didn’t take familiar classes will also go to have forest survival training, at the same time we will.

Thankfully his mother gave him a storage ring and when he had returned to his home on a holiday, she instantly prepared everything he needed for staying at a forest, as soon as he told her about it.

Having everything taken care of he was currently ready to set out, but before that he had to wake up his best friend so he wouldn’t be late, since today they had to be there early and Brendon was horrible when it came to waking up.

Creating some ice in his hands he slowly crept up to him and when he was close enough, Ariel put the ice down his shirt. Immediately Brendon woke from his sleep and shrieked from the cold.

After some difficulty he finally got the ice out. He turned his teary eyes towards Ariel and complained. “What was that for, I don’t think I did anything to deserve being waken up like this.” Inwardly snickering at Brendon’s appearance, Ariel responded with his usual poker face. “It would be difficult to wake you up by other means, you should remember that today is the day we are going to the purple wilds and you definitely don’t want to be late.”

Looking up to Ariel, Brendon understood that he was correct and he himself would have trouble waking up. However due to the years of being together, Brendon unexpectedly began to notice Ariel’s subtle changes of expression and knew that he actually enjoyed waking him up like that and bringing him this suffering.

Although he understood that besides grumbling he could do nothing since his sister and even Erna would definitely take Ariel’s side over his so he could only unhappily get up and prepare for the “tour of purple wilds”.

When he finally got ready they directly started going towards the field, where the supposed teleportation array was readied for them.

Reaching the place they instantly notice two beautiful girls, one being blue haired while the other being golden haired, standing together and making a stunning picture that made all the surrounding boys fall into a daze.

These two were the most beautiful girls in The Academy. They were in the dreams of all the noblemen and only rarely would the boys be allowed to see a sight like this. Unfortunately what always pained them was that the goddesses were always waiting for the same people every day, and thus they could never get the chance to become closer.

As the two got closer, Brendon greeted them with his usual carefree smile. “Hi, it seems I’m not the only person here early.” Besides him Ariel nodded, indicating that he was greeting them.

Erna instantly let out a bright smile and returned the greeting. “Good morning, did you sleep well? We won’t have such a luxury for quite some time.” At the same time Sarah let out a snicker as she responded towards Brendon’s second remark and also on Erna’s words. “Brendon probably slept quite well, if Ariel didn’t wake him though, he would have most likely been too late to get teleported.”

Brendon gaped at his sister words and tried to speak up for himself. “Why do you all think I am such a lazy person, I’m a responsible young man and I wouldn’t be late.” Unexpectedly, to his words Erna let out a laugh as she spoke. “It is hard to believe your words when you are late to almost every single class.”

Seeing that even the usually passive Erna was pointing out his wrongs, Brendon felt himself slightly wronged, but his close friend Ariel also decided to chip in at it. “Your view of the world is quite obvious when you said that it was early, while it’s already time for class, and teacher has just come up onto the platform.”

Hearing Ariel’s words, Brendon looked in front of him and was dumbstruck when he saw that his friend was right and the teacher was already there, he didn’t say another word. He quietly accepted his defeat. At the same time the other three also settled down and politely waited for teacher Albert to speak.

They didn’t have to wait long until they heard the well-built teacher speak while scanning the students with his piercing green eyes. “I am glad that there seems to be no one missing.” As he said his words his gaze lingered on the cowering Brendon, but all the other students just ignored it.

After retracting his gaze, teacher Albert continued speaking in a slightly more serious voice. “As you already know you will be going to the small plane called purple wilds where you will have to stay for a month and in the mean time try to make a contract with a magic beast, but remember that your life is more important so you shouldn’t push yourselves too hard.”

When he spoke the next words, his voice became slightly softer, but soon it once again became serious. “There shouldn’t be any monsters too powerful, but always be careful, you will each be transported alone to a place without any immediate danger. I hope all of you are prepared and ready to go, since we will begin immediately because I don’t want to make you all worked up.” He finished his speech and started talking to the mages that were by his side.

Getting a breather the students started talking with their friends and saying their good byes. Looking slightly emotional, Erna spoke with worry in her eyes. “Be careful, even if you are strong, if they overwhelm you with numbers and you don’t have any Mana, you might get in trouble.” As she spoke, she tightened her hand around her rapier making it obvious that she was worried that something wrong would happen.

Sarah also sounded troubled as she spoke. “When you get teleported try finding us, together it will definitely be safer, although it might be difficult for it to happen quickly.” Listening to the soft words spoken by the girls Brendon felt slightly hurt that they completely ignored him and started sulking.

Ariel on the other hand tried to softly dispel their worries. “I will make sure to be extra careful and try to search for you as soon as possible.” His words made the girls slightly more calm completing their objective perfectly.

Soon the teacher’s loud warning rang out through the field. “Get ready. You will soon be teleported. When the month ends you will be automatically transported out.” The four looked at each other with concern clearly visible on their face, but soon powerlessly closed their eyes and felt their minds going blank.

When Ariel came to, he slowly opened his eyes and saw nature all around him and at the same time instantly understood why this small world was called the purple wilds.

All the trees, leaves, shrubbery and even grass were of different shades of purple. Thankfully the sun was still the same and he would be safe from having a seizure.

However he still stood there stunned for quite a while until his wits came back to him. As soon as he calmed himself down he quickly checked around with his Mana sight for any close sources of Mana.

Finding that there wasn’t anything close, around him he finally let out a sigh of relief and started thinking about what to do. His main objective is to make a contract with a magic beast, but he has an entire month to do that, so first he should find a good place to settle down.

He recalled that there should be quite an amount of rivers in this place, since he will need a lot of water for everything, It would be a good place to start searching, water also attracts all kinds of beast that he could look through for a possible candidate to be his familiar.

Since he didn’t have a map he focused on trying to hear water instead, and just walked towards the depths of the forest hoping to find a river.

As he walked through the forest he felt the rough ground beneath him, thanks to reaching quite a high rank his body got slightly better and he could do a bit more physical activity than before so it didn’t trouble him too much. Because of this he didn’t have to take long breaks and was able to keep his concentration on looking out for monsters.

Walking through such a forest reminded him of the times back home when he would walk around his backyard forest. Looking around he could see that the trees gave of dazzling lights and if you listened closer you could hear beautiful sounds of nature like the birds singing or the bugs playing their instruments.

Ariel had to agree that this was actually a very beautiful and mystical place he wouldn’t mind spending his free time at, but it was also dangerous. When he had already walked for some time he notice two small Mana signals coming closer towards him.

Soon he saw two magical beasts jumped out of the greenery. The two looked similar to a badger only, they had red eyes, small horns on their heads and two tails.

A frown appeared on Ariel’s face as he recognized what they were. These creatures called “Forest fangs” just like you could guess from their name lived in forest and were quite common. By themselves they were only early level Acolyte strength, but they were extremely frightening because they moved in extremely large packs and even powerful creatures would fall victim to their hunts.

What Ariel found strange was that there were only two of them, but when they turned around and were about to run away, Ariel’s face froze before turning serious. He only now comprehended that they were scouts of the pack and if he let them go it would cause endless trouble.

Ariel’s eyes turned cold and he sent out his ice to engulf the things. It wouldn’t kill them, but it would buy him time. Just like he though the forest eaters slowed down and he managed to quickly manifest two ice spears.

Calculating the trajectory of where they were running, he let the spears fly, perfectly hitting their targets. Only when he saw the two creatures fall did he let out a relief, he just got here but already barely dodged a bullet making him not optimistic about what was coming next.

Deciding that he shouldn’t stick around, he set out once more, being even more vigilant than before. Thankfully it seems like the unique creatures of this world have been hunted to extinction before and the senior mages brought the monster from the outer world so he should know most of them and know how to counter them.

After travelling for an entire hour he at last heard what he was searching for. Seeing that there was nothing nearby he rushed looking around.

The river wasn’t narrow, but also not wide and the water was the same as back home, feeling happy it wasn’t purple he came up to have a drink before setting out along the river to search for a place to settle.

Having a good drink he was about to continue. Unfortunately when he turned around, he noticed a powerful Mana source coming towards him. Noticing how powerful it was, Ariel couldn’t afford to be careless and got ready for the dreadful encounter that was soon to come.


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Chapter 28 – Bad premonition

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The next day the four friends got up quite early even after their small party and were eagerly talking among each other about their prizes.

The one who was boasting at the table the most about her reward was unexpectedly Erna. She was overjoyed with her new rapier and from her expression anyone could clearly see how she loved swordsmanship and actual combat, even with her lady like appearance and temperament.

What made her so happy was that the rapier was extremely well made and most importantly had wind and light enchantments on it, the same elements she herself could use. If some passerby knew about her and the rapier they would definitely think that it was custom made, that’s just how much it fit her.

The second most excited one was Sarah, who was speaking even now. “I checked the spell yesterday and found out that it has a 10 diameter width and can be used from 20 metres away. This spell would be devastating when used in large scale battles and would undoubtedly cause a lot of damage.” It was obvious how satisfied she was with getting an AOE spell since the one she got, which could be used by early rank mages, was very rare. Usually one would only get such a spell when they have already reached at least Master rank.

However, hearing her words Brendon sitting at the side let out a smug smile as he spoke. “Yeah it might be enough for second rate enemies, but your spell’s actual power is quite weak, if I put my new cloak on I wouldn’t feel anything from it being used on me.”

Brendon’s words made Sarah’s beautiful lips twitch a little and stop saying her previously thought sentence. Turning her face towards him she responded with something dangerous glowing in her eyes. “Is that so? Maybe you want to test it out, right now?” Sarah slowly started gathering Mana to cast her spell as she gave Brendon a threatening look.

Seeing that she didn’t take kindly to him spoiling her excitement, fear emerged in his eyes and he started defending himself. “Please don’t, there isn’t any reason to do it now, what’s more it would ruin the cafeteria and we don’t want that, do we!? How about we test it later on someone like Vern?” Brendon had broke out in cold sweat as he tried to calm his sister into stopping, since magic equipment weren’t allowed to be used in The Academy he wasn’t wearing the cloak and would definitely get injured by her spell.

The reason for this was that their teachers said the over-reliance on equipment so early in training would stall their progress and they should use them only after graduating. Unfortunately because of this Brendon was currently in a dangerous situation. Although its mostly his own fault so the teacher can’t be blamed.

At this time however, Ariel finally decided to open his mouth and help out his friend. “Sarah, you shouldn’t get worked up like that. Your new spell is a truly powerful and useful AOE attack. If we battle in a group someday, you might be the most important person of the team and unlike his cloak your spell will always stay useful, so don’t take to heart what Brendon says.”

Hearing Ariel’s praise Sarah’s attitude instantly changed as she turned to look at him, her rosy lips turned into a smile, and the slight rosiness on her white cheeks became clearly visible. “If you say so I’ll listen.” Her quick change of attitude made Brendon snicker, but as soon as Sarah started glaring at him again he quickly stopped.

Looking at this whole ruckus Erna spoke with a bright smile on her face. “I think we should get going or teacher Albert will punish us for being late.”  After Brendon heard Erna’s words, suddenly even more fear appeared on his face.

Teacher Albert was in charge of the familiar class and is also an extremely strict teacher. Once, Brendon got late to class, teacher Albert made him run laps after the lesson and when he’d slow down he would whip him, it continued until he finally fell unconscious. Since then he had a slight trauma about it and was deadly afraid of being late to teacher Albert’s class.

Not paying attention to Brendon’s fear, Erna continued her assault. “Today is the day teacher Albert will be telling us when we will be going to get our familiars and where, so he will be even stricter than usual if we’re late.”  Her words were like the hymn of hell for Brendon as he turned pale, got up and started running to the class without saying another word.

Watching him with amusement in their eyes while snickering, the other three also started moving towards the practice ground where, usually the demonstrations of the familiar classes, take place.
Reaching the field the three youths saw Brendon spread on the ground, completely out of breath and strength. The girls had mischievous smiles playing on their lips, while Ariel just let out a sigh. Although there was still some time until class starts, the girls wanted to torture him a bit and even though Ariel did not say anything at all, being silent also made him an accomplice in this.

Taking his eyes away from the pathetic display of Brendon, Ariel looked around the field. There were already a bunch of students excitedly waiting and conversing between each other. They all wanted a familiar and each desired to have a more powerful one than the others so they were already boasting about what they will get even without knowing anything.

Soon however they noticed Ariel with his friends, and instantly reverence and awe appeared in their eyes. Since this morning, the people around them were always extremely respectful. Before they attracted attention because all of them, minus Brendon, were out worldly beautiful, but now they were also shown to be astonishingly talented, especially Ariel who was a variant mage. So of course they would make others of the same grade look at them like gods.

However Ariel and the rest didn’t pay mind to this because they already knew that in this word powerful people would always be revered and the weak ones will be scorned.

While dragging Brendon behind him, the four of them went to a distant corner to wait for the lesson to start without any interruptions. Thankfully they didn’t need to wait long and after about ten minutes they heard the rough voice of teacher Albert.

Turning to look Ariel saw a familiar man in his forties with giant, bulging muscles. His face could be described with having a strong jaw and fierce green eyes similar to those of a beast, coupled with always thick eyebrows. His hair was short and black as the night, yet fit well with his eyes.

From the several scars on his manly face you would instantly associate him with a warrior, but even if you don’t have Mana sight like Ariel you could guess that he was a battle mage, since only mages could contract magic beasts.

Looking around, Teacher Albert spoke in a loud voice so everyone could hear. “Listen up, I will make it short. Exactly after a month you will be going to get you familiars at a place called the purple wilds plane.”

When he saw that he instantly lost most of the students, he decided to explain. “You probably haven’t learned this yet so I will tell you about it. This world has many different planes, ours is on the big side, but its also not the biggest there is, naturally, plenty of them are much smaller like the one you will be going to. These worlds are usually connected with each other at different places and this purple wilds plane is conveniently connected right here at out Academy.”

Teacher Albert looked around to see if everyone understood his explanation before continuing. “Some of the worlds are more dangerous than the others, the one you’ll be going to isn’t too threatening, but I will warn you that there are magical beasts at the Elite rank so you have to be careful and well prepared for it, while not underestimating anything there.” His last words were told extremely seriously, to make a point, and most students gulped down their saliva when they heard them.

Seeing that most of the students understood the danger he slightly spoke more softly. “Making a contract will also be difficult so study everything you can on magical beasts until then. I will also tell you that you will be teleported there individually and you will only be able to meet up with others when you’re already there. Since all of you probably have a lot to think about right now, today’s lesson is made into a free period so you can discuss and think everything through.” Finishing his speech about the future, teacher Albert turned around and left. Only the students were left, which already started buzzing about.

Erna was the first to let out a sigh and speak. “What can we even do to prepare? We literally don’t know anything about this.” Her gaze was downcast and she seemed to be sulking, Brendon on the other hand seemed to be excited and spoke in a happy tone. “Who cares about that? Won’t the sense of adventure be fun and interesting?”

Sarah felt annoyed at her brother’s carefree attitude and just gave him a death glare to shut him up before also letting out a sigh of helplessness and muttering. “I didn’t expect that contracting a magical beast will be so much trouble. I hope nothing bad will happen.”

Listening to their words Ariel looked up at the sky and let out a sigh, because annoyingly enough, his intuition was telling him that this trip definitely won’t end simply, but he also knew that when time comes, he will try anything he can to overcome it.


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Chapter 27 – The prizes

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After the duel Ariel went back the way he came, through the gates. He didn’t sustain any injuries in the battle, if fact not even a speck of dust landed on his clothes so he didn’t need to stay in the waiting room to neither change his outfit nor treat his wounds. That’s why he simply walked passed the room without stopping even for a moment, but the gazes filled with astonishment and shock from the competitors, due to his performance, still followed him with every step he took.


Only when he left the room he could slightly relax and feel more at ease with no one looking at him, as he walked through the long, white and boring corridors. There were many different intersections in his path however thanks to his memory he didn’t find it difficult to find his way back and it didn’t take him that much time.


Soon he found the exit leading into the platform which had the seats of the audience on it. Walking out, he instantly heard shouts and noise made by the people who noticed him and their speechless expressions returned when remembering what happened, not to long ago. The noise from their excited and astonished voices was surprisingly much lauder than when any of his friends came here. Although most people would be happy about this attention, but to Ariel it felt more like a nuisance than something that would increase his ego.


Looking towards his seat from before the first thing he saw was Sarah standing there with worship visible in her beautiful, ocean blue eyes. Her astounding snow white skin was flushed from excitement due to seeing his reveal of power, and she got redder the closer Ariel got to her.


Just when Ariel stepped into the conversation distance, Sarah’s soft pink lips formed into a smile as she spoke. “Why didn’t you tell us you could use magic? What’s more you’re a variant, it is an extremely rare level talent which is desired by everybody, even I became a bit unsightly from seeing your performance.”


No matter how you looked at her it was obvious she was extremely happy finding out about Ariel’s capabilities and couldn’t hold her excitement, but who could blame her, even the other two who had much less passionate personalities couldn’t hide their emotions from appearing on their faces.


The usual casual and laid back Brendon didn’t have any of his laziness on his handsome face, as his lips were curved upwards and happiness was basically oozing from him as he tried stopping himself from shaking. His lively eyes gazed at Ariel while he added on to Sarah’s words. “You really gave us a surprise today, I always though that god made a mistake by not giving you talent, but it seems like god isn’t a fool after all.” At the end of his words he gave out a hearty laugh of satisfaction, almost as if to prove his point.


On the side, Erna still remained graceful like always, but her trembling body betrayed her emotions as she started prising him. ”Never would I have though you would hide you strength for so long and reach such a level without any ones help. I have a new found appreciation for you.” Her were extremely soft and full of amazement, but she soon noticed the slight tired look on Ariel’s face and spoke with some concern.


“However you should sit down before we start asking more questions, even if it looked easy you must have spent some of your endurance from the way you look.” From her gentle tone as she spoke and her eyes, Ariel felt that, unknowingly her affection when speaking to him increased by quite a bit, but didn’t pay mind.


Listening to her words Ariel sat down at his spot from before for some rest waiting for them to start questioning. The three people around him also sat down and started asking. The first one was Brendon as raised his voice. “Since when did you start learning magic and how exactly powerful are you? From what it looked to me your strength is way above me since I couldn’t tell a tall.” At Brendon’s words Ariel kept his peaceful expression as he responded. “I started learning when I was five and I reached the low level of Elite rank right before coming here.”


Even though his words were somewhat expected and simple, but they still made the three suck in their breaths. Difference between ranks is huge and to have reached Elite rank so young is a testament to Ariel’s monstrous talent. They wanted to as him when did he broke through into the Acolyte rank however they refrained themselves to keep some of their dignity intact.


Soon after, Erna spoke with interest visible in her voice. “Why did you hide it for so long? Wouldn’t it have been better to reveal it earlier for benefits?” It seemed she was quite curious about this so he decided to tell her. “My talent might be great, but without strength I’m nothing, if I did reveal my talent many powerful groups would either try to rope me in by many means possible, or take me out. Either of them is obviously not acceptable.” At his words the two girls showed an expression of understanding and only Brendon’s expression, who has already guessed it, didn’t change.


Their talk continued for a while, all the way until the end of the competition as he slowly answered their questions and gradually dispelled their astonishment.


Several hours passed and the announcer finally declared the end of the last duel. At that time the four young people stopped talking and looked up at the teachers who will be doing their job next.


Since the competition came to a close that means the prizes should soon be rewarded. Sarah’s small beautiful face revealed a trace of interest as she spoke. “The rewards should be quite something I wonder what you’ll get, Ariel. Your performance was definitely the best in many, many years.”


It was obvious Sarah had complete faith in him, but it was an undisputed fact that he was a variant so it was expected that he will get the best prize when no one even came close to the shock he has given.


From the side Erna nodded her head and added onto Sarah’s words. “It should be Ariel in first, but most likely all of us will get something since there are ten places in all so we should get going. All of the competitors will be called to the arena for the rewards and I don’t want to get caught in a crowd.”


The rest agreed to her words, got up and went towards the stadium in a quick pace. They walked past many people who were also rushing to get there as fast as possible, stumbling on each other. Fortunately tough, they all gave way for them because of their magnificent performance in the competition, giving a respectful distance and admiring them from the side. Everyone had already guessed that these four will definitely get something magnificent


Like this the four arrived at the arena without any trouble and took their places at the corner, to wait for the higher ups to finally speak. Some time passed and at last one of the leading teachers spoke using his Mana to make his voice louder. “We are happy to see so many promising youths join our Academy this year and hope you will all improve as time passes. Through the many activities of The Academy we will make sure that by the time you leave here, you will all be Master ranked mages and warriors that will make us proud” The persons face was covered by a robe so you couldn’t see his face. But his old voice emanated power and wisdom as she spoke encouraging words.


After a slight pause of thinking, he continued. “As the regulations state, now we will give the ten most promising students a priceless reward from out very own Academy treasury. First one to come up will be the new found variant mage, Ariel Whitestone.” Declaring the start of the distribution he called out the first winner which, just as expected, was Ariel and didn’t make any of the students surprised.


With the urging of his friends Ariel started slowly climbing up towards the elevated platform to receive his unique prize. The onlookers who didn’t manage to get a good look at him before were awed by his composure and indifference as he reached the top and stood in front of the teachers.


Even the old mages themselves were surprised since most of the youth’s would always feel pressured by just being in their presence, including even the most arrogant ones who thought they were perfect. Ariel however didn’t seem to feel anything, making the teachers evaluation of him rise further with each passing moment.


The old mage who talked before smiled under his hood as he spoke. “We are very delighted that a person with such talent like you came to our school and decide to study in it and we hope you won’t be disappointed. The reward we picked just for you is this “Ice pearl”.” Ending his words the mage took out a small blue ball which was intently freezing the air around it making it look slightly bigger than it actually was.


Ariel at the moment could feel a great deal of ice Mana similar to his, raging inside the pearl. As excitement flashed in his cold eyes he trough that it is just what he need to break through his next bottleneck.


The mage didn’t see the slight change in his expression and continued speaking. “This thing can increase your cultivation by a great amount and even help you breakthrough quicker since this is a a natural treasure. It would be considered priceless for this effect, but it can unfortunately only be used by ice mages which are extremely rare. Luckily you came to our Academy and we are more than pleased to give it to you. Please take care and we hope to see your further improvement in the future” Taking the pearl Ariel gave a grateful bow to the senior mage and returned to his friends.


The distribution continued and all ten people were each given their prizes, including all of Ariel’s friends. Brendon received alight blue magic cloak with many delicate patterns on it, which gave an astonishing magic defence strong enough to withstand the attack of even a Master rank mage, what’s more it gave an amplifying effect towards water support spells cast on oneself.


Erna on the other hand was rewarded a sliver rapier that had a sword hilt in a shape of an eagle making it look outstanding and deadly unlike Brendon’s cloak that was more of a majestic object. However the sword’s uniqueness lied in it having wind and light enchantments that complimented the spells when using it to cast coupled with an extremely sharp edge which could easily slice high rank monsters.


When it was finally Sarah’s turn she got a unique acidic affinity spell that The Academy had hidden somewhere, making her extremely happy since spells was something she lacked because of her circumstances, especially ones like she got “Acid rain” which were AOE spells. This could also be called the most useful long term reward since its power would grow with the user and it can also be used by her to create more, different spells in the future.


Everyone was truly satisfied with their rewards and each of them felt content for putting some effort in their fights. The young boy and girl, who fought against Erna and Sarah, seemed to have also got in to the top ten thanks to their display of prowess, but apart from them he didn’t see anyone he remembered. Vern also seemed to have not gained anything since although his level of power was quite impressive, but his mentality was too pathetic.


However, after the whole thing was over all of the winners scattered to celebrate. In the meant time, while feeling relaxed Erna mentioned her recommendation with stunning smile on her cheerful face. “Let’s also go celebrate a little, all of us got something awesome so I think it is something worth having a feast for.” Everyone agreed to this though and happily went to enjoy some delicious food while spending the night talking among each other. With this, the long day of the competition finally came to a close, leaving only the lonely stadium in silence.


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Chapter 26 – POV’s of James and Sarah

Here is the second chapter of the day and also a look into the emotions of His brother and the princess. Enjoy.


James Whitestone POV
My name is James Whitestone, born in the duke household of Whitestone as the heir of the duke. From my youngest days father would tell me that I will be the future of the family and had to become as strong and intelligent as possible, since I will be responsible for its future development


I was born with the perfect body of out bloodline, making me a genius battle mage in creation, who would latter have a chance to become a holy knight of the church.


You might think that my life was perfect because of this, but there was always something that frustrated me. Besides me there was also my younger brother, born with a sickly body and no light magic that is common to our linage.


You could say he was a useless person when it came to fighting, but I still held hatred towards him. The reason being is that even though he was weak, he gained many other things which made me jealous.


The first thing was out mother’s love and attention. Most of the time I was looked after by our father, but it was obvious that even the rare occasions when we were together, she paid much more attention to my brother, Ariel, than me. Every time I saw her so caring towards him made my anger boil.


When we grew a little I found another thing I hated about him, his face, he was much more handsome than me, to the point that he could even be called divine. Not to mention how intelligent he was, all tests on basic subject our father prepared were always answered by him perfectly. Although I wasn’t bad looking and quite smart, I still hated the feeling of inferiority when I looked at him.


These two things I could actually still live with, but what made me unable to control myself was my meeting with my first love, Erna Alasia. We first met at a party dedicated to the start of her training and she was the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. At that time I swore that I would pursue her no matter what and make her my wife. However those dreams soon shattered when I found out that she was my brother’s fiancée.


I pleaded father to cancel their engagement and pick me to instead of him, but our father was a person with his own morals and although he favored me over my brother, he would never abuse him in any way.


The only thing left for me was to give up. As time went by I manage to control my hatred, but soon I was hit once more. On the party celebrating my breakthrough, I saw the two royal twins attending it. My whole attention however was focused on the princess, Sarah who was just as beautiful Erna, only in a different way.


Once more I fell in love and waited until these two would come to talk with me, but it ended in both of them actually talking with Ariel. I couldn’t believe it and went to confront them. In the end I was humiliated and could clearly see that Sarah, the second woman I fell in love with, became infatuated with my brother’s looks. I completely lost the feeling of love since.


These are the main things why I held such deep hatred for Ariel. From out early childhood I would always bully and insult him. He however was always the same indifferent him, reading books and never showing any emotions, making even my deep hatred dull over time. His intelligence was completely beyond me and the cold expression he wore made even me unable to understand his emotions and thoughts.


When I started attending The Academy, I experienced great many things and slowly managed to mature due to interacting with so many people. However on the freshman competition in my second year I managed to hear that my brother was actually going to fight Vern, heir of one of the duke houses. This made me shocked and at the same time slightly concerned.


He wasn’t too talented, but he was still a mid level Disciple. Defeating Ariel for him would be beyond easy and I had already heard that he was in love with my brother’s fiancée Erna just like me, so most likely he won’t let Ariel off that easily.


Years in The Academy made me feel less enmity towards my brother what’s more it also concerned the reputation of our family. Because of this I met up with Ariel before the match to tell him to surrender, but the same emotionless eyes as always showed me that he didn’t have any such plans.

This made me angry, thinking of how arrogant he was as he walked past me without uttering a single word. Even though I wanted to help him due to my small, family concern I had for him, he completely ignored it.


I angrily turned around and returned to my seat to watch my brother’s failure. Soon his match began and he instantly was caught in one of Vern’s spells, making me break out in sweat. However, what came next completely shocked me. The flames engulfing my brother froze and shattered, revealing him with an aura that only a mage could have.


From only a single look it was obvious that he had the renowned variant magic, control over ice. The match quickly turned around and Vern was completely crushed, yet I still hadn’t awakened from my shock.


Only after the match was long over had I come to my senses and understood that my brother, was completely incomprehensible to me.


Sarah Gleevoria POV


My given name is Sarah Gleevoria, the first princess of the Gelath Kingdom and the only sibling I ever had was my elder twin brother Brendon, who is the crown prince of our Kingdom and the person I am closest to in the whole family.


Since young age we were taught how to proper etiquette, politics, common knowledge and other such things. Like this we were also slowly taught how to hide our true emotions and wear a mask for out feelings.


This was of course not without reason. As we grew older, countless people tried to get into our graces, gain benefits and harboured other, such despicable goals.


As a result both me, and my brother grew up without any true friends except Erna Alasia, but even with her we could only meet rarely. Because we could talk only with each other about what was truly on our minds, making our connection stronger.


This however changed on one evening at a duke son’s celebration party. We were sent to pay respects to the Whitestone household and give the usual polite routine we were so used to.


Completely coincidently our attention was caught by a person who was lonely sitting by a window, watching the bright moon. All the people around him seemed to be avoiding him, so we decided to find out the reason.


As we came closer we got a much better look at him and were completely shocked. This person was a young boy our age, and also the most handsome boy I had ever seen. He had shining gold hair and transparent white skin comparable to that of a woman’s. His face was beautiful with a defined jaw, raised cheek bones and lavish, thin lips.


Together with the elegant and majestic clothes he appeared like a prince charming, the atmosphere of indifference around him only made the look of him even more majestic and imposing.


I was bewitched by him at first sight and only looking at him made my hear beat in an unusual rhythm, which made me confused. My brother similarly, was stunned, but what he was impressed by was the boy’s attitude and the way he carried himself, as if he was an emperor and others didn’t deserve any of his attention.


From the talks of the other noblemen we found out that he was the rumoured “Frozen Prince”. We had also heard about him, this nickname originated from people evaluating him as the most handsome man in the Kingdom and also because of his indifferent and cold attitude.


Unfortunately he was also called trash because he would never be able to be strong due to his weak constitution and lack of magic affinity.


We felt intrigued and tried to engage him in a conversation as we walked over. When he turned to face us we could see his two beautiful, cold blue eyes that seemed to pierce through our souls. Only after a while of talking we stopped being as awkward and became more at ease.


Through the whole encounter we became seemingly closer as he, Ariel, became slightly more open to us. There was also a moment where his brother came and tried to degrade him, but we were shocked when his brother James moved back in fear from as single sentence. Even tough he looked at me lustfully the whole time like most men, for some reason his fear of Ariel overshadowed it.


Besides this there wasn’t anything else too important until our first meeting was over. Since that time, over the years we met many more times and became closer and closer. To Brendon he became his best friend, while I felt my unnatural feelings grow stronger as I began to understand them.


What I felt the first time meeting him was undoubtedly love. Unfortunately when we all started attending at The Academy he met with his fiancée Erna. It made me once more remember that he was engaged and also made me not know how to feel about my best friend.


Although it is not forbidden in our Kingdom to marry many women, but I never know what Ariel is feeling. Of course it is obvious he thinks of me as a friend, but it is unlikely that he feels love towards me.


If I was engaged to him then maybe my chances would be larger, but Ariel wouldn’t go out of his way to marry me if he didn’t love me. That’s why I was completely stuck on what to do.


After some time I decide to just try to pursue him as strongly as I can, I came to the conclusion that there was no harm in trying and maybe someday I would be able to move Ariel’s heart.


One day however he accepted a duel from Vern, an heir of a duke family. All of us tried to persuade him, but it was in vein. When the day of the competition finally came we were completely shocked by him.


Ariel revealed himself to be a mage, and not only a simple one, but a variant. His beautiful ice magic crushed Vern and at the same time it also bewitched me all over again, this time it was Ariel’s might and power, the heroic and resolute aura that he naturally exuded which did it.


This performance made me even more resolved to reach for his love. I felt that Ariel was meant for great things and I want to be by his side when he accomplishes them.


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Chapter 25 – Ariel’s battle

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Walking through the corridor towards the waiting hall Ariel noticed that most of the corridors didn’t have any decorations in them. They were quite wide and spacious, but all of the walls were just made out of plain, white marble, besides that there was only a blue carpet fully covering the ground.


Since there wasn’t anything interesting about the decorations he spent the whole time thinking up plans of how to deal with Vern if something unexpected happened. That although was very unlikely.


When Ariel finally reached the door, he quietly entered the waiting hall and noticed that it was quite a spacious room with some decorations like pictures and weapons on the wall apart from that there were comfortable seats for the competitors to sit on while waiting.


Looking over the students he didn’t see anyone that would attract his attention or threaten him and just found a free seat where he could wait until his match began.


After waiting for about ten minutes, one of The Academy’s workers slowly came up to him and started informing him. “Mr. Ariel, the next match will be you against Mr. Vern so please prepare in the mean time.” Nodding gratefully at the man Ariel stood up preparing to go to the arena for his match.


Unexpectedly someone stood in his way as he wanted to walk through the doorway. Directing his gaze at the person Ariel was slightly stunned to find that the one standing in front of him was actually his older brother James.


He has matured quite a bit since he last saw him, he appeared to be slightly less childish and his looks also improved, but the golden hair and piercing green eyes similar to their fathers remained the same.


Ariel simply stood there and waited for James to start speaking, thankfully he didn’t have to wait for long since soon James opened his mouth. “I truly cannot understand. How exactly have you become so stupid? You actually accepted Vern’s challenge to fight, he will completely destroy you. I am also annoyed that he thinks he is worthy of Erna, but you are powerless against him so just give up and let me take care of it.”


Hearing James words Ariel looked at him strangely, trying to understand why did actually come and say this. As Ariel eyes stopped on James face he could see that it still held the same proud look as if he was the most important person around, yet Ariel could also see something in his expression that wasn’t there before and he didn’t understand it.


He was about to speak, but at the last moment decided to keep his breath and simply walked past James without replying. This made his brother furious as his face contorted in anger and he instantly walked away after letting out a mocking sneer. But not before saying his last words. “You should stop being so arrogant with nothing to back it up, or someday you’ll regret it.”


Ariel heard this, but it only made him more confused of why was his brother giving advice to him. However now he didn’t have time to think about it and just continued forward.


Going out into the spotlight Ariel saw the already familiar stage and could hear many cheers directed at Vern’s entrance. He seemed be quite popular with the students because of his status looks and strength, on the other hand, when it was Ariel’s turn most of them were just awed by his handsome appearance, but didn’t have any hope that he would be a fit opponent for Vern.


No one could truly blame them, so far all of the battles between an officer and his opponent ended in the officer giving up as soon as the match begun. However soon they will be shown how mistaken they are.


As Ariel came up onto the stage he could see Vern standing on the other side with his handsome face holding the same arrogant smirk like before. Over his school uniform he wore a red robe, signifying that he was a fire mage.


When Vern saw Ariel, his smile became more ferocious as he spoke. “So you didn’t run away. That’s perfect I can show you up in front of all these students and teachers. I will make sure to mess up your face so much that Erna won’t be able to even look at you.” Vern continued spouting his threats as if he had already won which made feel Ariel annoyed, so he responded. “How long will keep talking, I am pretty sure it is a battle of fighting and not one of talking bullshit.”


Ariel’s sharp words made Vern taken aback and also ticked off as he let out his last threat. “If you want to experience humiliation sooner I can help you with that.” Finishing his sentence, Vern drew his staff common for apprentice mages and prepared to cast his spells.


Seeing that the two of them stopped talking, the referee declared the start of the battle. Vern instantly started chanting a spell while still having that degrading smile on his face. Mean while Ariel only stood there, not moving from his spot at all.


Noticing that Ariel wasn’t planning on surrendering the whole audience felt shocked even the referee was thinking if something was wrong with Ariel.


Just at that time, Vern finished his spell, flame burst, which can make the area the caster designated ignite in a fearsome flame. The unmoving Ariel was engulfed easily by the roaring fire, making the spectator gasp at the sight.


The referee wanted to intervene, but the flames were still covering Ariel and he had to first check his condition according to rules before he could do anything. Vern on the other hand wore a smug expression as he watched the burning flames. He had from the start not thought that Ariel could be a worthy opponent to him.


When all the people have already came to the conclusion that Ariel would be lucky to survive, his cold and indifferent voice sounded from within the fire. “Is this the best you are capable of? This might be enough to roast some meat, but to me it feels more comfortable than threatening.”


Hearing his words Vern, who was already planning on turning around and leaving, stopped in his tracks and looked back with shock clearly visible in his eyes. The roaring fire which looked like it could burn anything slowly changed.


At first it wasn’t visible, but soon the audience noticed that the flames were actually started freezing over. Bit by bit it turned completely into solid ice, and then shattered.


What appeared was Ariel, standing there like nothing happened. The only thing that was different was the cold aura covering him that signified that he has entered the Disciple rank. Unknown to them, he has reached Elite rank just before entering into The Academy and this didn’t go unnoticed by the teachers.


However, what attracted the most attention was his affinity of ice. The spectators weren’t stupid and knew that ice wasn’t a common element and could only belong to a variant. A variant mage without a corresponding bloodline meant he was a pure variant and had the highest realm of talent. All the teachers watching the duel had their mouths wide open, the audience was completely speechless and even Vern felt his legs growing weak.


Ariel’s friends just like everyone else were shocked beyond belief as their eyes were about to pop out. Only Ariel’s footsteps still rang out through the silent stadium.


Getting his wits back together Vern looked towards his opponent, only to see two emotionless and cold eyes stare back at him, making his blood freeze over and reminding him how ineffective his spell was. Seeing fear on Vern’s face Ariel continued slowly walking while speaking. “Where did your courage disappear to? Didn’t you say that you’ll show me my place before? Or were those all empty words?” As Ariel walked the ground beneath him froze over as if making way for a king.


His words made Vern furious and humiliated, slightly lessening his fear as he spoke back. “Do you think just because you have variant magic you’re stronger? Too bad for you fire is the perfect counter for your magic.” Vern has long since lost his cool and completely forgot the possible level difference between them as he started casting another spell.


Finishing it in a second he let out a cry as he let it loose. “Let’s see how you take this.” The simple fire bolt he cast easily traveled through the air and once more landed a direct hit on Ariel, again engulfing him in flames. Seeing this, Vern let out a satisfied smile, but it soon it stiffened when the dust started clearing.


Ariel was standing there unaffected, and in front of him there was a shield made of ice protecting his entire body. This display magic made the higher ups of the school breath in cold air in surprise. This time Ariel used magic with no incantations, showing that he could use magic with out chants, which was impossible even to most senior mages. Such talent was simply too extraordinary and once again made the mages lose their wits.


For the one fighting him however it was frightening. All the previous composure Vern had slowly fell apart as he started letting out more fire blasts towards Ariel, which seemingly did nothing.


When he was already quite close to him Vern decided to take on a different approach. He started casting another spell he hasn’t used before. Just as he finished it he unleashed its power. The spell he used was flame bullet, a spell that let out a barrage of fire attacks which went at the opponent from all possible angles.


Unfortunately for Vern, when they were about to make contact, two more ice shields appeared around Ariel instantly blocking every single flame bullet.


Seeing his last ditch effort fail and also noticing how little Mana he had left, Vern completely lost his cool and took several steps back, Ariel in the mean time let out a sigh of disappointment and spoke again. “You only reached this measly level and are already so arrogant. What a pathetic person, I don’t have any more time to play with you. I will show you how worthless you are.”


Ending his words Ariel manifested a beautiful ice spear engraved with all kind of patters making it look majestic and at the same time very delicate. Vern understood that this time Ariel will finally start his attack and tried defending himself by quickly casting a flame wall in front of him.


However his power was way to low to pose any defiance against Ariel’s ice spear and it went right through with only barely noticeable melting on it. Being a mage Vern didn’t have very good physique and barely managed to move his body as the spear penetrated his left shoulder.


Feeling the pain, Vern let out a miserable shriek as he started rolling around in his own blood. Ariel although, moved without slowing down and stopped right in front of him.


When the pain slightly subsided, Vern noticed Ariel standing besides him and fear instantly crept into his heart. Barely able to speak comprehensible words he started desperately shouting. “Do you think my family will let you go? If you go further you’ll regret it trash.”


His shouts were in vain as Ariel didn’t pay them any heed and spoke. “I don’t feel the need to fear the words of a pathetic man like you. Enjoy the pain while it last.” When Ariel finished speaking, Vern felt how his body started freezing over.


Looking down he saw that the lower half of his body was already froze and started shouting. “No, no, no. You can’t, stop, STOP.” Vern didn’t have time to finish his sentence as he completely turned to ice, leaving only an unsightly ice sculpture.


Vern won’t die, but he will definitely have a painful frost bite for many months to come. The audience which was petrified through the whole thing suddenly came alive and broke out into cheers. The teachers also held satisfied expressions while looking at Ariel as he left the stage, not paying mind to the frozen Vern.


Ariel didn’t feel like this was an accomplishment as he heard the praises, to him Vern was no more than a bug he could crush any day. He was much more interested in finding a worthy opponent to test his limits. This thought traversed his mind as he exited the arena.


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Chapter 24 – Duels

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After some time of waiting, Ariel heard shouts coming from the right of him. Turning his head he saw Brendon walking towards him from, the entrance with a big smile on his face. All the people around him were staring at him with reverence and worship in their in their eyes as he walked by. Brendon’s previous fight left a deep impression on all of them making him stand out to them.


As he came closer Brendon held up his hand and gave a greeting. “Did you see, I was awesome wasn’t I? He didn’t even leave a scratch on me.” He seemed to be awfully proud of his victory since as he spoke he let out an excited smile.


Looking at him Ariel inwardly smiled while responding. “Yes, you defeated that lower level opponent than yourself so impressively that probably no one could have done it better than you.” His words made Brendon’s smile freeze ad made him speak “Why do I feel like your words were drowned in sarcasm?”


At his words Ariel only shrugged his shoulders. “I think you’re imagining it.” Brendon stood there for a while almost as if petrified and didn’t move a muscle. Only after several minutes did he sit down besides Ariel without speaking another word.


The competition continued as the time went by, some matches were interesting, but most of them held no excitement, mostly those that involved officers, who would instantly surrender. When about ten matches passed, Ariel finally heard Sarah’s name being called out.


She seemed to actually have quite a large fan club since as she entered many cheers rang out through the stadium. On the other hand, her opponent was less popular, but still garnered a lot of attention. She seemed to be a pretty cute girl with brown hair and green eyes. Her specialization was that of an earth mage, quite a bad match up against water which Sarah used.


Ariel started felling slightly worried because of this, but at that time Brendon spoke from the side, as if knowing what he was thinking. “If you are worrying about Sarah, then you shouldn’t. You haven’t actually seen or heard how she fights right?” At his words, Ariel spoke in agreement. “That’s correct. Won’t she be in trouble from fighting an earth mage?”


Brendon smiled as he explained. “It would be correct if you were talking about normal water mages, but Sarah is a bit different. You see, our linage has a special trait, most of the people born in the royal family will have the water affinity, but sometimes they also get a specific variation.”


His words shocked Ariel. Variations are extremely rare and everyone desired them, form the way he was speaking, Sarah had this so called variation. “Yes, you have probably already guessed that Sarah was born with a variation which is born in our bloodline, it turns her water magic acidic. This adds a very large damage boost that dwarfs normal water magic, but the trade off is the lack of healing and support spells she can use.” From what Ariel heard it was mostly orientated about attack and can be extremely destructive, but Brendon spoke as if it wasn’t that special.


Curious he decided to ask about it. “Even if it is only good for attacking isn’t it still precious, why does it seem like you don’t think it is that impressive.” Brendon smiled at him and spoke. “You don’t know much about this do you, well, variations that are passed by bloodline aren’t very impressive, they are usually weaker than the original and could only, maybe be compared to dual elements. They also are already well known by others, unless it is a family or a clan that is really good at hiding secrets, so Sarah’s magic doesn’t make anyone alarmed.”


Ariel truly felt that he found out a lot of new thing today, about magic that might help him in the future. However as they spoke Sarah completely dominated the arena, she was like a bulldozer melting every wall and attack that her opponent threw at her, making the brown haired girls quickly give up.


From what Ariel seen it was fortunate that she was not all powerful and could only overpower her opponent like this because her general power level was higher.


The crowd let out countless cheers as she left the arena after winning while Arial and Brendon just waited for her to come up.


They didn’t have to wait for long until they heard another wave of noise from the side, similar to the one Brendon garnered. Turning to look, of course they saw Sarah happily jogging towards them.


She quickly came up to them while speaking her boasting words to Ariel. “Wasn’t I strong? That girl lost so fast that I couldn’t even display my true power to you.” Sarah was clearly boasting and trying to get some attention from Ariel, but he couldn’t really find anything wrong in her words so he spoke a slight praise.” Yes were really impressed, I also didn’t know you had a bloodline variation.” Ariel is already close to being able to see affinities, but there is still a small wall preventing him so currently he can only see other people Mana.


Hearing his praise Sarah only put up an even more proud expression on her beautiful face. As she spoke “That’s right. My water magic has acidic properties which let me melt almost anything instantly unless it has much more Mana stored inside than I used. If Vern does something to you, just say it and I will melt off his face”


Ariel nodded, but seeing her slightly pale complexion, spoke in a calm voice. “Your magic is really powerful, but you should sit down now, from what I see it also takes a lot out of you so you should rest a bit.” Sarah understood that Ariel saw through her fatigue and obediently sat down to the right of Ariel since the left was already taken up by Brendon.


Jus as she made herself comfortable they heard the announcer’s voice. “The next person to fight will be Erna Alasia!” Hearing their friends name they turned to look at the stage where a beautiful and heroic girl walked out under the cheers of the audience.


Unlike her usual smiling expression, her face was resolute and serious, seemingly ready for any situation as she held a rapier in her right hand. While Brendon fought being laid back, Sarah being a “proper” lady, Erna looked like a valiant swordswoman and sharp as a sword, giving Ariel a completely different impression than before.


Her opponent was a youth who wasn’t handsome, but he also wasn’t ugly. He had black hair with soft brown eyes. His build was slightly muscular, although not tall. From what he heard from the announcer, he was the same as Erna, a battle mage a person going down the path of both sword and magic.


Erna practices the rapier together with her wind and light magic while this youth seemingly used a great sword combined with earth magic similarly to Sarah’s opponent.


As the fight began, it looked like Erna wasn’t one to drag out her fights. She cast the wind rider spell which was usually used by mages to escape since it gave a large boost to agility, but battle mages could use it to attack.


She charged over, while stabbing towards her opponent, trying to give a heavy blow to him, but the youth used his great sword to deflect it without being pushed back at all. Erna seemingly didn’t expect to succeed as she maneuvered to the side of him and let out a slash without any delay.


The youth had guessed her intentions and has already cast an earth wall spell to defend. But what he didn’t foresee was Erna casting a light affinity spell radiant blade overlapped with her sword. The rapier easily cut through the earth wall and left an injury spanning from the youth’s right shoulder to his chest.


It was a grave injury, but the youth seemed to be experienced as he quickly changed his great sword to his left hand and slashed at Erna’s body. Unfortunately for him Erna dodged by ducking under his sword and charged at him with abnormal speed.


She let out two stabs that both pierced each of his legs. Then she went behind him and then slashed across his back. The opponent was stunned, but after some time he fell down, passed out from his wounds. This whole match lasted only a couple second making the viewers sdazed, but soon they broke out in cheers as the medic came up to check on the youth’s condition.


Erna didn’t pay any attention to the audience and quickly left the arena after it was confirmed that she won. Ariel and the others felt extremely satisfied with this outcome and discussed the fight while waiting for her.


There is no need to mentions that when she finally came the people were even more exited than when Brendon and Sarah arrived. A she came closer Ariel couldn’t stop himself from praising her. “Your battle was wonderful. I haven’t though your fighting capabilities would be so impressive.” To his words of praise Erna just let out a charming smile like always, completely different to her fierce expression during combat. To the side however, his words made a certain blue haired beauty frown a little.


In response to his praise, Erna started speaking humbly. “It is nothing amazing, I had a powerful teacher. So this should be expected. I am more worried about you. You are fighting next if something happens please just give up.” Her last words were filled with worry and the two people besides him also had the same concern in their eyes after hearing her speak.


Ariel shook his head from side to side as he got up and spoke. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop worrying? I never jump head first into everything without a plan.” His words seemingly made his friends ease up a bit and Brendon asked him. “So what’s your plan?”


As Ariel was about to leave he turned back his head and spoke. “I am planning on crushing him.” When he finished his sentence he continued walking towards the exit while ignoring his dumbfounded friends behind him.


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Chapter 23 – The day of the competition

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After coming out of the alleyway Ariel decided to ask a passerby about where is the restaurant Erna has mentioned before. The person he questioned gave simple instructions and he found out it was actually quite close to his current location.


He walked down the street for a couple of minutes and soon saw the Naurance restaurant. From a single look you could guess that it was high classed one.


Walking in Ariel saw that it had a quiet and relaxing atmosphere about it. The interior was well designed and pleasing to the eyes making Ariel rate it highly in his mind, before he started his search.


Looking around he notice Sarah and Erna sitting at a four people table near the window, absorbed in their personal talk. He unhurriedly walked up to them and spoke. “Hi, I am sorry for the delay.”


The girls were spooked by his unexpected voice and quickly turned around to look at him. After recognizing that it was Ariel they both smiled at him and Sarah responded. “Don’t worry, you didn’t spend that much time away and we already ordered some food for you by the way.” Being friends with him for many years she already knew his eating habits quite well. She didn’t even need to ask what he would eat.


Ariel felt grateful for it and thanked her. “I appreciate it.” As he spoke he took his seat besides Sarah since he was much closer with her. Although that did garner him some conflicting looks from Erna, but he decided to ignore them.


Sarah seemed pleased with it and instantly engaged him in a conversation. “So where did you go?” Her question was quite understandable, but he didn’t want to tell them the truth so he responded in an ambiguous way. “It was nothing important you don’t have to worry about it.” The girls seemed quite unsatisfied by his answer. However they clearly understood that he didn’t want to share it with them, for one reason or another since he didn’t tell them directly so they didn’t pursue the matter.


Forgetting about it the girls decide to start up a simple conversation to pass the time until their food arrives.


After about and hour of waiting the dishes were finally presented to them. Erna seemed to have picked a lot of more healthy food, most likely something drilled into her by her teacher. Sarah chose a lot of extravagant food full of unique meat and fruits making her almost look like a gourmet. Ariel, well, most of it was quite sweet substances he didn’t know why, but he always had an extreme sweet tooth.


Seeing his food which was comprised mostly of desserts like ice cream and cakes, Erna seemed to frown a bit before speaking. “You really need to eat something healthier. All this is bad for your body.” Ariel looked up at her as he replied. “I always ate like this so I think it would be hard to change my diet. Also I don’t really want to, more so considering that with my weak body I need a lot of immediate energy” After responding he went back to enjoying his food while Erna just let out a sigh of frustration and continued eating.


The dinner ended quickly leaving each of them satisfied. After finishing eating Erna accidently cast her gaze on Ariel and became lost in thought. Seeing this Ariel curiously asked her. “Is something wrong with me for you to look so seriously at my face like this?” Being snapped out of her daze, she turned red from embarrassment and turned her eyes away from his face before responding. “Don’t say stupid things! I was just worrying about the duel you arranged yesterday.”


Her bashful response made him amused, but Erna’s words ignited a response from Sarah. “I’m also worried about it. If it becomes dangerous, please give up even if it hurts your pride. Your life is much more important than it.” As she spoke Sarah was looking towards him with teary eyes filled with worry making him unable to reject her request.


He nodded his head as he tried consoling the two. “Was there a time when I acted without thinking it through? Don’t worry I am not stupid and I care for my well being.” Sarah could only agree with his words and closed up this topic.


They spent some more time chatting about other things until it got dark and Ariel finally lead them back to the dormitories. Saying their good byes they headed back to rest after this long day.



Three weeks have passed since their trip to the city, combined with the first week from before Ariel has already spent a whole month at The Academy.


Since one month passed from the start of the school year it meant that today was the day that the newcomer dueling competition will be happening at the stadium which is located at the back of The Academy.


Leaving his dormitory which was already empty he walked down the path towards the Arena while recalling his entry number. The numbers were meant for the seats during the competition. Brendon has managed to get some quite good ones and Ariel will the only one there at the moment since all three of their matches will be almost at the very start, while his one will be near the end.


Because of this he will get a chance to enjoy the few first matches before anybody else will be joining him.


Walking up to the entrance there stood a young teacher, who was in charge of checking the tickets and the competitors. Walking up to him, Ariel stretched out his ticket to be appraised. After making sure that the ticket wasn’t a fake one he let out a smile and spoke. “Everything is fine so you may go in. Please enjoy the show.”


Giving a polite bow as thanks, Ariel continued into the stadium. Exiting into the outer area he was amazed by the amount of people that were there was at least several thousand, most of them were in groups talking among themselves about the freshmen who will be fighting.


It didn’t take long for him to reawaken from his shock and gain back his composure, and then go look for his seat. As he walked a lot of people sent admiring look at him thanks to his looks, but he has long since learned to just ignore them. He spent some time looking for the seats under the gazes of the audience until he finally found them, and Brendon was truly correct, the seats were almost perfect, you could see the whole arena from them yet they weren’t far enough for the spectators to not see the fine details of the fights.


Ariel admired Brendon’s choice as he sat down and made himself comfortable, waiting for the duels to start.


Only a small amount of time has passed until the announcer declared the start of the event. You could see all of the powerful and important people sitting at the VIP seats already waiting for the entertainment to start.


Several first fights were nothing impressive, only battles between minor characters. Although soon the first battle Ariel actually cared about, began. It was Brendon against an unknown well built warrior.


From what he knows, Brendon and Sarah at the late Disciple rank. This is considered being a genius, but will it be enough to win the duel? That is hard to say.


As Brendon started circulating Mana an aura of calming water seemed to form around him. This happens when a mage enters the Disciple rank and shows itself whenever a person starts using a large amount of Mana.


When the duel began Brendon instantly cast a spell creating a wall of water in front of him, cutting him off from the opponent. After this he started quickly bombarding him with simple water balls as the warrior charged, trying to get around the wall of water.


The match quickly got into a stalemate, Brendon might be the only one able to attack, but he always has to keep up the pressure and has to cast another water wall when needed which wastes a lot of Mana.


Both warriors and mages use up their energy while fighting, but mages tend to use it up quicker than warriors and are more like glass cannons. Thankfully Brendon seemed to be of higher level than his opponent, or he might be in a much more difficult spot, especially since he always likes the battle of attrition approach. He usually makes use of his defense and healing spells to tire out his opponents and win like that. This time he seemed to be also doing the same.


Of course Brendon still held some advantage because it is his opponent who was under more pressure and couldn’t do anything at all. If a single bullet would hit him, it could turn the battle, completely one sided.

As they continued their fight, the warrior seemed to be getting impatient which was noticed by Brendon who decided to turn the battle to his favor by showing a fake opening and leading his opponent into a trap. The warrior seeing the small chance of victory took the bait and charged in at full speed bypassing Brendon’s defenses, trying to finish it in a single strike.


Unfortunately for him, his carelessness made him walk straight into Brendon’s trap. When he passed through the water wall he saw the spell Brendon was busy chanting, the grand water cannon magic.

This was a powerful wide ranged water magic which could easily knock him unconscious if it made contact. However he hadn’t thought that he would use it since if he missed, he’d have no Mana left. The only reason he did actually use it was because Brendon’s opponent forgot to be cautious and got to close to him under unfavorable circumstances.


When the warrior, finally notice that he was tricked, it was already too late as Brendon released his spell, blasting him away and knocking him out.


As soon as the referee declared that Brendon was the winner, the whole stadium shook form the applause. This was the first match that had some excitement so this result was obvious.


Brendon let out a joyous smile and turning around, headed back to the waiting hall, most probably to get ready and come here.

Satisfied with the match Ariel relaxed into his chair in a happy mood and started waiting for Brendon.


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Chapter 22 – “Date” part 2

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Chapter 22

Time went by as the girls picked his clothing. He had already tried out many different combinations yet the girls were always unsatisfied.


Right now he was wearing an expensive and elegant set of green clothes, with red accents on them. Unfortunately the girls only looked at him for a second before shaking their heads and complaining. “This won’t do, we need something different.” Sarah nodded at Erna’s words and went to get the other set of clothes.


Ariel let out a sigh and started changing his outfit. This time it was blue ball clothes, a colour he was quite fond of. The clothes themselves also looked refined and marvellous it was much to his liking, but it was the girls who were giving out orders so he could only hope they would end with this.


As he showed himself in the new clothes the girls nodded with slight regret in their eyes after inspecting him for some time. This time it was Sarah who spoke up. “Blue truly is what fits you the best. I guess there is no reason to continue trying on the others.” Ariel could finally let out a breath of relief since the girls finally decided on it.


However he soon found out that rating the clothes of the girls was even more tiring for him than trying them on. It seemed that women truly have an unexplainable amount of endurance when it comes to clothes. They tried countless sets of clothes and Ariel always had to give his opinion on them or they would start getting angry.


There were clothes that looked better than others on them, but all of them still fit them perfectly. Clothes might make the man, but seemingly it’s the girls that make the clothes.


After several hours of this exhausting work they finally picked everything they wanted. Unlike Ariel who settled with a single set of clothes, the girls each picked a whole mountain of them. He didn’t even believe that they would be able to wear all of them before they grow out of all of these.


The girls however were very adamant about it, saying that he underestimated their capabilities in changing clothes, which left him astonished. Finishing their business they left the building, and at that moment Erna suggested he thoughts. “Its already quite late, we should go eat before going back.”


Looking up, they could see that the sky was already tuning dark. They spent a lot of time in the main market, all the way from until noon. Now even more hours passed and the day was unknowingly coming to a close.


However, as they were heading out to look for a restaurant, Ariel felt several people spying on them. They didn’t seem very experience, but there were quite a lot of them making it slightly dangerous.


He did not want to ruin the day for the girls so he spoke out while beginning to leave. “You girls go look for a restaurant and take up a table. I just remembered that I want to check on something, I will be right back.”


The girls seemed a little surprised at his words and asked. “Do you need our help in anything? If you want to get somewhere we know most of the city.” The girls were quite curious and tried volunteering to help, but Ariel didn’t have any interest in taking them with him. “Don’t worry, I know how to get there, you just go find some place to eat and I will come back soon.”


The girls wanted to go with him, but his rejection left no room their arguments so they could only nod at his words. Few moments later, Erna seemed to have recovered her wits and started speaking. “We will be going to the restaurant called Naurance, It shouldn’t be difficult to find, if you ask someone for directions.”


Hearing the name Ariel imprinted it in his mind and replied. “I understand, my business shouldn’t take long. I’ll see you later.” Turning around he left in a fast pace without looking back.


The girls could only look at his back as it slowly furthered away. When he couldn’t be seen anymore Sarah let out a sigh frustration, Erna seeing this, spoke. “We should go take up some seats or we will not have anywhere to eat.” Sarah agreed to her words, and they started moving.



In an alleyway close the clothes shop Ariel and the girls have been to. There were a bunch of rugged looking men talking among themselves.


“Boss should we attack them now? The golden haired brat is gone now.”


The one to respond was a giant man with enormous muscles that stood out in a majorly, he seemed to be in his mid forty’s and had decent stature, but with the messy hair, unshaved beard and the mean look on his face, he seemed like one of those generic thugs or bandits you would come across in an adventure story.



This man let out a deep voice as he spoke. “That brat wasn’t the problem from the start, as far as I heard he is just a normal person who is not capable of any melee combat or magic. What we are waiting for is the time that there won’t be as many people as now to see our attack. We will wait until they start returning home.” The man seemed to be the leader of this group of thugs and his orders were obediently carried out.



However, as he finished speaking, the middle aged man heard a voice from behind them. “You seem quite confident about achieving your goal.” The voice spooked the men, and they quickly turned around to see who sneaked up on them. Soon however they let out a breath of relief seeing that the person was exactly the useless boy their boss was talking about before.


The leader seeing Ariel let out an arrogant sneer. “You actually got lucky and found us, but who would have though that you would be so stupid and show yourself like this. Even if you have a rational look on your face you were incapable of even telling some guard or other people about us before coming. This was your lethal mistake.” The intruder Ariel didn’t look agitated in any way under the threatening glares of the thugs.


Seeing that these people were adamant about silencing him as fast as possible he didn’t bother being polite. “What a nice joke, truly befitting of a clown like you. You’re incapable of even comprehending the difference between us.” Ariel’s mocking words struck a nerve of his. What the middle aged man hated the most was being belittled, especially by a kid who is also supposed to be a weakling.


Letting out a snarl the leader drew his one handed sword and was about to charge at him. Unfortunately for him, Ariel wasn’t in the mood to play with him and was already prepared to deal with them as soon as they started attacking.


Ariel held out his hands, and cast another of his basic spells, he has learned in these past few years. This spell was about manifesting an ice ball covered in spikes, simple yet destructive weapon that he decided to call “Frost bolt”.


When the bandit leader has finally notice the spell it was already too late. Ariel shot out the frost blot which crashed straight into his chest, completely demolishing his ribs and upper organs and resulting in an instantaneous death.


The rest of the group was dumbstruck not understanding what happened, but Ariel didn’t give any time for them to respond. He clicked his fingers as if it was a signal and all of the spikes on his frost bolt shot out in different directions. Most of the thugs were hit by several of them and died, but there were two lucky ones among them who survived.


One was hit by a single spike in his leg letting him live, while the other one was standing behind someone and hasn’t been hit at all.


Seeing the death of their comrades and experiencing the attack, both of them snapped out of their daze, the one who was injured cried out in pain and fell down not being able to move. The other one fell on his behind while trying to retreat, but the fear made his feet unresponsive.


Ariel slowly manifested an ice spear and walked towards him like an executioner. The thug instantly started begging for mercy. “I am sorry, please don’t hurt me, I will do anything you ask.” Hearing his words Ariel only sneered as he responded. “Show mercy? I wouldn’t care what you would do or survive, but trying to attack me or people close to me will result only in their death.” Not waiting for the thug to speak again he plunged the ice spear into the person’s throat without hesitation and after making sure he was dead, slowly pulled it out.


The next moment he directed his gaze at the last survivor who has already pissed himself from fear and was about to start running away. Not wanting him to get away Ariel froze the ground beneath him, making it slippery enough for the bandit to fall down again.


Noticing what happened, the man looked back behind him only to see a spear made of ice flying towards him and impaling his body directly through his heart. The man’s eyes grew dim and he fell to the ground lifelessly.


Looking around after some time of waiting Ariel let out a sigh of relief, the group was instantly crushed by him not letting them to counterattack and ended perfectly.


Remembering that he should hurry before anyone walk by here, he retracted his Mana from the ice making it so that it would melt much quicker, in the end leaving no evidence of his magic.


Finishing that he came closer to the dead leader and started searching through his body, trying to find a clue why they were planning to attack the girls.


In the end his search yielded only a single result, a coin pouch. This pouch had more than a hundred gold coins, you might ask why it would be strange. Well the thing is that this is a very large amount of money, for normal people that is.


The currency goes like this one hundred copper is worth one silver, one hundred silver is worth one gold and one hundred gold is worth one platinum. Five silver can feed a big family for a month. So there was no way some simple thugs could be carrying so much money unless someone hired them to do something important.


It is safe to say that they were most likely hired by someone to do something to either Sarah or Erna, maybe even both. Furrowing his eyebrows he tried to think who might have done it.


Unfortunately he couldn’t think of anyone, he would have liked to interrogate one of them, but in such groups the only person who might know something was their boss. Unfortunately he was a bit to strong to be so easily subdued without a sneak attack.


He let out a sigh and decided to return to the girls before they get worried. As he almost walked out of the alleyway, he suddenly looked back with complicated feeling in his heart about how he killed somebody for the first, yet he didn’t feel anything about it as if it was natural. Letting out an ironic, self ridiculing smile, he walked away.


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