Chapter 16 – Number one examinee

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After some time passed since the start of Ariel’s rest, he was woken up by a melodious, young voice. “Ariel get up, the results are already in.”


Opening his eyes, he was surprised to see the familiar Sarah and Brendon standing in front of him who he hasn’t seen for the past week. Although he wasn’t hiding, but he went to quite a hard place to find, so he hadn’t been expecting to be woken up by other people.


Ariel slowly got up as he opened his mouth and asked in a slightly interested voice. “How did you two find me?” Hearing his question, Sarah only made a proud expression, before speaking. “Of course because I know you like desolate places like these, how many years do you think we have known each other for?“ Even saying this she didn’t take her eyes off Ariel, who had a very cute sleepy, look on his face.


This time Ariel was even more surprised, only now he remembered that they had already spent a lot of time together without him realizing, he felt that time went by very quickly. Even the best friend of his last life didn’t spend that much more time with him than these two.


Thinking about how well these two understood him, made his chest warm a little as he spoke again. “I see. So what were you saying before?” Not wanting to get too emotional, he decided to change the subject.


Looking at him for several moments, in a dazed look, Sarah didn’t respond. Thankfully Brendon quickly continued her words. “The results are in, don’t you want to go look at your score?”


Hearing his words, Ariel only shrugged his shoulders, before replying. “I passed, haven’t I? What is the point in going to look?” Ariel was already perfectly sure that he has passed, so he didn’t see the reason to go waste his time.


Hearing his answer, Brendon only smiled together with Sarah, who has just snapped out of her daze and was turning completely red. After a few moment of calming down, Sarah started to speak again. “Its just like you to be so confident that you have already passed. However, the whole school is in an uproar, not because you just passed, but also got a perfect score!”


Ariel was slightly surprised, but this wasn’t out of his expectations, considering the easiness of the test the only mistakes he could have made were that of carelessness, but talking about it here is little annoying, so he spoke out once more. “Let’s, maybe go somewhere more comfortable, standing here is a bit tiring.”


Nodding at his words Brendon spoke. “Let’s go to the cafeteria, we can get something to eat while we talk.” Ariel agreed and when he gave his confirmation, the twins lead him through the winding corridors to a wide door, which had a smell of food coming from it.


Walking inside, he could see that the cafeteria was very spacious, and had a tranquil atmosphere. A lot of seat weren’t taken, since many students have most likely went to check out their living quarters, as well as classrooms.


When the three of them went up to take something to eat, Ariel decided to take something sweet and light, because he didn’t feel like overeating. Sarah and Brendon also seemed to have been thinking the same thing, since they only took some, light food.


Sitting back a little further inwards, Brendon, finally started on the topic. “So Ariel, how did you actually get, a damn perfect score?” As he spoke, it seemed as if his eyes were slightly sparkling.


Ariel wasn’t so proud of it, and just told them the truth. “For me, it really didn’t seem that hard, I would even say it was quite easy.” His answer left, even the composed Brendon open mouthed, as he didn’t know what to say. Usually you would think he was just bluffing, but Brendon knew from long time ago, that Ariel didn’t joke about these, type of things.


From his side, his sister Sarah began praising Ariel in an excited voice. “You’re truly amazing. I can’t believe your father thinks you are useless, I think he might actually be blind.” When praising or talking about Ariel, Sarah most of the time became this childish girl lacking all of her usual maturity. Worst of all, Ariel never knows how to deal with her, when she is like this, most of the times he can only give up.


After some time, Brendon coughed while finally speaking out again. “Well enough about that, we always knew you were smart, only, not this smart. Anyways, maybe you want to ask something? We have been here few times with our father, so if anything caught your interest, we can try to explain it.” Trying to end this topic, Brendon brought up a subject about the school, which was completely fine with Ariel.


He started to think if there was anything he wanted to ask. Suddenly recalling the sight he has seen entering The Academy, he spoke out. “If you’re offering to teach me, then I will definitely accept it. I actually only have a single question I want to be answered. What is the job of the golems outside?” This was something that interested him a bit, since Brendon offered he decided to ask away.


Brendon seemed to be in though for a bit before exclaiming. “Oh those, they are for protection.” He answered as if a matter of fact.


It seemed simple, but it made Ariel a bit confused. “How do they actually determine which people are dangerous?” He asked.


Looking at Ariel for a while in surprise he soon remembered something, before starting to talk again. “I forgot they were quite new, so it is not strange if you don’t know about them. Those golems are actually remote controlled ones, have you heard anything?” Listening to Brendon’s words, he came to a realization.


The remote controlled golems were created not so long ago. They let people use them as their own bodies, letting the golems be of more use and be capable of being controlled to do any tasks a human could. However, it also comes with an extra weakness. To receive the information, the golem has to have a core, and if that core is destroyed, the golem is basically dead.


Remember the information about it, Ariel responded. “I know about them, but I didn’t think that The Academy would use such expensive things, so it escaped my mind.” The new technology is always expensive. Currently it is less costly to just hire a normal powerful person to guard the school than station a golem. Although, the golems do have their own perks.


As they finished their dialogue, Sarah started speaking on a subject quite close to the previous one. “I heard that the Hevorin family has been doing strange things, including buying a whole bunch of those remote controlled golems.”


Hearing what she said, Ariel lost himself in thought. ‘From what he has learned before, Hevorin family is a duke household just like the Whitestone house, but they are much more ambitious, and have been trying to reach the archduke level for decades.


Unfortunately for them, they could achieve that only if one of the already existing archduke households gets destroyed or if they make a tremendous contribution to the kingdom. They have not accomplished either of these two conditions yet, but from what he was hearing right now, the Hevorin family does seem to be trying to.”


While Ariel was thinking, Brendon started commenting on the subject at hand. “They are probably planning something big, and most likely it won’t be anything good. Maybe we should tell father to look into it a little.” Hearing her brother’s words, Sarah simply nodded in agreement.


When the twins took this outlook on the topic, Ariel felt that he didn’t have to worry that much about it anymore. Soon they started speaking about other less serious things which they have experienced since their last meeting. Although later on, it was mostly the twins telling Ariel about all of the gossip around the capital.


Like this they spent several hours in the cafeteria until they finally ran out of things to speak about. Since the talk came to a close, he decided to take the opportunity to suggest going back for a rest, because even after the afternoon nap he was still slightly tired from the long journey. “I think we should go back to our rooms for the day, tomorrow will quite a difficult one.”


Sarah and Brendon, hearing his words quickly agreed, since they too were a bit tired and wanted some rest before tomorrow.


Going out of the main building, Ariel and his friends went down the road, leading to the dorms. The boy and girl dormitory were quite giant, from what he heard both of them were 4 story high, separated into 4 levels, each for their respective year, it also gets more exquisite the higher you go.


Both dormitories are built facing opposite of each other, so they could be considered quite close. When they reached the intersection, Sarah spoke with somewhat lonely expression, while looking straight at Ariel. “It seems like we have to separate here, have a nice rest, although I will be quite lonely by myself.”


Brendon, while listening to his sisters words, and seeing her expression, started laughing out loud, before speaking in a joking manner. “From what I see, it seems you will only be missing Ariel.” From Brendon’s, provoking words, Sarah instantly turned red as she turned around and started running towards her dorm, while shouting something incomprehensible towards them.


Acting as if he hasn’t seen any of this, Ariel turned around and went to the boy dorm. At the same time, Brendon finally stopped laughing and caught up to him.


As they entered the receptionist area, they went in front of the work desk and asked for their key, while stating their names. The middle aged man quickly complied and gave them their room keys.


As Ariel looked at both of their numbers, he was surprised to see that they were the same, before casting Brendon a scrutinizing gaze. Brendon looked back before saying. “What? What is the problem with using a bit of influence, to be roommates with by best friend?”


Although, he was slightly pondering if a royalty should use their authority for such petty things, but he was still happy that Brendon took the effort to get them the same room.


Quickly coming up to their room 309, the two of them opened it and saw a simple, but quite comfortable room, which was at the level of what a low rank noble would use. However for Ariel it was perfect, since he didn’t have much of a need for more lavish rooms.


Thinking that they should go to bed soon, both of them took baths in turn and went to sleep on the comfy beds, having many expectations for tomorrow.


Chapter 15 – The exam

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As Ariel got closer to the gate, he could see two giant statues sanding on each side of it. From the books he has read, it was easy for him to identify them as stone golems.


Golems are artificial creatures created by using only raw Mana and earthly materials, making them immortal unless they run out of Mana or are completely annihilated. Their draw backs are that they can only follow relatively simple instructions like protect or kill and anything more will just confuse them, which might make them end up being useless.


He didn’t know what, was the purpose of these golems, but it is unlikely that they would just attack him out of nowhere, since a lot of problems would occur if someone of high status was attacked by golems at The Academy for no reason. That is why he continued walking without a care.


Just as he had though, when Ariel came closer and passed them as he was entering through the gate, they didn’t seem to move, even a little from their spots. However, this made him even more curious about their purpose, but he didn’t have time to think about it and just went forward.


Like this, he put the matter about the golems at the back of his mind and concentrated more on what was in front of him.


Behind the gate, there was a peaceful courtyard filled with all kind of nature like flowers and trees that seemed to be quite well taken care of and there was also a stone path going straight through it, to what seemed to be the main hall of The Academy.


Following the road Ariel soon reached the school building, as he got closer, he started hearing many voices inside talking about all manner of things. When he finally went in, he could see a lot of adult people there seemingly waiting for something. He quickly understood from their conversations, that they were most likely people who brought in children to take the exam and now they are talking, while waiting for the results.


Just as Ariel started walking towards the receptionist who seemed to be an elderly man in his 50’s, he attracted quite a bit of attention from the surrounding people. It is not surprising considering his looks and expensive clothes and noble air around him. He has given up before he even started trying to hide his identity.


Nearing closer to the counter while ignoring the gazes, he instantly greeted the elderly man. “Hello I’m here to take the officer exam.” He said in a polite manner.


The old man seemed to be slightly caught off guard, by his polite way of speaking. It was unusual for the noble kids to show any respect to commoners so only after a little while did he start to speak with a small smile on his face. “Please tell me your name, and give me some kind of identification to prove who you are.”


Ariel nodded before speaking. “My name is Ariel and I am from the Whitestone family.” He said this while handing the elderly man a crest, which had a large white stone with some black markings pictured on it. This was his houses crest that represented his and his whole family.


Looking at the crest, the elderly man gave a small nod and started speaking again. “Everything has already been registered by someone, take this please and head towards your designated exam class. Please hurry it will be starting soon.” He said while giving him a white token.


Casting a look at it, Ariel could see 74 etched in black ink on it. He gave the man a small nod as a goodbye and headed down, the hallway which he was directed to.


While walking through the hall, Ariel was quite happy seeing The Academy have such a relaxing atmosphere. He could see plenty of vegetation on the other side of the windows, and everywhere inside was also completely clean, without a smallest amount of dirt. This was just the type of environment he liked.


Enjoying the moment, he quickly reached the classroom which had his number written near it, and where he had to take his exam. He entered only to see a spacious auditorium that could hold about 30 young people in it, but most of the seats were already taken.


Ariel looked around trying see, if he was able to find the twins, but soon stopped when he noticed that they weren’t here. Soon after that he walked up to one of the further, empty seats and sat down.


When he entered the classroom, he had obviously already drawn the gazes of every single person in the room. The girls couldn’t take their eyes off him and watched him with dazed looks, while boys sent the usual looks of jealousy and hate towards him.


Such things commonly happened to him even in his previous life, so he has long since learned to deal with it and just ignore most of them.


At the time everyone was watching Ariel, each with different thought in their mind, the door to the classroom opened and through it came a beautiful and graceful woman, who seemed to be in her late twenties, having a stunning body figure, as well as long black hair and charming violet eyes, coupled with a very pretty face.


If he had to compare, Ariel would say that this person was as beautiful as his mother without a doubt. While he was doing the comparison, all of the rest of the boy were drooling over her, like dogs in heat.


Obviously the person in question disliked it and soon her expression turned into an angry frown, as she started shouting. “I advise you all to refrain from angering me. My name is Mithra Werental and I will be the person responsible for the exam of this class!”


As she said that, she released a suffocating pressure, instantly making all the people, in the room, calm down. This wasn’t actually something amazing, every single person is capable doing it, but it is only able to effect people weaker than you, so in fights against equal level opponents it is almost useless.


However, the pressure released by the teacher was extremely strong, proving the power difference between her and the students. Even Ariel was afflicted by it, but thanks to the two lives he spent learning to control his expression and emotions, he managed to hide his moment of weakness.


While Ariel was surprised by her power, teacher Mithra once again spoke in a loud voice, that everyone could hear her. “All of you get to your proper seats, after that I will give out the exam, and I don’t suggest trying to cheat, or I will make sure to make you regret it through the rest of your life.”


Hearing her, all of the students got back to their seats in a fearful manner. When all of them were seated, teacher Mithra started handing out the papers.


As Ariel looked at the paper sheet he was given, he was very disappointed seeing how easy the questions were. He understood that the level of education in this world was low and didn’t expect it to be too hard, but still, to him this was barely considered as an idiot test.


Even this worlds geography and history, which were foreign to him before had way too little requirements.


Letting out a sigh, he finished the exam papers in an extremely short amount of time. The three hour test for most people was done by him under a mere hour, which made Ariel slightly look down on the teachers responsible for the common subjects.


Soon Ariel came down and gave the teacher his papers, she seemed to be quite perplexed at this before asking. “Is the test so hard for you that you gave up?” Mithra has already noticed Ariel before, and even she was shocked by his looks, but most importantly his conduct. She had though that he was very well educated and would definitely pass, so she felt conflicted about him giving up.


But shockingly for her, Ariel shook his head sideways as he spoke. “I haven’t given up its just that I have already completed it.” Ariel answered as if it was obvious.


The unexpected words made Mithra freeze for several seconds, before she suddenly stood up from her seat in a forceful manner and shouted “WHAT!? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” She snatched the papers from his hand and quickly looked them over. Soon her face became slightly pale, as she started mumbling something in a low tone.


However, she was a professional teacher, and she soon got her bearings back together. Turning to face Ariel, she gave a slightly forced smile before speaking. “I see, that was a bit unexpected, since you have finished, you are free to go wander around until the results come up.”


Some teacher might have thought he was cheating, and would have made him rewrite it, but Mithra had full confidence in noticing someone doing anything suspicious, so she was sure that he didn’t cheat. She also didn’t want to loose face by trying to make sure about the 0,01% chance he did manage to cheat. .


Hearing her words, Ariel gave a polite bow, before leaving through the door while at the same tome hearing a sigh coming from behind him. As he entered the hallway, he decided to go find a place to rest in the courtyard and also wait for the end of the exam.


As he was walking down the corridor, he suddenly almost hit an old man passing by him from one of the different hallways. Thankfully, Ariel had decent reflexes and managed to stop himself before crashing into him.


Just when he let out a breath of relief, the old man addressed him. “Ah I’m sorry young man, this old me is already too senile and didn’t notice you walking by.” Looking towards the elder, he first noticed a respectably aged man with white hair and blue eyes, his face probably was quite handsome it the past, but not anymore, as it had many wrinkles on it and his body was already very feeble.


However Ariel quickly put up his guard, since thanks to the artefact that merged with him he could see other peoples Mana, and the old man had a frightening amount of it. Unfortunately Ariel is still not capable enough to identify other people affinities, which would help him in battles. Although even without seeing the old mans Mana, Ariel had noticed his majestic air and eyes full of wisdom, which represent how powerful he is.


As he was looking the old man over the opposite was doing the same, Soon the elderly man smiled before speaking. “It seems, this year, we have a very promising young mage.” After saying this, he laughed and went passed him.


When Ariel understood the meaning of his words, he quickly turned around to make sure he didn’t hear wrong, but the old man has disappeared into nothingness.


Ariel forcefully calmed down his beating heart, by believing that the old man must have been an incredible person to notice his secret and wouldn’t simply publicise it. He also didn’t think there was a reason to hide it anymore, since from what he heard The Academy always protect their students, so there is no reason to fear other worldly powers and their assassins.


Deciding to forget about it for now he resumed his journey to find a place to rest. He soon left the building and entered a giant courtyard, where he started looking for a suitable location.


It didn’t take him long to find a comfortable tree at the far side of the garden, where not many people would come by.


Thinking about his future plans at The Academy and the old man, he thought to take a nap in this great weather. He didn’t have even a bit of fear that he wouldn’t pass the exam.


Since such a test, for him was a mere joke.

Chapter 14 – Leaving home

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Five years have passed after Ariel obtained the mysterious item. Since then, not much else happened, and time just continued to slowly tick away. Until finally, the fateful day has came for him.


The weather was clear of any storms or even clouds, and the bright sun was high in the sky, covering the earth with its warm rays of light. On this lovely day, something unusual was happening at the large mansion, situated in the countryside.


This was of course the noble house of, the illustrious Whitestone family. However, unlike most mornings when everything was quite calm and everyone was doing their own job, today most of the residents were standing in front of the gate, each of them experiencing different emotions.


As you have probably already guessed, today was one of Ariel’s most important days, since today he will finally leave his home for the first time, to join The Blue Sky Academy.


Through the years, all of the servants got quite attached to him because of how well he treated them, never shouting or hitting any of them over small mistakes, or even some more serious ones. James on the other hand, unlike Ariel would always abuse the poor servants whenever he got a chance, sometimes even just for his own enjoyment, making Ariel’s temperament, stand out even more.


Due to this, many of the mansions workers have come to say good bye with heavy feeling in their hearts, knowing that Ariel will be gone for quite some time. The only people that weren’t here were his father and bother, for reasons that everyone already knows.


Ariel’s mother was currently saying her last words, before he leaves on his journey. “Remember that you must always take care of your health and be careful of strangers, if someone bullies you quickly write a letter to me I will…” His mother continued talking without stopping, as her eyes started dampening and the sadness was becoming clearly visible on her face.


Seeing his mother like this, Ariel simply couldn’t take it. He came closer and embraced her in a hug before starting to speak. “Mother, don’t worry I will always send letters and come back on holidays to see you so that you wouldn’t be sad.” After finishing speaking, Ariel could feel his mother’s body relax a bit from hearing his words.


This was the first time he hugged her on his own accord, so when he looked up, he wasn’t surprised to see his mother in a wearing a happy expression, instead of the sad one she had previously. Although soon she go her act back together, and put on her usual, beautiful smile, as if telling him that she was okay now, while inwardly regretting that she made Ariel worry.


It didn’t take long for her to respond with a slightly more relaxed expression. “Thank you, I hope you will make many friends there and have a great time.” After saying this, she stopped speaking and just stood there with a reassuring smile directed to Ariel.


After seeing that his mother’s mood improved, he nodded his head to the servants that were saying their good byes and cast the last look at his mother, before turning around and entering an expensively decorated carriage.


When he got in, he could see that the seats were much more comfortable than the ones you would usually find in the common ones, what is more is that there were two windows on either sided he could look out of.


When he finished evaluating his travel conditions, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest and sat down in an appropriate position.


Soon he heard the horses neigh and felt the carriage starting to move. Watching the moving scenery through the window Ariel let out a sigh and started thinking in a more relaxed manner. ‘This is the first time I’m going on a journey like this, it will probably be quite some time until I can visit.’ Remembering his mothers face, a small pain started to be felt from his chest.


He knew that his mother will be sad and lonely, but he didn’t have a choice, he had to make progress on his path, Ariel could only hope that they will meet again as soon as possible.


While trying to hold back thoughts about his mother, he went back to thinking about his objective. ‘The Academy is situated north from the capital city of Valeria. Thankfully, his family’s mansion is only about a three day journey away from it. Soon I will finally take my first true step in this new world’ Ariel has already learned about the kingdoms geography for quite a while, so it was not surprising for him to know the distances and time needed to travel them.


‘However, I feel like I will encounter a bunch of trouble there, considering all of the noble brats that are attending it. Though, this school is actually one of the several neutral Academies that exist on the human continent, so even if there are some troubles, I will probably not get killed even if I “teach” some worthless people their place.’


He was a person who will not go out of his way to make trouble for someone, but if it is the opposite party which tries pushing his buttons, they should be prepared to pay the price.


After making his resolve to not accept humiliation from anybody, Ariel looked out the window, where one would usually see a large amount of peaceful greenery and harmless wildlife. However, what he saw was a completely different sight, as all of the scenery had some kind of small unnoticeable aura, all around it. Ariel has long since found out that this was actually raw Mana.


This was one of the benefits that the mysterious marble has given him. Usually, only the more powerful species like elves, dragon kin or demons can see Mana, but it seems like, that orb was capable of giving him, this ability. He of course, gained not only this, but also an increase in his understanding of the world itself and magic, which made his training speed increase by a tremendous amount.


Although Ariel was sure that these weren’t the only benefits that the mysterious item could provide, however, he didn’t have the capability to understand anything more about it.


He tried looking for some information on it, but the family library is quite small and had nothing about it, there were a lot of books about other legendary items, however none of them had any resemblance to the orb. Ariel soon gave up, and just added it as another thing, to look into at The Academy.


Looking away from the window and the colorful picture of nature, he closed his eyes and decided to spend his time meditating, instead of wasting these three whole days of travel.


After the three days of journeying, Ariel just like he expected, finally reached the neutral city of Lenara, where The Blue Sky Academy is built in.


While entering the city, he saw a bunch of guards at the gates, checking who everyone was before they could go into the city. Thankfully the driver managed to finish this job quickly without wasting too much time and so they could enter the city faster than most. It was quite obvious that he has already been here many times before, which made Ariel relieved that they will most likely, won’t be getting lost.


Riding through the stone streets, Ariel took his time to observe the residents. Most seemed to live in simple, crude houses, well that’s if you compare them to the ones, he has seen in his old world. Although in this world these kinds of houses are most likely on the general level of this world architecture.


When he went by a populated place, a lot of people would glace at his carriage with a bit of curiosity, but soon they would lose their interest and stop paying attention, Ariel wasn’t, surprised, since there would definitely be many nobles coming to The Academy and most likely they are common sight here.


Also, there seemed to be a whole bunch of other class people walking through the streets like, knights, mages, adventurers, merchants, and not to mention a lot of young people, wearing light blue uniforms, who Ariel guessed were students of The Blue Sky Academy. With such a variation of professions, seeing a noble’s carriage wasn’t that strange at all.


As Ariel took notice of all the different people, he got quite excited, since he had wanted to explore the city a bit, but didn’t have time, furthermore, he didn’t know if the students were allowed to wander outside The Academy. That’s why he was a bit saddened before, but now he is extremely glad he saw those students.


While he continued looking around, this time paying more attention to structures, he saw many shops, statues, buildings, workshops and other places he would like to visit someday, although sometimes while looking at something people around the carriage would see his looks, and would end up standing completely frozen.


There wasn’t time to mention it before, but since when he became 10 years old, he went into a growth spurt. Although his height was still quite average, but his looks only continued becoming more perfect by the day, to the point that most women couldn’t even look straight at him anymore.


Unfortunately, Ariel didn’t really care about the looks he was given, and just kept leisurely looking around the streets he was traveling through. Until he finally, reached the destination of his, relatively long journey.


When Ariel noticed that the carriage stopped, he soon heard the driver’s voice. “Young master we have arrived at The Academy.” As the driver spoke as he opened the carriages door.

Stepping out, Ariel could see a giant complex of buildings made from pure white marble, while having sapphire blue roofs making them quite classy.


Finished examining the Academy’s exterior, Ariel turned around and spoke. “Wait at the carriage station and after I get accepted they should tell you where to bring my stuff, when you’re done with that you can go home.” As Ariel finished instructing him, the driver gave a respectful bow and rode out to complete his given task.


Turning around once more to look at The Academy, Ariel’s eyes displayed pure excitement for the unknown, as he started walking towards the giant front gate.

Chapter 13 – Mysterious artifact

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Deep in a forest shrouded by the night, three powerful beasts were confronting one another. The reason for this was a bright blue glow radiating from the core of the crater they were currently inside of, which was left by the very same object.


Not far from them, Ariel was hiding behind a big rock, waiting for the right time to strike, if such time actually comes. However, if the last remaining monster is not exhausted enough to lower its strength, he will only be able to leave and give up on acquiring that item, since he knew his own level of power well enough to understand his limits.


While Ariel was thinking about the possible outcomes of this battle, the monsters made their move, first one to attack was the night panther. It quickly came in for a swipe at the iron hide wolf’s neck, trying to finish it in a single blow but unfortunately for it, the wolf dodged to the side, making the panthers claws, to only lightly graze his side, leaving little actual damage, thanks to its toughness.


The wolf instantly retaliated by trying to bite into the panther, widely openings its mouth, almost as if wanting to eat it. When its fangs were almost close enough to bite down on its enemy’s flesh, the panther moved back in lightning speed, leaving the wolf biting into its afterimage. This time it was the wolf’s lose, but it didn’t take long for them to once again go at each others neck, forgetting the silver scaled viper that was still so close to them.


It seems that these two monsters were old time rivals and hated each other to the bone. This is not that abnormal, since the stronger a monster is the more intelligence it has, which can lead to them having personalities. However, it was definitely a mistake of theirs to not pay any attention to the poisonous snake, right next to them.


Just as another confrontation between the two beasts ended, the viper in a fast manner bit into the wolf’s, back leg when it just close enough for the snake to reach. It was so fast that the wolf didn’t even have any time to react, and when he finally noticed it, and wanted to strike back, the viper has already backed off a decent distance out of the wolfs reach.


Seeing this, the wolf was extremely furious. The flesh wound itself was not that important, but he could feel that the poison, which came with it, was very deadly.


The wolf soon went into frenzy, knowing that even if it was the last one standing, it still wouldn’t take long for it to die. Strangely enough, the first one it attacked was not the viper that brought its doom, but the panther which was the wolf’s long time rival, as if it wanted to drag it down to hell, together with itself.


Soon they engaged in a battle to the death, which will put an end to their long lasting conflict. The biting and clawing of the struggle between the two, left numeral wounds on each of their bodies, furthermore, some of them were quite deep. Luckily for the panther, the poison injected in its opponents body, circulated even faster thanks to it moving around so much, which lead to the wolf suddenly losing all of its strength to defend, and letting a lethal strike hit its body, that ended up finishing him off.


When the first of the three monsters died, the viper once more sprang into action aiming to kill the panther in its moment of weakness. However, it has already learned from its past mistakes of when it ignored that snake, so when the viper has already gotten extremely close to it, the panther managed to dodge its attack and in return bite down on the snakes long body.


The panthers fangs easily ripped through the vipers scales, thanks to its higher rank of power, but the viper was not so weak, and it instantly reacted by swinging its tail towards its head. Not having time to react to this sudden attack, the panther was sent flying towards a tree, but not before gnawing off a piece of the vipers flesh.


With fury in its eyes, the snake quickly coiled around the beast, taking the chance before it snapped out of the daze, it tore through the panther’s neck. With such a heavy wound as well as the vipers poison, the night panther soon breathed its last, and the battle ended with an unexpected lower rank victor.


Thankfully, the silver scaled viper has also received very heavy injury, which even for a resistant snake, were painful to the extreme. At that time, Ariel’s eyes, who was hiding behind a rock, lit up with determination, which was much stronger, than any time in the, past.


However, even this weakened monster still possesses a high level of danger towards him, because of how weak and inexperienced he is, but he can’t let go of this chance of acquiring that unusual treasure, which is sure to be precious.


Manifesting a single ice spear, he carefully aimed it at the snakes wound, which was left by the panther, since it was the only place he was sure, that the ice spear could pierce as well as do enough damage to increase his chance of winning. After aiming it he started waiting for the right time to strike, because Ariel didn’t have any room for mistakes, or he would die.


When the silver scaled viper finished its rest after the battle it finally moved claim the prize. Casting its eyes towards the core of the crater, a look of desire appeared in its eyes, as it instinctively knew that the object had magnificent power, worth risking its life for. At this time, the snake let down its guard just for a mere second.


Unluckily for it, that single moment was all that was needed for Ariel to take action, as he let loose his spell towards it. The ice spear travelled at very fast speed, when the viper actually noticed what was happening, it was already too late, and the spear had already pierced into its wound coming out the other side.


A painful hiss rang through the night, making all of the small animals around, run away. Being ambushed by Ariel, the snake was critically injured, reducing its ability by a large amount and making it hard for him to actually lose now.


The infuriated snake, blinded by its anger, charged towards Ariel who had already gone out of hiding and casted an ice shield, which was currently protecting his body. The viper head butted the icy shield shattering it into peaces, but still resulting in several cracked scales on its head, as well as being pushed back a little.


Ariel took this opportunity to manifest another ice spear and stab through the monsters right eye, trying to quickly finish it, before the viper could compose itself. This attack made the snake let out another ear piercing sound of agony, proving that it took serious damage.


When he had thought it might be over, the snake once more, just like against the panther, used its tail to attack Ariel in its last desperate struggle to live.


Being caught by surprise, he barely was able to put up an ice shield in time, and even then he was sent flying a small distance until he hit a tree. Only now, the silver scaled viper finally breathed its last breath, as the life inside its eyes faded and it fell down on the hard ground.


Seeing this, Ariel could barely stand up with his trembling body and look towards the corpse, with slight fear in his eyes. He was injured too much in that last hit, as it will probably hurt for the whole week, but thinking about how he almost died because of a small mistake, made horror squeeze into his heart. Thankfully it was only painful for him, and nothing happened to his bones or inner organs.


After some time of trying to calm down, Ariel finally got his mind together and raced to get whatever it was inside the crater, which he fought for with so much difficulty. He wanted to get it quickly and run back home, since his Mana was already at its limits.


When he got closer to the source, he noticed that the glow emitted from a small, icy blue orb that was hovering slightly above the ground. ‘Is this what landed from the sky, and also made all of these monsters kill each other for it?’ With slight hesitation, he finally resolved himself and went to pick it up.


Suddenly, the orb charged towards him, and before he could do anything, pierced into his left eye. This turn of events left him completely dumbfounded.


He didn’t understand what happened just now, but soon, an unbearable pain started to be felt in his head. Ariel fell to the ground gripping his left side of the face, and wiling for some time, before losing his consciousness. It was the most agonizing pain he had ever experienced, as it was so painful, that even his strong will couldn’t take it.


When Ariel woke up, a large amount of time has already passed, indicated by the descending moon, it took a while for him to put all of his memories together and remember what happened.


As soon as he finished recalling it, he realized that the sun will be coming up soon, forcing him to run back home as fast as possible, before even trying to understand the previous event.


Getting back into his room on time, Ariel let out a sigh of relief as he remembered his dangerous adventure, while also being glad that he made it in time before warranting some suspicion. He decided to take a quick bath, before going to meditate for a while, to search for any clues, which might tell him what did that blue marble, do to him.


After few minutes of inspecting his body, he still couldn’t come up with any answers of what happened to that marble. However, form his instincts he knew that something had happened to his body, which he is yet to notice.


He didn’t know what that something was, but he had a feeling that it will help him in the future. Also, he will probably learn about his changes, as time passes, so there is no reason to rush it. Making up his mind, he started observing the moon outside his window, as it is his favorite pass time.


Unknown to him as he was relaxing by watching the moon, in the reflection of him in the mirror, you could see Ariel’s left eye was glowing blue, and had a strange symbol, which emanated power. However, this will stay unknown for him, for quite some time in the future.

Chapter 12 – The “falling star”

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Deep In the night, after the party, Ariel was suddenly woken up from his sweet sleep by an unusual feeling coursing through his body. It was not pain, but just slight discomfort, like when you needed to do something, but didn’t remember anything about it. “What is wrong with me, I don’t usually have sleepless nights, much less being kept awake by something.”


No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t fall asleep. He only ended up lying there, fully awake. Letting out a sigh he decided to look at the moon for a while, to clear his thoughts, however, just as he cast his look outside the window, he saw something akin to a falling star quickly approaching the horizon. At least that is what it looked like, until Ariel noticed, that it had fallen down straight into the forest, behind his home, while letting out a bright light.


The feeling of discomfort has grown even stronger in his heart, as he watched the unnatural phenomena. Soon he heard many bone chilling howl echo’s through the forest, which seemed to originate from some kind of monsters that were fighting against each other.


After several minutes of thought, Ariel ended up at the conclusion that the feeling in his heart was connected with the unknown object, which has fallen from the sky, since it is the only possible conclusion, even if it sounded, a bit ridiculous.


However, no matter how rational Ariel appeared to other people, but the main way he acts when dealing with the unknown is by listening to his intuition. Quickly putting on his clothes which comfortable for going around the forest, Ariel sneaked out through the back of the courtyard.


Many of the guest that stayed after the party as well as the people who worked in the mansion, have fallen asleep as soon as they reached a bed, so it was easy for him to go unnoticed and enter the wilderness to look for answers.


While traveling through the familiar forest, Ariel still felt nervous, even tough he has went by here, many times, since he has never been here after sundown. The trees and sounds of wild life were even creepier in the night than in the day, as many nocturnal creatures have woken up. This only made him move with even more caution than before, which by all rights is always a good decision.


While sneaking through the forest, Ariel was thinking up ways how he will deal with all of the monsters that could pop out at any time. He will inevitably meet some and has to be ready for them, if he’s not, he may not live, to see tomorrow.


He might be a Middle level Acolyte, but his spell arsenal is quite pathetic. The only magic spells that he actually has, are the first spell he has ever used, that he dubbed Ice Spear and another spell he has created by a stroke luck Ice shield, which just like the name entails makes a kite shield out of ice that will hover in front of him.


This is Ariel’s biggest disadvantage from having a variation. He doesn’t have any books and people that could teach him, unless, he revealed it to public, which could also bring a lot of problems right now. However, it is already impressive that he was able to create even these two, basic spells, at such a young age. Making a magic spell is like programming, where every little detail has to work together, and as you perfect it further, it will continue becoming more powerful and more unique.


Of course this makes it not all bad, the spells that he can use might be little, but he can cast them instantly, without chanting. Over all, usually beginners never create their very own spells, and use chants to utilize the spells created from long ago, but chanting is once again comparable to using a program, where you have limitation to what it can actually achieve, while capability for casting spells without chants comes only when you understand the programming itself and can change it, as well as modify it at will.


Ariel knows these spells inside out, and he can continue perfecting them and utilize them in any way he wants. This can be a huge advantage against other mages that have to chant already known spells, which lack flexibility.


While thinking how to best approach the problem of the lack of spells, the roars and howls of the beasts only intensified as he got closer to the general area, where the “Fallen Star” fell.


After about 10 minutes of walking, suddenly, a monster resembling a boar jumped out into his path from the shrubs. It had red fur and bloodshot eyes, although it did look intimidated, but Ariel already knew that this monster called crimson boar is only a Low level Acolyte level.


The boar appeared to be furious while casting a look at Ariel, with eyes that seemed to have lost all reason. The next instance it charged with great speed, trying to bash into Ariel’s body.
Unfortunately for it, his attack was too predictable. Ariel has casted an Ice shield, which quickly appeared protecting his body. Not having enough time to stop, the crimson boar crashed into it at full force, resulting in his long tusks braking off, as well as receiving some damage to his head.


Unluckily for it, Ariel wouldn’t miss this chance to finish it off, while not showing any mercy. He has long since understood to never take chances, because this day it might be him who was the winner, but the next day, it might be the boar that was piercing through his heart.


Before the boar could snap out of the confusion, Ariel easily stabbed through its neck with an Ice spear he manifested, almost instantaneously, leaving the monster only as a freezing corpse on the ground.


‘This boar seems to have been running away from several, more powerful monsters’ Ariel thought, while kneeling down and examining several different claw and bite marks on its body.


‘I guess I really need to find out what that thing is to make all of these monsters react this way, even if I have to pay a price for it’ While steeling his mind, he once again continued to move through the lonely forest, going towards the direct, where all of the commotion is being hear from.


It didn’t take long before Ariel saw a clearing right in front of him. Walking out of the woods, he found a convenient rock close to him, and hid behind it as fast as possible, before sticking out his head, to take a look.


The whole surrounding area has become a crater, all of the trees around it were destroyed, and all of the clearing was a huge mess, from what seems to have been a strong impact. However, this was the least disturbing thing in the picture, as the whole ground was covered by monster corpses and rivers of blood.


The monsters that were still alive looked to be quite powerful, and way out of Ariel’s league. On the other hand, they all were heavily injured and had their eyes on each others every move, not paying any attention to what was happening around them.


In all, there were three of them, a wolf that seemed to be a variation of an iron hide wolf, next there was a night panther, which when grown up to its full potential, usually reaches Early Elite rank. The last one was a silver scaled viper that unlike the other two, which appeared to be of the same strength, was only at Late Diciple rank.


However, the silver scaled viper cannot be underestimated, because it was part of a very rare species of snakes that have unique, extremely potent poison, which could lead to it becoming, the actual winner.


Knowing that it still wasn’t his time, Ariel stayed in the shadows of the rock he hid behind, while observing the fierce battle that is soon to come.

Chapter 11 – Bastard No. 1

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Coming towards them through the crowd was a kid, who seemed to be around 10-11 years old. He has a handsome face with blond hair and green eyes with a pride look in them, unfortunately, an arrogant expression was on his face, twisting his looks.


Behind him, there was a group of noble kids from different families, who were following him, like dogs follow their master. Obviously, they only wanted to get on the good side of the arrogant child, to gain some favor, even if they had to sacrifice their own dignity.


For Ariel, the green eyed boy was very familiar, maybe too familiar. He would give anything to never have to meet him again, like he had to for the past few years, day after day. And as you have already guessed, that person is Ariel’s brother, James.


Coming near them, he once again let out that annoying, haughty, laugh. It rang in Ariel’s ears, which made him feel like he had an irritating bug, buzzing inside his head. After Ariel failed to block out that sound, he looked over his brother’s clothes, his brother today wore even more ridiculous clothes than he usually does, they had mixed colors of red, blue, green, yellow and several others. If his brother’s clothes continue increasing in colors like that as he grows, Ariel wasn’t so sure if he will be able to hold himself, from always thinking about James as a rooster.


Not even paying mind to Ariel’s scrutinizing gaze, that looking over his clothes, James spoke his first words after coming here. “Lord Brendon and Lady Sarah, greetings, it is an honor to meet you two. You should have looked for me sooner. I would have made sure to entertain you.” He might have been saying polite words, but in the mean time, his eyes were looking over Sarah’s entire body, which had undisguised lust, burning inside them.


Brendon felt a little ticked off at how James was ogling his sister as if she was his, so he decided to speak up. “Mr. James, we came here just as the representatives of the royal family. However we didn’t really have any interest in meeting you, I am very sorry about that.” Hearing Brendon speak James retracted his gaze from Sarah’s body and looked back at him.


Brendon’s words might have appeared polite, but in reality they were a straight forward insult, that James easily managed to pick up. “Mr. Brendon, did I mishear you? Or are saying I have less worth in meeting than this waste?” Only now, did James finally take look at Ariel standing at the side of the twins, while giving him a furious look at him.


Seeing James becoming angry, a small smile of satisfaction appeared on Brendon’s face, as he continued to talk. “That is correct, I find Ariel to be, a much more interesting person to talk to, rather than one like you.” The first sentence only irritated him a little, but the second one was already pushing James buttons.


“Fine have fun talking to this waste. I hope you won’t regret paying attention to this worthless person.” James spat out these words in angry tone, that he was unable to hide, the people behind him glared at the three as if making a point.


Turning to face Sarah, James continued to speak, but in a much lighter tone. “Mrs. Sarah, mind joining me for a dance, I think someone as refined as you shouldn’t waste you’re time by speaking with trash.” Hearing these words made Brandon clearly annoyed, but he already knew his sister better than anyone else.


“Mr. James, haven’t you heard my brother? We have no interest in speaking with arrogant people like you, please keep you’re eyes to yourself and leave.” Unlike how she looked, Sarah spoke in blunt words that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. James face turned crimson from anger, but it was still possible for him to endure it and hold in his anger, as these two children were royalty and were untouchable.


However, when he saw Sarah sneaking glance at Ariel, he couldn’t hold his anger anymore. James had fallen in love with Erna, but later found out that she was Ariel’s fiancée and no matter how he tried he couldn’t break off the engagement. Now he lost himself when first saw Sarah, but once again it seemed like Ariel took away her attention, which made him burn in unbearable jealousy.


He lost all of his reason and all his caution left his mind. When he was about to step over to Sarah to take an unknown action, Ariel spoke for the first time, in this entire exchange. “James, you never know what is good for you, think before doing anything, or you will regret it.”


Hearing his threat, James felt a chill go down his back. Others might think he wouldn’t dare to do anything to James and did not know Ariel’s true nature, but he did know. It might be fine to insult sometimes, however, James tried to never go past the line of no return that he learned of through these years, ending in making Ariel angry.


Because several time he did, unfortunate accidents would occur, which caused him unspeakable amount of pain, yet no one could explain them, but all of them happened, after he angered Ariel, and James wasn’t a stupid person to not understand his involvement in the accidents.


Remembering all of this, James stepped back, trying to stop himself from shaking. Then he casted the last look of anger towards Ariel, as if in defiance to his statement, even tough he wasn’t brave enough to speak it out loud. After that, he took another look at Sarah, before turning around and leaving.


This caused quite a bit of shock to the siblings. Not many could see James face at the time, but they clearly saw a slight expression of fear for that single moment, when Ariel spoke. Of course this made them question why were his circumstances so unique, however they both gave it a rest, not wanting to pry into other people’s business.


After a moment of silence, Brendon once again started to speak in a joyful mood. “Finally that annoyance is gone, now that I have time to speak I would like to ask you, if you are planning on going to The Blue Sky Academy?” From his face it was clear to see that he was expecting something, but Ariel didn’t really know what. However, for this question Ariel didn’t have to think long and gave a quick nod to confirm.


Before Brendon could continue, his sister Sarah chimed in. “What classes are you planning to go to?” Her voice was monotone as she was asking, but her eyes betrayed her excitement.


“I don’t really know, but I am planning on taking the officer exam, since I am not proficient in sword or magic.” These words made the two siblings let out a chuckle with amused expressions, before Brandon explained it to him. “No matter which exam you take, you can pick any of the classes, even if you want to take ones about magic or fighting.”


This instantly made Ariel interested. He wanted to learn about magic, but didn’t want to reveal that he was a variation too soon, so he was planning on learning from the library. However, this changes everything.


After a slight amount of thinking, he gave them his answer. “If it is like that, I could probably take same lessons one of you two will be taking, I have already learned most of the stuff needed for officials to know, and I am quite interested in magic.” Even tough he didn’t know them too well, but Ariel knew that these two excelled in magic, so most likely, they will pick lesson that he would want to go to.


Without a pause for thinking, Sarah has already held up her hand. “Please come to my classes I am sure you will love them. They are all about different kinds of magic.” The excitement in her voice was impossible to hide, which soon turned to embarrassment after she noticed Ariel and her brother staring at her, soon she turned red till the ears, while casting her gaze downwards as if trying to hide he thoughts.


“Well if you say so, I am sure I won’t be disappointed.” With a helpless look he could only agree to Sarah, because he felt like she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Also he couldn’t make himself ruin her happiness, it is possible the she didn’t have many friends growing up and was excited to befriend Ariel.


Mean while, Brendon watched from the side, not saying anything on the matter at hand, before continuing their conversation about other things after Sarah calmed down a bit. This talk continued all the way to the end of the party, until they had to say their good byes.


When everything ended, and Ariel was finally in his cozy bed, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about his emotions when he was with the twins. It was not an unfamiliar emotion. He felt it before, in his previous life, the feeling of friendship. With those thoughts sleep slowly crept over him, sending him to the land of dreams.

Chapter 10 – Royal twins

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Through the whole party no one besides his mother came to talk with him, which made him content, but after some time, he felt two people standing close to him. Ariel tried to just ignore them, hoping that they would just leave him alone. Unfortunately, he soon heard the voice of a young boy. “Greetings it is nice to meet you Ariel Whitestone.” He has already greeted him, this closed off all of the exits, since if he continued to ignore him like this it would end up as a breach of etiquette.


Ariel sighed and turned around to greet his two new guests. What he saw was that both of them seemed to be children of similar age to him, around 8-9 years old. They stood out quite a bit, because they had an aura of leadership around them, which made them look approachable, yet elegant at the same time.


The one who greeted him was a young boy with short aqua blue hair and eyes, as well as a handsome face. He was dressed in expensive blue clothes with golden accents at some places. His face had a playful smile on it that further increased his charisma.


The second person was a girl, very similar to the boy standing next to her. Their age seemed to be the same and she had the same aqua blue eyes and hair just like her companions, except her hair reached all the way down until her waist. However, her looks were truly stunning and anyone could see that when she grows up, her beauty will be heavenly enough to start wars between empires. She was wearing a beautiful, light blue dress that reached all the way to her ankles.


Even a stupid person would notice that they had close blood relations, most probably siblings or maybe even… Just as Ariel started thinking about they’re blood ties, the boy spoke again. “You probably are guessing how we are related. Well if you guessed that we are twins, you guessed correctly.” Hearing the boys amused words, Ariel’s questions instantly cleared up. ‘So it really was like that.’


Not giving time for Ariel to enjoy his correct guess, the boy continued. “My name is Brendon Gleevoria and this is my sister Sarah Gleevoria. I am honored to meet you Ariel Whitestone, you won’t believe for how long I wanted to meet The Frozen Prince in person. I am very glad the rumors didn’t lie about you.”


From the last name Gleevoria and the unusual aqua blue hair and eyes, Ariel easily came to the conclusion to who they were. These two things could only be connected with the royal family of the Gelath kingdom. And the two before him must be the crown prince and princess. They are both very famous for being extremely talented in water magic. This made Ariel freeze for a while and unable to respond. They were royalty, if he didn’t if they took offence about something Ariel did, it could end up badly for his whole family.


Thankfully, just at the right time the beautiful princess Sarah spoke for the first time, in a melodious voice. “Greetings Ariel, I have also wanted to meet Erna’s fiancé for quite some. I think that she got really lucky, with getting you.”


After hearing this Ariel quickly drew to the conclusion that Erna and the princess are acquaintances. They also seemed to be quite close ones from the way she spoke, but right now he didn’t think further about it and was just grateful for being able cover up his reaction. Feeling that it won’t become awkward from him speaking now, he finally opened his mouth. “Greetings prince,Brendon and princess Sarah my name is Ariel Whitestone, as you already know. How could I be of service to you?”


Ariel said that with a graceful bow that made him look elegant and refined, instantly making princess Sarah, lose her focus.


“Well we just wanted to meet and talk with you a little. There is no reason for you to be so polite so feel free to call us by our first names.” Seeing Ariel bow, Brendon quickly said that with a friendly smile.


Not knowing how to reject the offer, all Ariel could do was just to accept it. ‘Okay, then please feel free to just use my first name as well.’ Finishing the sentence, Ariel returned to his previous standing pose.


Only after hearing her brother’s and Ariel’s words, was Sarah finally able to get her bearings back together. Blushing up to her ears from her actions, all she could do was turn her head to the side hoping Ariel didn’t see it. Peeking out from the corner of her eyes she noticed that while bowing, he had lightly closed his eyes, and only now he had slowly opened them.


Letting out a sigh, her appearance returned to the previous one of maturity, that didn’t correspond to her age. However her heart and mind were still in turmoil, this was the first time she felt like this. Usually she was a mature girl who liked to tease other people in any way possible, but since she first laid her eyes on Ariel’s handsome face as well as his cool looks, while sitting by the window. She felt her heart beats quicken whenever she casts  a glance at him, which was completely new to her.


Ariel hasn’t notice this, but it was easy for Brandon to see his sisters, reaction, while standing right next to her. The Amused smile on his face has only grown larger, as he once again got ready to speak. “Back to the topic my sister has mentioned, I am so jealous you get to marry Erna, she is no less beautiful than my own sister. I wish I could marry someone as beautiful as her.”


Sarah’s polite smile she usually wears, instantly tuned rigid from her brother’s words. It was like kicking her and then telling her that she could never be the one to marry Ariel.


Ariel saw this, but didn’t pay much attention to it. He decided to respond politely and truthfully to not appear indifferent. “I have never met my fiancée so I don’t know much about her, but if she is indeed as gorgeous as Sarah, then she will definitely be the second most beautiful girl I had ever met.” Hearing this answer Brandon felt impressed, while Sarah once more felt her face burning and feeling much happier than from her brother’s previous comment.


This time Ariel had notice Sarah’s bashfulness, but he didn’t think much about it, in his previous world it was natural for a girl to be embarrassed from a compliment, said by a handsome boy. Only people who were close to her would argue that it was unusual for her. However what Ariel said was indeed true, Sarah might not be up to the level of his mother or other beautiful women, but when she grows up, she will truly be like a goddess.


After this instance Ariel continued to converse with the twins in a less tense mood for some time, and he even started to enjoy it a bit. Unfortunately, they suddenly heard an annoying fit of laughter coming near them from the side. Of course Ariel instantly knew who it was. The bug that never knows what is good for him.

Chapter 9 – The celebration party

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In an expensive dressing room, there stood a young boy, around 8-9 years of old, wearing almost completely white clothes, from his boots to his coat. The only thing that wasn’t white, were the golden buttons on his shirt.


On most people it would look a bit strange, but on this boy it made together an unusual picture of elegance, and not in any way was it bad looking, his golden hair and cold blue eyes with his handsome face only made it even more surreal. ‘I guess this will do.’


It is unneeded to say, that this boy was Ariel. Right now he was already 9 of age and 4 years passed since that day, when he has broken through his bottleneck and finally became an Acolyte. Since then, his training speed has increased several levels, not only because of his talent and breaking through to Acolyte rank, but also because of the water stones, that he continuously went to gather.


All the other times, after the first one, he wasn’t that unlucky and almost always had no difficulty getting them. Only sometimes did he meet a low rank monster, but even then he was able to deal with them more easily than with the wolf.


Magic stones can be used to slightly increase elemental familiarity, in Arial’s case it was even less, since water was only a part of his elemental affinity, but it was better than nothing. Most people would have to do it slowly, cultivating they’re own magic until it increased in an unknown amount of time. A lot probably don’t even know this method, since it is so unconventional and expensive, so it is unlikely that somehow will figure it out. Considering that the price for using of raw magic stones directly, outweighs the gains by quite a lot. Of course, Ariel at first only wanted to use it to breakthrough, however because he found so many of them, he decided to continue using them without telling anyone about it.


Also for those who don’t know what element familiarity is, it is basically resistance towards the magic elements, however a lot of mages at first think that they will be immune to other people magic if they increase it, but that is wrong, you will only be immune to natural elements and your own. The reason why it is like that is because Mana of different people automatically rejects each other and can harm each other no matter what. This is a law of magic that can’t be defied and the only exception, are spell’s specialized in healing and support, which are unable to injure other people.


Back to the topic, Ariel’s familiarity has increased by a large amount and it helped him train his other aspects of magic. Currently he is in Mid Disciple rank, and very close to Late Disciple, which is very remarkable.


“Young master its time to go to the party” hearing Derek say this, Ariel turned away from the mirror and walked towards the door. You are probably confused why he has dressed up like this tonight. Well, it is actually a party for his bother, breaking through to the Early Acolyte rank, while being only 10 years old.


Although Ariel broke through when he was only 5, he didn’t tell anyone about it, also breaking through when being 10 or younger is actually considered being a genius so it is not surprising. His own fiancée has broken through a year ago. She was 8 at the time, so it is clear that she is even a bigger genius than James, which at the time caused a huge commotion.


Evan tough Ariel has broken through when he was 5 years old, it doesn’t mean that his progress will continue being so monstrous, since a large part of the reason why he was able to improve so quickly was his talent in Mana manipulation, his experience from his past life and the magic stones he found. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a meditation method fit for him, as well as he doesn’t have any spell to use apart his own created ones. So, maybe, at first he will train quickly, but if there won’t be any of these things in the academy, then his training will start stagnating.


While thinking about this, Ariel was quickly walking down the corridors towards the main hall. It is unlikely that he will see anything interesting apart from the many nobles, each with their own agenda, but he was asked by his mother and he could never say no to her.


Coming in through the back door, where he wouldn’t attract too much attention, he looked around the hall. Most of the people are yet to arrive and it was relatively empty. Finding a good place to sit next to a window, he let out a sigh and engrossed himself in watching the lonely and beautiful moon. Next to him, Derek stood like a statue making this scene look like a painting of subtle beauty that no one could express.


Many guests would cast a look in his direction, once in a while, wondering who he might be, but no one wanted to come up and ruin this wonderful picture. However, Ariel didn’t pay them any attention and just enjoyed this short and peaceful moment, before the party starts.


Coming closer to the appointed time, more and more people started arriving at the hall. They mingled together, talking and laughing, either showing off about something or praising they’re own children. Even the kids were doing something similar like they’re parents, only Ariel still sat at that window, motionless, which continued drawing glances from even more people around him.


However, this soon was noticed by his mother, who, with large steps and a smile on her face, came to stand near him. “Are you not enjoying the party Sweety?” She asked him, clearly desiring that he would go play with the kids his age, or something. “Mother you know that I don’t like these kinds of things.” Ariel answered his mother, with a softer tone, than most of the time. “I see but please have some fun. You have to make some friends or you will be lonely in the future.” She said in a worried voice. “I understand” After hearing this, his mother retuned to greeting the guests.


But this conversation didn’t escape the ears of the people around them. Soon they started talking among themselves. “Is he also the son of the duke?” “I know who he is, he is The Frozen Prince.”

“So he is the one who doesn’t have any talent.” He quickly became one of the focuses of they’re discussions.


The Frozen Prince was a nickname he was given by people who had visited his father in these past years. It is thanks to his unbelievably handsome looks and cold atmosphere around him, that he was given such a grand name. Ariel always thought it was ironic, considering what his magic was, and sometimes he had a suspicion that maybe someone secretly saw him using magic before. But it didn’t seem like the people knew he could use magic, so he didn’t really care how they called him.


As time passed, soon almost all of the people arrived at the hall and because of that their chatting, only increased. Thankfully, no one came to bother Ariel all this time, due to his rejecting aura. This made him happy, since his emotionless face was actually useful for once, and he hoped no one will bother him until the end of the party. Unfortunately for him, there are always exceptions.


Chapter 8 – Julie Whitestone

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POV. Julie Whitestone

My name is Julie Whitestone, but in the past I was called Julie Manora. I was born as a count’s daughter of the Manora family in the eastern side of the kingdom. From young age I was talented in many things, except swordsmanship, but besides it, even advanced magic was not out of my reach, only that my father thought it was unneeded for a woman like me to learn to battle.

I lived my entire childhood like most of noblewoman, attending many etiquette classes and other lesson meant to impress influential men so they would marry them. Sometimes I would also have some free time to enjoy myself with my friends. However, what I desired was to change my life a little and experience something exiting. Once I finally asked my father to let me travel a bit in the outside world. Only after a long time of though did he finally agree to my request, but he then quickly said that I had to take a large amount of guards with me.

I was a bit annoyed by that, but I never regretted it. That journey was probably the most interesting thing I had experienced in my entire life. I saw a great deal of things and went to many unique places, meeting all kind of interesting people. The most important instance however, was probably when we found Derek, and I have gained my most loyal servant.

When I returned, there was not much change in my life for quite a while, that is until my father was unexpectedly assassinated. You see when I was only three and I didn’t have any siblings, my father also didn’t have any so he was my only family. When he died I didn’t know what to do, I just cried for several weeks in my room until Derek reminded that I had to continue fathers work and not let it all go to waste.

Only a year after taking up my fathers responsibilities, I went to a dance party for nobles in the capital. There I met Mark Whitestone and fell in love with him at first sight, he also too took a fancy in me when we had our first dance.

Soon we got married and I had become part of the Whitestone family. After two years we had our first child, who we named James after my husband’s father. James seemed to be very talented, so the one who did most of the teaching was Mark, and in all, I had a bit too little interaction with him, which made me quite depressed.

Thankfully, we soon had another child who we called Ariel, unfortunately or maybe fortunately he was born with a sickly body not fit for combat, that is why Mark was slightly indifferent to him and I could take care of him all by myself.

Ariel was a very cute child, I thought, James would grow up handsome, but Ariel was on another level. The only problem was how quite and expressionless he was, the maids responsible for him were quite unnerved by it, however I am his mother, there might be some problems with him, but I will help him in any way possible to solve them.

Soon some time passed, most of my time was spent on either working, or taking care of Ariel. James was now completely looked after by Mark. What I am regretful about is that he gained that arrogant personality while still being so young. It was truly the only thing I didn’t like about Mark.

One day, about a year after Ariel’s birth, I was coming into his room to keep him company, when I saw him on all four in front of the mirror. For a moment I froze, not understanding what was happening, but soon excitement filled my soul, as I came to realize that my son learned to crawl all on his own, and even so early. I only heard later on when James stated crawling and felt disappointed as a mother, for not witnessing my son’s precious moments in person, however this time I finally did.

I quickly ran up and hugged him to my chest, like he was some kind of priceless treasure, for several moments. After that, when I was happily watching his emotionless face, I notice he was looking towards the bookcase in his room, with something unusual in his eyes.

It didn’t take me long to go there and take out a book to read for him. Most of the time when I was with him I couldn’t get much of a reaction out of him, but when I started reading he seemed very interested, which since then propelled me to read for him right up to the later years of his life.

That wasn’t the only happy occasion I had, you could say there was a happier one when he spoke his first word, which was, mama, that made me almost faint from happiness. There was also the instance when he learned to walk that too I have also witnessed myself. Tough it was strange that he learned to talk before walking, but it didn’t really matter to me.

I was really happy in seeing all of his progress myself, of course I regret not being able to give more attention to James, but his father was adamant about teaching him alone. Because of that we drifted apart, before I would bring him to be with Ariel but he would always start bullying him, so I had to separate them.

Over all I felt satisfied remembering about rearing Ariel, only I am sad that he hasn’t ever smiled and even when he talks he does it in short sentences. Nevertheless I feel like he always pays more attention to me than other people, which truly elates me.

Unfortunately, now I am at my wits end because my baby has disappeared. He was not seen for the entire day, since morning. I looked trough everywhere and had all the servants searching every single place possible. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before someone found Ariel in the garden.

When I go there I saw him lying on the ground in dirty clothes. Faster than any one else, I grabbed and carried him to his room, while ordering for a doctor to come in. I finished tucking him into the bed when the doctor finally came, after the checkup, he said that Ariel was only overexerted and had to rest for some time.

The doctor told me not to worry, but how couldn’t I worry, maybe I shouldn’t be saying this as a mother of two children but Ariel is the most important person to me in the world who I raised by my own hands and was always there to witness his most important steps.

For two whole nights I didn’t move from Ariel’s bed, when I woke up one morning I saw Ariel sitting up on the bed and without any warning I hugged him as hard as I could. Right after that I started berating him about making me worry, unexpectedly he actually apologized to me, I thought he would answer in one of his short sentences, or not at all, but I saw the sincerity in his words, an actual emotion . However, that wasn’t what made me so surprised, it was the slight smile on his face.

This was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, more so to my mother’s heart who longed seeing the expressionless Ariel smile. Once again without waiting, I hugged him. I never heard that he smiled to anyone else, except to me, right now.

Even if I felt like he usually cared about me more than the others, I still would sometimes think if he even saw me as his mother.

Now without a doubt I truly know he does, since in his smile, I saw the feelings of regret for making me worry and also the love for his mother which are so common for children. It truly made me happy as a mother, and swore that I won’t let anyone bring harm to my child not now and not ever.

Chapter 7 – Chase with the monster

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Ariel broke out in cold sweat and without any hesitation, hugged the ground. Overhead, he could feel something jumping over him with great force. He raised his head and saw a wolf, double in size of any that he has ever seen on earth, it was adorned with grey fur that had a metallic luster as well as razor sharp fangs, which seemed to be able to bite through steel.

From the encyclopedia he has read, he could indentify it being an iron hide wolf, a monster which usually lives in packs at the deeper parts of the forests. They are infamous for killing countless beginner travelers and adventurers, because of their inexperience.

Individually, fully matured iron hide wolves are usually only mid Acolyte rank of strength and end up different, only if it is a variant. The one standing in front of Ariel, from its sized should be one that matured not to long ago and went out to hunt solo.

When they are alone an iron hide wolf is no problem for adventurers and other fighting profession, since they are still relatively weak. Unfortunately, for unranked people like Ariel even the weakest monster is a nightmare, especially when considering that unranked mages are weaker than unranked warriors.

Without a doubt the only thing Ariel could do was run, but monsters, unlike animals, had some form of intelligence. Trying to calm down Ariel slowly got up while putting the water stone into his chest pocket, as well as picking up a rock from the ground and hiding it in his sleeve.

When his eyes finally met with the ones belonging to the wolf, Ariel noticed that they had cruel, sadistic light in them. Ariel now understood that the wolf was planning on playing with him until he slowly died, but that might be this filthy dogs undoing.

Taking the opportunity that the wolf seems to be planning to prolong this hunt, Ariel started running down the river with all his strength. It didn’t take long until he heard the wolf’s growls right behind him, silently, sending chill down his spine.

The problem was that Ariel’s weak body was already screaming in pain, the only reason he was able to keep going was trough his sheer willpower. Thankfully, the place he came out from to the river wasn’t too far away from the waterfall.

After reaching the location, Ariel took one deep breath, knowing that he couldn’t make a single mistake, or his life would end just like that. He turned around to look at the wolf, which had a cruel expression in its eyes. Breathing heavily Ariel seemed like he wasn’t able to run a second more. And that is what he wanted to look like, so the wolf would attack him. The iron hide wolf easily took the bait and lunged at him, wanting to pin him down to the ground, but at that critical moment, Ariel jumped to the side as far as he could, and at the same time threw the rock he had in his sleeve at the wolf’s face.

Not expecting it, the wolf got hit in the eye, without much difficulty, however, it didn’t really do any significant damage, but it was enough to throw him off balance in the air, which resulted in him falling into the river.

Knowing that this wouldn’t delay it for long, Ariel with all of his leftover stamina started running towards the mansion as quickly as his legs carried him. Few moments having pasted, the wolf climbed out of the river, his fur being completely soaked in water. Furious from having been humiliated, he let out and angry howl and started running after him once more.

Ariel hearing the howl was really depressed. ‘You don’t know when to give up do you’ Putting even more efforts into running, Ariel manage to once again raise his speed by a tiny amount.

Thankfully, the wolf’s fur now was wet, which slightly reduced its speed, but it was not enough and soon the wolf was once again on Ariel’s heels. When he was already close to the mansion, suddenly Ariel felt something coming at him from the back, and he barely, thanks to his instincts, managed to step to the side, dodging the wolf’s attack.

Only now, the wolf was blocking his way, and he could barely stand at the same time. Not knowing what to do, he slowly started walking backwards, to only stumble over a root and fall down. The wolf took that opportunity and jumped at its defenseless pray, wanting to finish Ariel as fast as possible.

Seeing the approaching doom, the time for Ariel stopped and couldn’t think of any way out of this. He wanted to do much in this world, but lie this, he will soon end up dying a meaningless death. But what could he do, he was just an unranked mage with zero spell he could use, suddenly a thought hit him. ‘If I am going to die, I might as well die trying.’ Extending his hands he gathered as much Mana as possible, more than he ever had, and tried to form the first thing that came to mind when thinking of ice. For him it was an icicle, only a bigger and stronger than a normal one.

When he started to form it he noticed that he lacked a lot of Mana for it, so once again he tried extracting even more of it from his core, every little bit he could find, yet it was still not enough. What he chose to do next was to actually gather it from the outside, and quickly refine it, and use it. This action brought him unbearable pain, which was not a surprise when trying such a crazy thing, but he didn’t stop and continued greedily taking Mana from around himself and pumping it into the icicle. Still, it was not fast enough and at this rate, he would soon fail achieving his desired result.

At that instance, unexpectedly, he felt like something broke inside of him, like a damn holding a large amount of water got let loose. In this case, the water was Mana, and thankfully, more than enough to finish what he wanted. When the wolf was only centimeters away from him, he let his icicle fly out hitting the not expecting wolf right in its chest.

The icicle pierced the hide of the wolf, with some difficulty, at the same moment braking several of its ribs, until finally it barely reached the heart, quickly ending the wolf’s life.

Seeing the wolf getting hit and falling down, Ariel didn’t have time to feel happy, as his vision has started becoming dizzy and he could barely keep his consciousness together, but he had to get back home, before anyone noticed that he was missing.

Walking at a snail’s pace towards the garden like a drunkard, Ariel managed to only reach his favorite tree of meditation, when his vision went black, leaving his body to fall to the ground..

Waking up, Ariel could feel himself sleeping on a soft bed, instead of the hard ground he has fallen down on. Sitting up on the bed, his mind was jumbled as he tried to recall what happened, remembering his chase with the wolf as well as the encounters ending.

Then he recollected about the unusual quantity of Mana he gained at that time. Ariel quickly went into meditation to see what has actually changed and understand what happened. What he saw, was that his Mana density increased by a very large amount, which made him extremely exited, since the only way such a big increase of Mana could happen, was only if he advanced a level.

In all, that means that right now, he was an early level Acolyte, and only 5 years old one at that. ‘Now I took the first important step in becoming stronger. People are called geniuses if they reach this level before ten. I wonder what, am I then?’ Before he had time to finish his taught he felt something moving near him, that he didn’t pay attention to before. Turning his head to the side, he could see a beautiful, blond haired woman sleeping in a chair with her head resting on his bed.

It was actually his mother, who seemed to have stayed by his side for quite some time. Seeing this even the coldhearted Ariel couldn’t stop himself from feeling warm inside. At this moment, his mother seemed to have woken up.

When she raised her head and saw that Ariel woke up, she immediately rose up and hugged, him not saying anything. After several seconds she let him go and started berating him with words. “Do you know how worried I was? We couldn’t find you for a long time and when we finally did, you laid dirty and unconscious on the hard ground. Since then, you have been asleep for two entire days, straight.” Ariel could see the bags under his mother’s eyes, which made him have a guilty feeling, knowing that she probably stayed with him the entire time, ignoring all of her work and rest.

“I’m sorry mother I just over exerted my body. I will make sure it never happens again” After apologizing, he saw his mother freeze and look at him slightly abnormally, which he wasn’t able to understand, however, it didn’t last long and soon she once more hugged him and spoke. “Its fine, just be careful in the future and get ready to go for breakfast, you haven’t eaten anything for two days” After she finished talking, Ariel heard a rumble coming from his mothers stomach, indicating that he wasn’t the only one who hasn’t eaten for a long time.

“Please hurry, I will be waiting for you there.” With her beautiful face completely red, she quickly left the room in a fast pace. At this moment, Ariel’s mood was very light, due to the joy of advancing his strength as well as the warmth he was feeling from interacting with his mother.

After getting out of bed, he notice how dirty he was and went straight to the bathroom to clean up. When he returned to put on his clothes, he noticed his dirty ones from before, which still haven’t been washed. He got near them and took out the water stone from his jackets pocket, to only find it to already have turned gray and to have lost its luster. “So it was indeed this magic stone that helped me in that critical moment.’ Thinking for a moment, he unknowingly let out a small smile. ‘Maybe I wasn’t so unlucky after all.’

Putting down the stone on his work desk Ariel left the room for breakfast, still thinking about what his future.